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So I am dubious of any discipline that seeks to help people that doesn’t seem to really include people in meaningful ways. Remember how stoked Burgess Meredith was in the Twilight Zone when all the people were gone and he was left with his books?


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2. Smart Chicago@danxoneil 2 3. Our PrinciplesTechnologyOpenEveryoneChicago@danxoneil 3 4. The Strategy@danxoneil 4 5. Access, Skills, and Data Access to the Internet for all Broadband at home Public computer centers and Communitytechnology centers Next generation stuff Skills once youre on the Internet All on ramps Data so that theres something worth lookingat once youre on and know how to work it Apps Infrastructure@danxoneil 5 6. The Founders@danxoneil 6 7. 2 Philanthropies and1 Municipality The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation A center for ideation and conception 2007 report, The City that NETWorks The primary source of funding Chicago Community Trust Provides housing for the organization and is fiscal agent At the center of funding and knowledge for the region Critical financial, human resources, and other support The City of Chicago The most important policy lever in the region Departmental relationships Getting things done@danxoneil 7 8. The RoleofHumans inB@idganx oDneial ta 9. I