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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty





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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty



    I bow my head in gratitude to almighty Allah, who blessed me with the ability and energy to

    complete this work. I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to my great and honorable

    course instructor, Nasrin Perin, for her friendly behaior and keen interest. !er kind adices

    and guidance helped me throughout the progress of this research paper. I would also like to thank

    all the people who hae helped me to do my surey successiely.

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty



    "he concept of beauty that we isuali#e in an ob$ect or person is ery difficult thing to explain.

    "he perception of beauty differs from person to person. %eauty is the $oint collection of

    fascinating &ualities that makes someone or something irresistible and spectacular. 'y topic for

    this research paper is()hat is Actual %eauty. 'y hypothesis was to find that people define

    actual beauty as inner beauty. I also wanted to see that people would define their beauty with

    their core alues and beliefs. In my findings, I found that people are actually supporting inner

    beauty as actual beauty. I also found that they are giing much importance on their inner beauty

    not on their outlooks because they think that it helps to improe their relationships. 'oreoer, I

    also originated that people are trying to do eerything to be a good person with the beautification

    of their inner beauty. *inally, the findings that I got from my surey hae confirmed my



  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    Table of Content


    Concept of Beauty

    Concept of Inner Beauty

    Comparisons Between Inner & OuterBeauty

    Survey Analysis & esponses

    !ustification of t"e Study





  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty



    %eauty is an aspect, an attribute or characteristic that a person has which can be defined as

    anything that appeals the other indiidual. It could be one+s looks personality or een habits that

    would be attractie to other people. It is really ery hard to enumerate these features because

    they ary from one person to the next and are also ery many.

    Physical beauty could refer to someone+s outer attributes such as elegance, complexion or figure

    while inner beauty is more concerned with someone+s traits such as a sense of humor, character

    or good general behaior, kind heart, empathy, always helping nature. "his definition changes

    depending on how an indiidual perceies beauty.

    cience has alluded that one can be said to be beautiful if they possess facial features that are

    nearly symmetrical. "his again is a ery sub$ectie issue that is yet to be fully proen. Inner

    beauty on the other hand is of the intellect and mostly refers to people with good intentions to

    pleasing others. It is therefore true to say that inner beauty is something that has to be

    psychologically or mentally perceied.

    -r. oi#en emphasi#es that looking beautiful, feeling beautiful and being beautiful work together

    to form a complete and authentic you with the ultimate goal of haing a happy and healthy life.

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    Concept of Beauty

    "he concept of beauty among the mindset of people helps to distinguish a person as beautiful,

    whether from societal stand or from indiidual stand. "he concept of beauty often based on

    merging of Inner and /uter beauty 0)ikipedia,12324. %eauty is a simple word but it has a broad

    range of meanings, definitions to different persons. ome people define beauty as personal

    appearance. A person5s appearance can charm one but not necessarily eeryone. /n the contrary,

    opposite can also happen like a person5s appearance may not charm one but other can be

    charmed by that ery person looks. 'oreoer, a person can change his or her appearance at

    anytime. !oweer, a person5s inner beauty core beliefs and alues cannot be changed. "his is

    something that people hae had with them since birth. "herefore, this inner beauty reflects a

    person5s actual beauty. Although there is a big argument, but still concerning both male and

    female, a person5s actual beauty is his or her inner beauty not the outlooks in eery aspect and

    sphere of life because it reflects a person5s genuine personality.

    "o be sure, there are some things that are considered the ery embodiment of beauty within

    nature, whether it be the aforementioned blueness of the sky or the flowers and the trees( the

    handiwork of nature can usually be uniersally agreed to hold some element of beauty to one

    extent or another6 likewise, there are attributes of the human form which would be uniersally

    accepted as being beautiful, which is to say that they possess elements of beauty 07ane4. %eauty,

    it can be said, is something which occurs as a by(product of nature. In this case, one could saythat beauty is ob$ectie, for few logical people would argue that some leel of beauty exists in

    the calm of a spring morning or the calming effect of a late night snowfall in the woods.

    !oweer, there are some leels of beauty that are more sub$ectie, such as can be found in the

    artistic community6 as an example, an abstract painting may be too complex for most people to

    comprehend, but found to be beautiful by only the smallest minority 0%urke4.

    "hroughout history beauty has been described in many ways. ome people think beauty is ile

    others think is wholesome. 8ery century beauty has changed and has become a new meaning.%ut beauty doesn5t $ust come from humans6 it also comes from nature, truth, religion, life and art.

    %eauty has come from a long way and it has been considered most of the time as something

    pure, clean, untainted and fresh. "he earliest work has been shown in 9reek work and

    philosophers. ymmetry and proportion were key elements in paintings and sculptures. "hey saw

    that beauty depends on attractie looks. If a human had fine facial features that are good looking


  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    that was considered beauty. Also, beauty was not $ust defined good looking, but it was also

    defined with inner beauty. According toJournal of Personality and Social Psychology beauty

    wasn5t only defined as haing good looks, but it was also defined as haing inner beauty. !aing

    inner beauty is considered oneself haing kindness, sensitiity, tenderness or compassion,

    creatiity and intelligence hae been said to be desirable since anti&uity. It is something that no

    one can physically obsere. "his shows that beauty has many characteristics and attributes for

    many things. 7ike, nature is beautiful when its fresh green it looks nice and pure. /r een

    animals are sometimes attractie with facial features. In 3:2;, Elective Affinities states that

    beauty is a ery powerful weapon in society. It helps achiee more goals. It has a sense of

    success and inspiration. "hroughout years and years people hae seen fashion part of beauty and

    still in modern time see it as the perfect thing to be.

    In 3 Alexander %aumgartner created the word aesthetic, by taking the 9reek word

    aisthetikos, which means concerned with perception. %y 32 %aumgartner limited the word

    to a concern for the beautiful. %eauty is what we beliee and perceie as beautiful, whether it be

    because we follow the norm that society put out to be as beauty or we beliee beauty to be

    something else. "his means that beauty can differ from person to person or country to country. In

    other words beauty is sensory pleasure, so what I see as beauty you may not.

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    Concept of Inner Beauty

    Inner beauty is the one form we usually fail to recogni#e as the most important. Inner beauty

    cannot be surgically altered or in$ected with silicone6 it cannot be transformed by makeup or a

    new fad diet, or by the latest fashion trend or your financial state. )hile all of these might

    improe some areas of your life it can neer truly define who we are as spiritual beings. Inner

    beauty is not bound by age, race or creed.

    %ecause inner beauty is built on a foundation of character, it is the sanctuary of the soul. No one

    can alter the soul, you can deny it, you can mask it, you can hide from it, but you can neer

    change the truth about who you are. And the truth is, you were born with a capacity for beauty on

    eery leel. %ut in order to experience it, you must first accept yourself for who you truly are."hus being the hardest step of all. Accepting your flaws and weaknesses can be the ery state

    that has placed you in self denial in the first place, howeer when you come to the place in your

    heart where you can stand before yourself and truly say I accept myself for all that I am, the

    good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, you hae found your way to true inner strength and

    beauty. Peace will eniably follow you because you hae lost your need to be something you

    aren5t in order to please others, or appear as something the world cons ees as more aluable.

    I define inner beauty as a beauty that someone has inside and they help you and are not

    $udgmental. I define outer beauty as the beauty that is good to look at, but only in a physical

    sense. %eauty is defined in the 'erriam()ebster dictionary as ?the &uality or aggregate of

    &ualities in a person or thing that gies pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or

    spirit.? An een better explanation of beauty is Physical beauty is good, and it is definitely

    something that should be cultiated. !oweer, there is a ?higher? beauty than this mere physical

    type of beauty. "his ?higher? beauty is the beauty that we see when we obsere people helping

    and sering others ( especially those in need. Although physical beauty is ery aluable and

    good, this ?higher? beauty is something that should be sought out een more.


  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    Comparisons Between Inner and Outer Beauty

    'any argue that beauty of the inside is far better and more preferable than physical beauty. "his

    is because, despite haing any good looks, bad behaior is likely to tarnish one+s attractieness to

    others to an extent that the superficial attributes do not een matter anymore. /ne may be the

    personification of physical beauty but what matters at the end of the day is their inner beauty.

    Purity within outshines what is on the face and it will always show no matter what his physical

    looks are, 07ane4.

    Another key difference between outer beauty and inner beauty is that, while physical beauty ismostly gien naturally through birth, one can howeer work toward attaining true inner beauty

    by simply changing their characters to match what is attractie to the people around them. "he

    obsession with the search for only physical beauty neglects the inner beauty which could be the

    most important aspect in a human being. It is the aura that we bring about in our lies and een

    the spiritual aspect of our lielihoods, 0%urke4.

    In conclusion, we can say that inner beauty has a higher meaning on how we look at what is

    attractie. )e should be more interested in the inner beauty first before seeking what is on the

    outside. "his is howeer yet to be reali#ed as most people are blinded by what they see on the

    outside only to later reali#e that the people they were attracted to are not as beautiful on the

    inside. As long as this happens, many will not fully en$oy the gift of people that are beautiful

    inside but rather be drien by an obsession to like what looks beautiful on the outside.

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty



    *or different people actual beauty can be both inner beauty and outlooks. It depends on people5s

    perception. *rom my research, I expect to find that people define actual beauty as inner beauty. I

    also wanted to see that people would define their beauty with their core alues and beliefs. It is

    expected that they will gie much importance on their inner beauty not on their outlooks. I also

    think people5s inner beauty will help to improe their relationships. I also expect that people will

    try to do eerything to be a good person with the beautification of their inner beauty.


    *or my primary research, I conducted a surey of a representatie sampling of the general public

    in -haka and interiewed some people who actually think that inner beauty is the actual beauty

    in eery aspect of life. "o that end I designed a &uestionnaire with different types of &uestions

    and I got a range of useful data which helped me to answer my research &uestions.

    *or my secondary research, I used the resources of the library and also consulted few books and

    autobiographies of people with inner beauty, etc. I also browsed the internet and used standard

    search engines like 9oogle.

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    esearc" uestions

    In my research I planned to inestigate the differences between people5s iew about actual

    beauty. 'y research mainly addressed the following &uestions@

    )hat is actual beautyC

    )hat is inner beautyC

    Is the inner beauty of a person importantC

    !ow would you $udge the beautification of outlooksC

    Dan actual beauty affect a person5s relationshipsC

    )hat particular things people follow to $udge a person5s beautyC

    Survey esponses and Analysis

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    A surey of 3> multiple choice &uestions, with 12 participants, aged 12 and aboe, was carried

    out in NE. !oweer, the sample si#e is too small to make such inference, but due to time

    constraint further research was not possible. %oth male and female participants were taken into

    account in this surey. %elow are the few of the surey &uestion with analysis.

    '( According to you) w"at is actual beauty*




    nner Beauty Pesonality Appearance


    *igure 3

    *rom figure 3, the &uestion was )hat is actual beauty, the ma$ority of the participant about

    :2F replied that they prefer inner beauty as their actual beauty. /nly 32F and >F answered that

    they choose personality and appearance as actual beauty. "he rest >F answered that they faor

    smartness. "his analysis tells us that the ma$orities of the participants are supportie towards

    inner beauty as actual beauty and are intensely interested to hae inner beauty to be a good

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    human being in the society. "hey are aware of their inner beauty and try to be in par with this in

    order to add more essence in their eery aspect of life.

    +( Is Inner Beauty of a ,erson Important*



    Yes No

    *igure 1

    *rom the pie chart aboe, :>F of the respondents answered that they find inner beauty

    important. )hereas, rest 3>F reported that it is not important. "his analysis shows that the

    participants are aware of inner beauty.

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  • 7/25/2019 What is Actual Beauty


    -( $ow would you .udge t"e beautification of outlooks*

    U&i6+r'& I6+ra&05






    705 05

    *igure =

    *rom the pie chart aboe,

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