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  • 1. Flat Design Efficiency, Minimalism and Trendiness
  • 2. Romi Aldinori F. Psikologi 2010 - Kreanovator Indonesia
  • 3. Comparison Skeumorphism vs Flat Design
  • 4. Flat Design is mainly the term given to the style of design in which elements lose any type of stylistic characters that make them appear as though they lift off the page.
  • 5. No Effects Keep off the elements that make design feel like three dimensional No Shadows No Gradients No Textures
  • 6. Simple Elements
  • 7. Minimalist Approach
  • 8. Focus on Typography
  • 9. Focus on Color
  • 10. 4 Reasons Why Flat Design Is Here to Stay Great Aesthetics Easily Made Responsive Faster Load Times Enhanced Functionality And Usability
  • 11. Lets make it!
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