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Презентация проекта-победителя прошлого года, команды из Китая, часть 1


  • 1. Name Team:M5Members: Wang Yiwen Wang Qianqian Li Yalu Lin Guangze Liu Bingjie Advisor: Kang JinE-mail: wangyiwen90@gmail.comSchool: Communication University of China

2. PartAnalysis 3. Product Analysis Consumer Analysis. SWOT Analysis Detailed Competition AnalysisCommunication Strategy Analysis 4. NO 5. The Chineseonly notesLets thinkmy consumer himself class.ThatsFocus on theoutside the boxin the 6. I am a 32 years old managerof a company working for allHello! I am Mr. Lee.sorts of high forums andsummits in China. 7. Family Work 8. High Forum & SummitStaff Welfare 9. ParentsMr. LeeWife Son 10. BossCEOFather MotherCo-workerUncleSonCousinClientStaffCollege WifeFriend Staff Staff Nephew Aunt 11. Carry on work innovativelyKeep and improveMind his health andsocial intercoursehappiness Mr. Lee Provide satisfying staff welfare 12. A typical Chinese adult with middle-incomeMr. Lee 13. Mr. LeeMr. Lee Mr. Lee Mr. LeeMr. Lee Mr. LeeeMr. Lee Mr. Lee Mr. Lee Lee Lee Mr. Mr. Mr. LeeMr. LeeMr. LeeMr. Lee Mr. Lee Mr. Lee Mr. Lee Mr. Lee 14. How to satisfy their needs and make the situationbetter? The Answer 15. an Medical Tou 16. Heart for good work Heart of health Heart for Elite Heart of ComityThe story about Mr. Lee is actually our insight of consumers toKorean Medical TourismCompanies, HR departments of Consumers whoas co-organizers,Individualcompanies and have strongin charge of highconsumerfirms, for whichneeds for socialforums and demanding staff welfare is an intercourse,summitsnourishing of life. important part of especially by job.presenting gifts. 17. Individual consumerOrganization consumerIndividuals interested Young people who own Managers of HumanHigh forum or in cosmetology,a career and needs to Resources Department summit holders like healthcare and tourism send presents and Administrationmedia and culture Department in inter- companiesmedium enterpriseCharacteri Care about beauty,Concerned withWork as the humanGo for fresh thingsstics and health and standard of interpersonal resource managementespecially in work,habits living; spend muchrelationship, respect style established, hunt for new learningexpenses for the elders, affectionate, expect to inspire theactivity pattern, keenentertainmentsomehow romantic; staff and enhance thesense of fashionpurposes would like to pay for cohesiveness of the experience servicewhole companyOccupatio Mainly the white-collar Mostly the middle class The middle or top class Forum or meetingn andclass, the middle class in enterprise and public in enterprise and publicorganizer or projectsocial in enterprise and institution institutionleader, director in public institution finance departmentstatusMain Magazines about life, Newspaper, the Trade journals, high- Professional journals,mediafashion or female Internet, mobile phone,end magazines, thenewspaper, thetype inmagazines, theoutdoor media; ads Internet, outdoor Internet, broadcast Internet, television; with emotional appeals media, broadcast andand so forth;contact fashion is the keyand public relationso on; experience experience marketing factor for attraction activities are effective marketing and and interpersonalinterpersonal communication cancommunication matterworkmuch 18. Individual consumer Organization consumerIndividuals interested Young people who own Managers of HumanHigh forum orin cosmetology,a career and needs toResources Department summit holders likehealthcare and send presentsand Administration media and culturetourism Department in inter- companiesmedium enterpriseDirectPersonal recuperation, Present for family Bulk buying as staff Purchase as theobjectives health care, skin care, members, friends,welfare or rewardhighlight sectionof purchaseplastic surgery,business partners orduring forum or sightseeing bossmeetingactionDeepMaintain health, Repay family members,Increase employeesExpress quality ofmotivationbeauty andconsolidate career confidence andwork and sincerity ofbehindconfidence, happy position, show ability gratefulness foractivity organizer,marriage and social with decent giftscompany withgain fame for qualityconsumptiorelationship, increase impressive gifts, a way servicen career to improve corporatecompetitivenessimageAppeal typeHeart of HealthHeart of ComityHeart for Elite Heart for good work 19. Part Plan 20. Step 1. WhatTarget: The mass ? Task: Make the new concept Korean Medical Tourism heard and rememberedKeywords: Primacy Effect theory, the Agenda-setting, constellation 21. Analysis for Step 1 Who knows about Medical Tourism?? ?? ? ? ChinaA brand new conceptFew people know about itStep 1. 22. We need to incept the Concept first! 23. Hear Remember 24. Good TopicThe massattention How to lightAgenda-setting! 25. Most effective and ? Interneteconomic mediumfor agenda-setting The mass attention ? Who are the mainYoungsters part of Net-surfers in China? ? The very popular Constellation topic among Chinese youngsters 26. 386,000 results Search1,490,000 resultsKorean Medical Tourism100,000,000 results SearchConstellation 183,000,000 results 27. 386,000 results Search1,490,000 resultsKorean Medical Tourism100,386,000 results SearchKorean Medical Tourism184,490,000 results100,000,000 results SearchConstellation 183,000,000 results 28. Combine 2,we get more than 3! 29. Our ideaConstellation matching tour groupsfor Korean Medical Tourism 30. Advertisement sample NEW ConstellationConstellation Not Match!Match!Cannot tolerate other Join us! Constellationmembers in old fashioned matching tour groups for tour groups any more? Korean medical tourism! 31. Advertisement &Advertorials on(Chinas facebook) ( Chinas Twitter) BBStourism, health and constellation part 32. Korean Constellationmatching medical tourism Wow!Yeah!Cool! 33. NewspaperOtherJournalMediaTVHot The MassTalk 34. Medical Tourism ? Korean Medical Tourism=The Mass 35. Analysis for Step 1Now who knows about Medical Tourism? Step 1. 36. Step 2. How!!Target: Consumer A --- the companies in charge of high forums and summits.Task: Position the service of Korean MedicalTourism as a top grade choice Keywords: Experience Marketing, Interpersonal communication 37. HeardRememberedThe MassHow is it?Consumers 38. Experience ShareThe Mass Position ExampleConsumers 39. Heart for good work Heart of health Heart for Caring Heart of Comity Companies in charge of high forums and summits ! ! Step 2. How 40. Direct ClientCompetitionExcellenceInnovation They needKorean Medical Tourism 41. Search words(Chinese) China2010summit 31,900,000 94,400,000China2010high forum31,300,000 3,470,000! !Step 2. How 42. Indirect Client Typical consumersFirst group of consumers Social status and Influence I will buy what they buy!Conventioneers of high forums and summits Leaders of government and companiesWe need Conventioneers of high forums and summits! !Step 2. How 43. We need Conventioneers of high forums and summits Should They need Korean Medical TourismCan 44. Beijing Chengdu Shanghai GuangzhouWe cooperate with certain famous high forums and summits in4 cities, creating successful models of our service, to promotethe popularity and Brandfavorite. ! ! Step 2. How 45. Example 6th Successful Women Forum Conventioneer: Women CEOs, head ofgovernment, proprieter etc. The acceptable price range is wide Most of the conventioneer are middle-agedwomen.TicketPrice(RMB)otherGuest ticket 8800yuandinners includedFamily ticket 17800yuan For 3 persons VIP20000yuan Only 40 ticketsThe average cost per person is almost equal to the cost ofKorean Medical Tourism would take. ! ! Step 2. How 46. Example We can choose Chejudo as the place to holdSuccessful Women Forum.ChejudoSPA or other specifichealth care services ! ! Step 2. How 47. ExampleMass CommunicationThe high forums and famousconventioneers, as opinion leader, will attract mainstream media.Interpersonal communication Having experienced by their own, thefamous conventioneers would probablyshare it with a great many people.! !Step 2. How 48. ExampleThe Mass Korean MedicalTourism is top gradechoice. Smart personagesConsumers enjoy it. It brings


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