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Implementing mobile library services with practically no effort.


  • 1. Yippee-ki-yay! A mobile library site with no effort! Presented by Georgina Parsons Systems Librarian, Brunel University georgina.parsons@brunel.ac.uk

2. Background Ancient history: 2009 stats Present day: new stats Mobile device use by staff 3. Ancient history 2009 stats Started thinking about mobile provision and ran survey to see what users owned and what they wanted Apple iPhone Android-based phone Nokia S60-based Nokia unsure of platform Blackberry Unknown 4. Ancient history 2009 stats SMS Courtesy Notices (ie: your books are due back tomorrow) SMS Notification of holds available Mobile version of Library Catalogue SMS Support (text us your questions, we text back) SMS Library News Item renewal sms of new books Text notification of any new journal/book published in area of our interest. sms versions of hold available Mobile checkout - ie text book barcode to checkout book Yes amount of fines (if there any are any) on my account opening hrs,closing hrs 5. Present day stats: Library website visits 2012-Current (GA) 6. Present day stats: device registrations -2000 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-Current Desktop Laptop Entertainment device Mobile Device Linear (Laptop) Linear (Mobile Device) 7. Present day stats: new devices by OS 8. Present day stats: potential device usage 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 2010-2011 (2008-2011) 2011-2012 (2009-2011) 2012-Current (2010-current) Mobile Device Entertainment Device Laptop Desktop 9. Mobile device use by staff Library catalogue Library website Connect Portal LibAnswers/ RefAnalytics Item availability, floor plans, account functions, Opening hours, Summon, contacts, works hops, Registering devices for wifi FAQs, recording enquiry statistics 10. Now the work begins Mobile work (2009) Mobile work: work harder (2010) Mobile work: mobile with a vengeance (2011) Live mobile or die hard (2011-12) A good day to go mobile (2013) 11. Mobile work (2009) Twitter account @Brunel_Library since June 2009 Additional accounts (SLLs, Copyright, Research) added since then Facebook page since October 2009 SirsiDynix Social Library opac plugin since May 2012 but not mobile (University social media policy arrived 2012) Social media Implemented opt-in of notices by SMS 12. Mobile work: work harder (2010) Opac developments LMS release made opac more mobile-friendly Added floor plans for location of each item QR codes love em or hate em! In item view, QR code sends title/call number to users device At shelves of popular reading list items, link to place hold On temporary partitions, link users to refurb updates blog Promote mobile-friendly e-books in aisles By URLs on posters (if site mobile-friendly) 13. Mobile work: mobile with a vengeance (2011) BookMyne the mobile opac Installed 2010, free add-on from SirsiDynix Decided not to promote due to display bugs iOS-only; different Android version released 12/2011 Early 2012, version 3.0.1 fixes main bugs in each 11/2012, SPP for html5 development commences 14. Live mobile or die hard (2011-12) Evaluated existing products for mobile versions to promote (e.g. Summon, Library Elf) Added webpage providing list of mobile-friendly e-resources we subscribe to (apps & sites) 09/2011, introduce LibAnswers for virtual reference 09/2012, add LibChat and SMS reference 01/2013, add LibCal for bookings Evaluate existing and new products 15. A good day to go mobile (2013) Mobile library site launched! Reviewed LibraryThings LibraryAnywhere and Springshares Mobile Site Builder within LibGuides Chose MSB for consistency and ease of use for staff (cascading admin) and users Promoted via blog/social media from April 3rd 2013 http://m.brunel.ac.uk/library 16. A good day to go mobile (2013) Creating the mobile site Sysadmin, ASK manager, graduate trainee Images from Wikimedia Commons Edits to floor plans but everything else just gathered Usage 52 hits of short URL/QR April 3-5 5 more from poster No stats from Google Analytics; in-built stats coming 17. A good day to go mobile (2013) Feedback Survey on site itself no responses Accosted people in Library to get feedback April 16th Better than the real Library website Can it show my print credit balance? (x2) Leibrarians at work 18. Thank you, and one last tip Georgina Parsons Systems Librarian georgina.parsons@brunel.ac.uk