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Guardian Angels' Public School goes the GeoGebra way. Ashwathy and Sumi Bijoy stole my thunder with their performance. I feel proud of them.


<ul><li> 1. GeoGebraTraining the Trainers</li></ul> <p> 2. Isy Innocent, WOW! GeoGeba!! Momtrepreneur at Thrissur, Kerala 3. Isy Innocent, chalking out her plan of action, online 4. Mentoring is 24x7 work 5. Treesa, an invitee to WOW! GeoGebra!! Ashwathi &amp; Sumi practising soft-sell 6. GeoGebra in Guardian Angels Public School empowering schools 7. Praise be to HIM 8. Global Classroom Project learning about collaborative success 9. GeoGebra Activists Sumi Bijoy &amp; Ashwathy inviting the school to GG 10. Prof. C F Joseph, Born To Excel, Dubai addressing teachers of Guardian Angels 11. Thank you complementors Startup Village, Born To Excel &amp; SNEHOM 12. Rev. Fr. Nixon, Principal, invites his staff to use GeoGebra</p>