what is artificial general intelligence?

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What Is Artificial General Intelligence?. Clarifying The Goal For Engineering & Evaluation. Mark R. Waser. Wang’s 5 Definitions of AI. Structure – neurons working in parallel (based on brain architecture) Behavior – acts like a human being (based on human psychology/Turing test) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • What Is Artificial General Intelligence?Clarifying The Goal For Engineering & EvaluationMark R. Waser

  • Wangs 5 Definitions of AIStructure neurons working in parallel (based on brain architecture)Behavior acts like a human being (based on human psychology/Turing test)Capability has the ability to solve problems (narrow AI)Function has cognitive functions similar to that of humans (searching, reasoning, planning, etc.)Principle operates according to a simple fundamental rational or optimal principle

  • Wangs 5 Definitions (revised)ArchitecturesStructure brain architectureFunction architecture of the mindPrinciple single rational problem solving theory/architecture

    Emergent PropertiesCapability what it can doBehavior what it actually does do

  • PrincipleStructureFunctionCapabilityBehavior

  • SoarLIDANovamenteAIXINARSchatbotsNarrow AIACT-RSALNeural NetworksHawkins/Blue BrainCycCoSy

  • What do WE WANT?What it IS (architecture)What it CAN do (capability)What it DOES do (behavior)CAPABILITY and BEHAVIORWhat is OUR GOAL in CREATING AGI?

  • Intelligence = problem solving & goal achievingSolve all of humanitys problemsORIs humanity one of the problems to be solved?

  • FRIENDENEMYENTITYTOOLSLAVE?What is the difference betweenan intelligent tool and an entity?

  • To CREATE an ENTITYwith the ability and desire tocooperateto solve problems, achieve goalsand improve life for everyoneWhat is OUR GOAL in CREATING AGI?

  • Language/RepresentationCooperation/EthicsPlanning/Problem-SolvingChomsky/PinkerRawls/HauserIntelligence

  • How do we get there?AutogenyAKA Seed AI(Oblinger 2008)

  • Rationally Anticipated Emergent Properties


    Wishful Thinking/Cargo Cult Engineering


  • Cognitive Cycle(Franklin 2007)

  • Slomans architecturefor ahuman-like agent(Sloman 1999)

  • Baars Global Workspace TheoryMost of cognition is implemented by a multitude of small, local, special purpose processes, that are almost always unconsciousCoalitions of these processes compete, whenever necessary, for conscious attention (access to a limited capacity global workspace)Attention then serves as an INTEGRATION POINT that allows us to deal with novel or challenging situations that cannot be dealt with efficiently, or at all by local, routine, unconscious processes (Also Perlis 2008)

  • Civilization advances by extending the number of important operationswhich we can perform without thinking about them.-- Alfred North Whitehead

  • ETHICALAUTOGENOUSATTENTIONALSUMMARYEA3GI The fastest, safest road to artificial general intelligence


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