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  • 1. The Death of TV?Steve Weaver, Network Research Director

2. Death or Liberation?Image Courtesy of Thinkbox 3. TV is the most consistent and favoured form of entertainmentover the last 50 yearsIt is changing!! New delivery technologies Satellite; cable, digital terrestrial, broadband New hardware HD screens, plasma, widescreen pc, ipod, iphone, blackberry New services Freeview, TiVo, IviewTV is now anytime, anywhere 4. TV = Screens and Content 5. This gives us the ability toconsume content:ANY TIMEANY PLACEANY WHERE 6. But with viewers in control, wont an on-demand tv environment be the death of TV?PEOPLE DONT WANT TO HAVE TO WORK TOO HARD ON THEIR SELECTIONS!Despite endless opportunities to be entertained, the vast majority of us still like to sit on our sofa and reach for the remoteTV is about relaxed entertainment We still chose the lounge room tv over the PC to watch content 7. You are now in control of your lounge room tvVHS used to fill this gap, but now we have an explosion ofchoice:1. PAYTV +2 Channels the whole channel is shifted by 2hrs to allow you to still view what youwant to watch2. Digital Recording Devices HDDs, TiVO, IQ replace the VHS allowing you to record and watch when you want it3. Online Services ABC IView; NineMSN Catch UP TV; Yahoo7 Catch up TV 8. Our TV Love affair continues Last year people spent 4hrs 10mins watching TV per day! This is a 2% increase on the previous year and 5% higherthan 5 years ago It takes just 6 weeks for TV to reach 100% of Australians 28 Pay channels and 5 FTA channels reported in 2003-now 64 pay channels and 15 FTA channels in 2009 3,822m people watched the launch of Underbelly in asingle hour. The most popular youtube video in Australiaover the last month has pulled only 959k views 9. Our TV Love affair continues We now are prepared to pay more for a TV than everbefore! Virtually all TV Sets sold in Harvey Norman are now HDcapable! The average screen size is growing by about an inch peryear!* Digital TV Penetration is now well over 50% * UK Data- Courtesy of Thinkbox 10. Desire for MoreAnd we continue to want more TV:BIGGER and BETTER sets, or better picture quality or soundTo CATCH UP with TV we missedTo TREAT ourselves with TV as a form of personal indulgence.Watching the boxed set of Underbelly in one sitting. To INTERACT and FIND OUT MORE about the things you loveAnd ideally some MOBILITY, to take it with you when you go. Source: Lindsey Clay, Thinkbox 11. Will TV Advertising Survive? Roughly 85% of viewing is still watched live In the UK, recording device owners now watch 6% more ads thanbefore they owned the device Those with devices are watching up to 15% more TV! Faced with the choice of pay-to-view or ad supported free streaming,we are more over chosing ad supported free streaming TV and Search (Google) are highly compatible Huge spikes in search following tv exposure Digital TV provides endless cool ways to advertise Red buttons interactivity Extended content via mobile Geo-targeted advertising Mass personalisation Different ads for different screens Point of sale retail messages when viewing on your mobile Branding campaigns when viewing at homeImage Courtesy of Thinkbox 12. TV- Death or Liberation?.... Liberation


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