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Youve Got a Friend :. Attracting, Welcoming and Supporting the Adult Learner through Tailored Orientations MaryAlice Wade, Forsyth Library, Fort Hays State University. Fort Hays State University. Location: Hays, KS Total Enrollment: 13, 310 On-Campus: 4, 746 Virtual: 4, 975 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Attracting, Welcoming and Supporting the Adult Learner through Tailored Orientations

MaryAlice Wade, Forsyth Library, Fort Hays State UniversityYouve Got a Friend:Fort Hays State University

Location: Hays, KSTotal Enrollment: 13, 310On-Campus: 4, 746Virtual: 4, 975At Partner Schools in China: 3, 589

Source: 20th Day Stats, Sept. 17, 2012

226 % of FHSU Students areage 25 or olderThis mirrors the national trend of increasing numbers of adult students enrolling in college.Fig. : Adult Students Enrolled in Degree-Granting Institutions, by Age, Selected Years 1970-2020Source: United States, Dept. of Educ., Inst. of Educ. Sciences, Natl. Center for Educ. Statistics; Digest of Education Statistics 2011; US Dept. of Educ., Sept. 2011; Web; 29 June 2012; table 200.

Nola Ochs, Worlds Oldest College Graduate

Born: 1911

Graduated H.S.: 1929

Earned Bachelors Degree: 2007, age 95

Earned Masters Degree: 2011, age 100,

2012: Writing a book, age 101

FHSU Nola!Why hold a special orientation for Adult Learners?Anecdotal evidence of adult learners difficulty using electronic resources, and embarrassment that the research skills that had served them well in the past were no longer adequate.

An orientation held in the evening, tailored for them, might increase their comfort level and make the library seem less threatening.

Library orientations increase library usage (Andaleeb & Simmonds 633, Walsh 28)

Adding Extras for AdultsTo address the unique needs of adult learners, who may be juggling family, work, and school, we collaborated with other campus entities to present an all-in-one orientation:Kelly Center (Mental Health & Academic Success)Financial AidStudent AffairsVirtual CollegeAdmissions

All students age 25 and older were invited via e-mail. Online registration was encouraged but not required.Attendees got T-Shirts & other goodies provided by Student Affairs & Kelly CenterThe program:Held in the evening, in the library, the week before classes started

Library provided refreshments and demod library resources

Kelly Center staff did a presentation on Study Skills, Balancing Work & Home Life, Getting Involved, Procrastination

Videotaped and posted on FHSU web site

Live-streamed so Distance Students could participatewe actually had more virtual participants than live ones!

Information ProvidedThe wide array of student services and how to access themInformation about Blackboard and the Virtual CollegeCampus tours and class crawls that help students locate their classroomsFinancial AidStudy Skills, time management, and self-careTechnology help and equipment checkout proceduresNavigating the Librarys web site and accessing Library Resources both on and off-campus

Adult Learners LibGuide

Includes standard library content, plusFHSU Departmental and Admin contacts

Services to help them succeed at FHSU

Virtual College & Computer Help

Orientation Video version has ads.Hardware Used:Canon HDV Vixia HV40 Digital Camcorderconnected by Firewire to a PC or MacBook Pro

Video Shotgun Mic from Rode Microphones

Tech Tips learned:The live streaming of events has been a learning process. The camcorder and computers use a lot of battery power during recording so we plug them in during events.

We also make sure we are prepared with extra batteries for the microphone and play out a lot of what if scenarios when we pack our gear for a shoot.

The cords are often a hazard so we use neon duct tape so that they are brighter and more noticeable to others.

Weve put together a live streaming kit that includes the camcorder and cords, the computer and power source, firewire cable and adapters if needed, extra DV tapes and batteries for the microphone. We also carry our own power strip in case one is not available at the event location.

~Dr. Cynthia Garrety, FHSU Coordinator of the Learning

Plans for next yearWorking on ideas to make it more interactive, less of a lecture format

Perhaps have a current or former adult learner speak about their experiences, and give advice

References & Image SourcesAndaleeb, Syed S., and Patience L. Simmonds. Usage of Academic Libraries: The Role of Service Quality, Resources, and User Characteristics. Library Trends 49.4(2001): 626.Academic OneFile. Web. 28 June 2012.

Knife-juggling woman image: Collection of Art References blog:

Images of FHSU and Nola Ochs:

Nola LOL:


Created by MaryAlice Wade, Forsyth Library, Fort Hays State UniversityOctober, 2012


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