working hard or hardly networked?

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Unified communications and collaboration tools have the power to accelerate productivity and bring people together, however, most UC implementations fail to live up to expectations. This study reveals where most organizations go wrong when it comes to UC and collaboration, and what they can do to boost user adoption, productivity, and work satisfaction.



2. The IT End-User DisconnectToday, employees have more communication options at work than ever before, from traditional desk phones and email tosocial collaboration apps, video conferencing and unified messaging.Many IT managers, however, are hesitant to invest in new collaboration technology, claiming what theyve alreadyimplemented is not being used. This study discovers why most unified communications and collaboration implementationsfail, and what your organization must do to increase user adoption and employee engagement.STUDY METHODOLOGYSoftchoice, one of the largest technology solutions and managed services providers inNorth America, set out to discover IT departments processes and priorities around unifiedcommunications and collaboration rollouts, training, and support.They surveyed 250 IT Managers and 750 line-of-business employees to determine the impacttypical UC and collaboration rollouts have on employee communication habits, preferences, andworkplace satisfaction. 3. COMMUNICATION TOOLS BY THE NUMBERS(AND HOW REGULARLY EMPLOYEES USE THEM)MOBILE PHONE68% 69%PROVIDED THE TOOLS USE THEM EVERY DAYSCREEN SHARING60% 8%VIDEO CONFERENCING70% 5%DESK PHONE86% 82% SOCIAL COLLABORATION40% 10%EMAIL97% 95%INSTANT MESSAGINGTELECONFERENCING 68% 40%69% 12% 4. FINDIN G #1:74% OF EMPLOYEES PREFER FACE-TO-FACECOMMUNICATION AT WORKBut rely on communications tools tocollaborate most of the day30%SPEND 5+HOURS A DAY26%SPEND 2-5HOURS A DAY26%SPEND