world class national sales rally preparation at the post-crescent may, 2011

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  • WORLD CLASS NATIONAL SALES RALLY Preparation at The Post-Crescent May, 2011
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  • Appletons Theme Putting Appleton on the World Class Map!
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  • Appletons White Boards White boards were prepared to track our progress!
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  • Five-Step Sales Process Wallet Cards World Class wallet cards were prepared and distributed at the Kickoff Webinar to keep the Five Step Sales Process top of mind anywhere we go! Side 1 5-Step Sales Process Side 2 Top 3 Talking Points with customers
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  • Appleton Sales Department Posters Posters were created and printed to reinforce the World Class Sales Process
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  • Appletons World Class Training Training sessions were prepared to review the 5-Step Sales Process
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  • World Class Menu! Snacks and lunch planned for our rally day! Step 1 - Plan & Prepare: Sponsored by Mexico with chips & salsa! Step 2 - Evaluate Needs: Sponsored by France with clairs! Step 3 - Build the Solution: Sponsored by Italy with pasta and Caesar salad! (lunch) Step 4 Present & Close: Sponsored by China with fortune cookies! Step 5 Follow Through: Sponsored by USA with apple pie!
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  • Appletons Very Own Go-Getters! Local Prizes! $25 Gift Certificates (to choice of local Italian, French, Mexican, Chinese, or American restaurant) awarded to the best local go-getter in each award category!
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  • Recognizing Success Its the little things that can go a long way World Class Notes of Congratulations will be handed to reps as they accomplish great things during the rally days!
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  • Sales Rally Day Preparation Flyer This flyer was emailed to the sales executives in preparation for a successful sales rally day!
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  • Muchas gracias! Je vous remercie! Grazie! Thank you!


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