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  • WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE OF CANADA (WUSC/EUMC) An Introduction to WUSC Alexandra Baril, Senior Program Officer - Campus Engagement
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  • WHO WE AREWE ARE WUSC is a leading Canadian development organization dedicated to improving lives and livelihoods of people around the world through education, training and volunteer cooperation..
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  • WHAT WE DO WUSC works towards the education, employment and empowerment of youth.
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  • WUSC develops and delivers development projects in 20+ countries around the world. Ghana Botswana Peru Guatemala Nepal Canada Hati South Sudan Sri Lanka Bolivia Vietnam Afghanistan Malawi Cambodia Senegal Guinea Burkina Faso Kenya Thailand WHERE WE ARE Mali Indonesia
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  • OUR VISION WUSC envisions a world where all young people can grow up in safe, secure and supportive environments, where they can learn, work and contribute to their countrys development. OUR VISION
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  • HISTORY WUSC has worked with and for youth since the 1920s Incorporated in 1957 as a non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to international development through education A leading Canadian international development agency with over 65 years of experience HISTORYORY
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  • + The first Canadian organization directly linking post-secondary students, faculty and institutional leaders with development issues WUSC IS...
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  • AND MANY MORE! + Canadian universities and colleges WUSC MEMBERS
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  • +Canadian Local Committees Over 70 across Canada +International Local Committees 3 in Burkina Faso 2 in Ghana WUSC MEMBERS
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  • +Individual Members* Current/former Local Committee members Current/former Sponsored Students Current/former overseas volunteers General WUSC supporters *Individual members pay an annual membership fee of $50. +ALL members can participate at AGA and vote! (1 Local Committee = 1 Vote) WUSC MEMBERS
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  • + Board of Directors 16 volunteer members which includes: post-secondary leaders, WUSC alumni, students and development experts WUSC GOVERNANCE
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  • OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERS: Centre for International Studies and Cooperation combats poverty and exclusion by building the development capacities of disadvantaged communities. MATCH International places the issue of womens rights and empowerment as central to successful and sustained development in the Global South Farm Radio International supports over 330 radio broadcasters to strengthen small-scale farming and rural communities in Africa WUSC STRATEGIC PARTNERS
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  • + WUSC and CECI jointly offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to make a difference in developing countries.individualsorganizations + In 12 countries and in Canada, these people are helping improve the future of communities by acting on five issues that affect people around the world.12 countriesCanadafive issues INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING
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  • + Uniterra, a WUSC and CECI program, develops and delivers development projects in 13 countries around the world Ghana Botswana Peru Guatemala Nepal Canada Hati South Sudan Sri Lanka Bolivia Vietnam Afghanistan Malawi Cambodia Senegal Guinea Mali Burkina Faso WUSC programming through Uniterra Kenya Thailand UNITERRA
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  • INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING VCP HAITI Professionnal: Student: (Long term) (Short term) (Medium term)(Short term)(Medium term)
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  • An opportunity for students to: WUSC ON CAMPUS IS + Educate and Advocate + Sponsor Students Refugees + Learn Overseas
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  • WUSC IMPACT ON CAMPUS As Local Committee members, students on Canadian campuses can get involved in any number of interesting campaigns and programs
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  • + The Student Refugee Program is a refugee resettlement program that enables refugee students to enter Canada as permanent residents and pursue their education at Canadian universities & colleges. THE SRP
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  • WUSC ACTIVITIES: INTERNATIONAL LOCAL COMMITTEES + 3 in Burkina Faso, 5 in Ghana + Activities: Symposia, Campus sans sida, training opportunities
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  • And all of these campaigns and programs are connected with and contributing towards WUSCs overseas development projects. WUSC ACTIVITIES: ON CAMPUS AND OVERSEAS
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  • ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS In refugee camps, students have little to no opportunities to pursue their post- secondary education. WUSC facilitates the resettlement process and access to Canadian universities and colleges. Local Committees are raising awareness and funds to support refugee education above and beyond their campus needs. EDUCATION: SRP NATIONAL CAMPAIGN
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  • ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS In some refugee camps, boys outnumber girls 4:1 WUSC is providing after school classes and secondary-school scholarships for promising girls. We are shifting now shifting our focus on Malawi. Local Committees are raising awareness and funds to support refugee girls education in Malawi camps, using light-themed events, like flashlight mobs. EMPOWERMENT: SHINE A LIGHT
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  • HEALTH: BIKE FOR AIDS Bikes purchased with Bike for AIDS funds are distributed to Community Based Organizations that work with HIV and AIDS sufferers. HIV and AIDS caregivers travel to neighboring villages to care for those affected. With a bicycle, they reach 5 times as many patients. ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS Bicycles and bike-ambulances are of great assistance to those living with HIV and AIDS in rural Malawi. Through Bike for AIDS, Local Committees fundraise to purchase bikes while raising awareness on HIV and AIDS issues.
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  • INTERNATIONAL LOCAL COMMITTES The WUSC Local Committee Network is global, with active LCs in Burkina Faso, Ghana and spreading elsewhere. International LCs have also organized Symposia events on their campus! WUSC is always looking to provide unique opportunities for youth to collaborate across borders. UNITERRA SYMPOSIA SERIES By bringing together local experts, returned volunteers, students and faculty, an educational symposium can be a catalyst for action! The impact of international volunteering. Funding available: up to $400! EDUCATION: UNITERRA SYMPOSIA ON CAMPUS OVERSEAS
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  • Our reach in 2013-2014: 52 Sponsoring Committees 73 SRP sponsored students 33% of s.s. were women 259 events organized # People Informed: 64,953 # People Engaged: 16,986 Funds Raised: over $104,616.52 LOCAL COMMITTEE IMPACT Report all of your events on My Committee so we can capture our national impact!My Committee
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  • STUDENTS WITHOUT BORDERS A WUSC program that offers the ability to apply academic theory and knowledge to a practical work environment in Africa, Asia and South America during an academic term or upon graduation.
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  • STUDENTS WITHOUT BORDERS Since 2005 over 750 students and recent graduates from across Canada have participated in the SWB program Students have supported almost 100 different partner organizations in 13 countries! Over 100 SWB volunteers, including Local Committee members, completed placements in 2013-2014.
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  • INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR For over 65 years, WUSCs International Seminar has had the goal to engage a group of Canadian students and host country students in a collaborative community project. October 2014 Edition: Peru
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  • + Fall Cross-Canada bike-o-thon + Raised over $14,000 in Oct. 2014 + Join us for the 2015 Fall edition! + Its easy: + Register a new team/join a team + Pick WUSC as charity + Raise funds online for the SRP! + Ride your bike October 4 th + Meet other community agencies supporting newcomers + 11 cross-Canada teams in 2014 FALL SRP FUNDRAISER: RIDE FOR REFUGE
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  • WUSC TRAININGS International Forum + Gathers more than 400 Local Committee student leaders, academics, and development experts + 2014-15 edition in Montreal in January! + Includes: Presenters from around the world Gala and Awards SRP National Training Local Committees Peoples Video Choice Awards Leadership Meeting + Biggest WUSC Local Committee training of the year (3 days!) + Typically in August + Over 80 students from across Canada participate + Includes: Exploring leadership styles Ideas to build your Local Committee Spec