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  • 1. What is the cost of beauty?

2. What is the literal cost of beauty? Research: Asked mainly women: - How much does you whole outfit range incost? - How many spa treatments do you getmonthly? - How much of your total income do you spendon beauty products? - Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery? - Do you buy designer clothes? 3. Conclusion: Most women said they had an outfit ranging from over 10 0 to 300dollars.Many women also said they only get a few spa procedures amonth (nails about once a month, eyebrows every two weeks). Most women admitted to spending about 20-30% of their totalincome on beauty products, clothes and other supplies women useto keep up their image. The cosmetic surgery was a taboo subject, only half of the womensaid they would even consider plastic surgery. Almost all the women admitted to buying designer clothing or labelsthey liked. 4. To what extent do people go to be perfect? -We found that people have gone to many extents to be what society portrays as perfect.Some people take pills to loose weight, to look younger or prettier. Some people go on mystery diets.Some people by designer clothes Some people get plastic surgery. While shopping we found that many stores on Newbery St. sold veryexpensive and high fashion clothing.One store sold plastic things for women to put in their bras to make their boobs look bigger. . At the spa i learned that some clients, came in weekly or bi weekly for facials, manicures or pedicures. 5. 6. What message do your clothes send? Research: Went to T.J. Maxx and attempted to put to outfits together, one beingslutty the other fashionable. Asked women on the street : - Their favorite designer. - If they followed their trends. - If clothes have an impact on a firstimpression. - What they would typically wear to work. - What they would typically wear on a nightout. - If they got more or less attention on theclothes they wear.Looked in magazine ads and articles. 7. 8. Conclusion: Cost more to dress appropriate and professional. Most people have a favorite designer and follow their trends. A lot of people judge on first impression and what you wear does have animpact. If you dress more professionally, people will take you moreseriously.Top three favorite designers are: Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Chanel.Mostwomen wear black and formal clothes to work, and a cute top, jeansand heels out at night.If a woman went out in a slutty outfit, they would get a lot of attention,but in a negative way. Many said you can be really sexy without showinga lot of skin.Found in T.J. Maxx that it was very easy to go to the racks and puttogether a slutty outfit. 9. Do young girls feel pressure to be perfect from what they see in the media? Young girls feel a ton of pressure from the media.Billboards with women with perfect bodies and teen magazines on how to diet are seen by young girls everyday.It is a cruel marketing tactic that makes girls feel bad about their own body. When we talked to young girls in Boston ages 10-20 they all said that the media makes them feel bad about their bodies. 25%percent of the women we asked were slightly influencedby the media. The other 75% were fully influenced. 10. 11. Does the label matter? When scanning through the latest Vogue or Glamour one will notice that youflipthrough at least 50 pages of designer adds.Designers need magazines to sell their clothes.Why do people were labels? The manager atCoachsays, It all about status. Some people buy these expensive products for quality, but the majority buythem for the labels and to prove that they can afford it. 12. Does your culture affect you to lose weight? We found out that women in America were more concerned about their appearance, where as Europeans care more about the fashion. Americans are heavily influenced by magazines, and tend to forget the images shown are reconstructed and photo shopped. 13. 14. Works Cited Public T.J. Maxx Betsey Johnson Manager Sales person in Victoria SecretsMr. Hannan - Director of School of Fashion Design