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<ul><li> 1. PowerPoint Show by Andrew</li></ul> <p> 2. World War I was the first major conflict to seewidespread use of powered aircraft -- inventedbarely more than a decade before the fightingbegan.Airplanes, along with kites, tethered balloons,and zeppelins gave all major armies a newtactical platform to observe and attack enemyforces from above. 3. A French two-seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft,flying over Compeign Sector, France ca. 1918. 4. German pilot Richard Scholl and his co-pilot Lieutenant Anderer,in flight gear beside their biplane in 1918. 5. German soldiers attend to a stack of gas canisters attachedto a manifold, inflating a balloon on the Western front. 6. A German Type Ae 800 observation balloon ascending. 7. A captured German Taube monoplane, on display inthe courtyard of Les Invalides in Paris, in 1915. 8. Captain Ross-Smith (left) and Observer in front of a ModernBristol Fighter, 1st Squadron A.F.C. Palestine, February 1918. 9. Wreckage of a German Albatross D. III fighter biplane. 10. Unidentified pilot wearing a type of breathing apparatus. 11. A Farman airplane with rockets attached to its struts. 12. A German Pfalz single-seat triplane fighter aircraft, 1918. 13. Observer in a German balloon gondola shoots off light signals with a pistol. 14. British reconnaissance plane flying over enemy lines, in France. 15. German soldiers attend to an upended German aircraft. 16. A Sunday morning service in an aerodrome in France. 17. Captain Maurice Happe, rear seat, commander of French squadron MF 29,seated in his Farman MF.11 Shorthorn bomber with a Captain Berthaut. 18. A German pilot lies dead in his crashed airplane in France, in 1918. 19. Attaching a 100 kg bomb to a German airplane. 20. An aircraft. crashed and burning in German territory, 1917. 21. A Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter biplane aircraft taking off from a platformbuilt on top of HMAS Australia's midships "Q" turret, in 1918. 22. An aerial photographer with a Graflex camera, 1917 23. 14th Photo Section, 1st Army, "The Balloonatic Section".Capt. A. W. Stevens (center, front row) and personnel. 1918. 24. No. 1 Squadron, a unit of the Australian Flying Corps, 1918. </p>