WOGI TQM Managment System.cdr Template PDF final version Edited

Download WOGI TQM Managment System.cdr Template PDF final version  Edited

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Shared Value, Shared ResponsibilityA Holistic New Approach to Total Quality Management In the Oil &Gas SectorA Global Vision for A Better TomorrowWorld Oil Group, Inc., Symbol (WOGI)EIN: 90-0945889WOGI South America, S.A.A.RUC: 20600738985info@worldoilgroup.comworldoilgroupinc@gmail.comWWW.WorldOilGroup.comWorld Oil Groups, Inc. Technology Profitable Clean & Green- Environmentally Friendly- Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Non Carcinogenic - Paraffin Remediation Solution PRS Downhole, Tanks, Pipelines, Refineries, - Barges & Trucks- Global Environmental Cleaner GEC Hydrocarbon Remediation on Land- Hydro Clean Hydrocarbon Remediation on Water- US EPA - Listed NCP Subpart J - SW-61RiskManagement Maintainingtechnical integrity and HSE performanceCommercialGenerating sustainable returns on investmentCorporateResponsibility Company policyand objectives on performanceWorld Oil GroupTQM Management System RegulatoryRequirements Meeting expectations on local contentSocial licenseto operateSecuring support from stakeholdersExternal/GovernmentRelationsBuilding relationships with host countriesand communitiesTQMLeadership, Management, Engineering, ECO Friendly Technologies, Accountability, & TransparencyReduces OPEX and Increases ROI Turn Key Well Optimization Page 1