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  • 7/29/2019 What Are You Addicted to- Oral Expression



    Written by Warren Sager

    Adapted by Abigail Fonseca


    NARRATOR- Javier Chvez

    WAITRESS (JESSICA)- Abigail Fonseca

    LISA- Claudia Melhado

    STEVE- Vladimir Ramos

    BRUCE- Josue Rodrguez

    HARLEY- Paola Escobar

    JOHN- Max Arriaza

    BROOKE- Ariana Jarqun

    LADY- Gloria Snchez

    Narrator: This is not a typical skit as there is really nothing resolved, only things to think about.

    Folks, who gather in a coffee shop, are talking about average things, but the waitress is noticing

    how each one of them has an addiction. Whether it is addiction to coffee, sleeping pills, gossiping,

    sugar, shopping or other things, we see how people can get caught up in addictions and not evenare aware of it. The waitress, Jessica has a chance to share that got set free from her addictions by


    Narrator: The setting is a little coffee shop and folks are gathering in the morning before starting

    their day. A man named Steve enters and buys a cup of coffee and sits down and then a lady

    named LISA enters and goes to sit at the table.)

    LISA: Hi Steve. Nice morning isnt it?

    STEVE: Yeah its beautiful! Arent you going to get some coffee?

    LISA: No none for me. I might get some orange juice in a minute. I finally got myself off of coffee.

    STEVE: What do you mean off of coffee?

    LISA: Oh I just dont drink that stuff anymore.

    STEVE: Oh, you mean because of the caffeine? You could always do decaffeinated you know.

  • 7/29/2019 What Are You Addicted to- Oral Expression


    LISA: Nope.

    STEVE: Well, I have to have my cup of coffee in the morning. If I dont have a cup of coffee, then I

    get a headache. Its weird, but Ive noticed every time that I miss my coffee a headache is

    guaranteed. It also helps me in some other ways too, if you catch my drift. I sometimes have

    several cups.

    LISA: I used to be like that.

    STEVE: It also helps me wake up in the morning. I dont always sleep very well at night. Then when

    I finally get to sleep, my sleep is restless and I just wake up so wiped out and tired.

    LISA: (reaches into her purse and pulls out a bottle of pills) I used to have the same problem until I

    started taking these. You would have to get a doctor to prescribe them, but this stuff really works.

    I take one every night and I always have a good nights sleep.

    STEVE: Sleeping pills?

    LISA: Hey, dont knock it till youve tried it. It really works. When you dont sleep well, this is the


    WAITRESS: (coming to the table) anything for you this morning?

    LISA: Ill have a glass of orange juice.

    STEVE: Another cup of java please.

    WAITRESS: Ok, Ill bring it in just a second.

    NARRATOR: Later on two men, named Bruce and John and a woman named Harley, enter and

    they sit at another table and start talking about things happening in their jobs. They also talk about

    their addictions but nobody really notices they are addictions, just flaws they have as a person.

    BRUCE: So, Joe said to me that he was not even talking to her throughout the entire meeting!

    HARLEY: Werent they supposed to be discussing the whole project during the meeting?

    BRUCE: Yeah, but he just could not bring himself to talk to her.

    JOHN: That is so unprofessional.

    BRUCE: Well, thats Joe. He takes things so seriously sometimes usually he gets himself in big

    trouble. Thats how he messed up his marriage you know.

    JOHN: Joes been married?

  • 7/29/2019 What Are You Addicted to- Oral Expression


    BRUCE: A couple of times! The first time she left him after only about 3 weeks or something like

    that. I heard that he was driving her crazy. And the second wife hung in there for a couple of years.

    He says he left her because she was cheating, but thats not what I heard.

    HARLEY: You know, Hank, this sounds like more information about Joe than what I am supposed to


    BRUCE: No, not at all. This was from a very reliable source: his secretary.

    JOHN: Werent you dating Joes secretary for awhile?

    BRUCE: Yeah boy is she ever informed about stuff. What an interesting date, too. Man, I could

    tell you stuff about her!

    HARLEY: I really dont want to know

    WAITRESS: Hello lady and gentlemen. What would you like this morning?

    JOHN: Ill have a latte and put 3 lumps of sugar in it and a donut.

    BRUCE: Ill have just a strong dark coffee.

    HARLEY: Just a chocolate chip muffin for me please. (Waitress leaves)

    BRUCE: (To John) Boy, John, you like your coffee sweet, dont you?

    JERRY: I gotta get my sugar fix. Before we leave here, Ill probably have another donut.

    HARLEY: And you keep all those candy bars on your desk!

    JERRY: One for every break!

    BRUCE: Oh that reminds me. I found out who was stealing the candy bars from the vending

    machine. It was Pete in the mail room. He was figuring out how to jimmy the machine and get

    everything for free. I think he got put on probation or something. Im not sure he might lose his

    job completely.

    HARLEY: Well, I would think they would fire him.

    BRUCE: Well, it is really a problem that he has. Turns out hes a klepto. He cant help himself. I

    heard that they are going to get him some help.

    JOHN: Thats too bad. I just dont understand people who are like that. You know, they just cant

    help themselves? Its like an addiction or something.

    (The waitress brings the coffee, the donut and muffin. And leaves)

    JOHN: Is that muffin all youre having Harley?

  • 7/29/2019 What Are You Addicted to- Oral Expression


    HARLEY: Im not paying the prices for anything else they have in here! This muffin cost over a

    dollar! Thats highway robbery. I dont even want to know what you pay for that latte. You know

    that most of what you pay for is the fancy name.

    BRUCE: Harley, its not like you cant afford it. We make the same money. Whats the deal? I

    mean, I see you bringing your lunch every single day.

    HARLEY: You should see how much money I save by bringing my own lunch. I mean, I would hate

    to see how much you spend on stuff every day. For example John, just those candy bars alone

    that is enormous. And you guys go out to eat every day! Its just senseless if you ask me.

    JOHN: I wondered why you never came with us.

    NARRATOR: A teen age girl, also know as Brooke enters and goes up pretty excited to the counter

    to talk to her friend, Jessica, the waitress. Jessica finally decides to open up to Brooke about

    addictions, that they are not only drugs but it can be other things.

    BROOKE: Hey Jessica! How do you like it? (She spins around showing off her clothes)

    WAITRESS: Dont tell me you bought another new outfit!

    BROOKE: Yeah I couldnt resist it. It was on sale you know.WAITRESS: But that is your 3rd new outfit in a week isnt it?

    BROOKE: 4th I think, but whos counting? And oh, take a look at this. I got this cool bracelet at that

    Outlet Mall. They have so many neat stores there.

    WAITRESS: I bet they all know you by your first name.

    BROOKE: Huh?

    WAITRESS: You just seem to shop all the time! I dont think I have ever seen you without

    something brand new on.

    BROOKE: So What?

    WAITRESS: Ill pray for you. You might be addicted to shopping.

    BROOKE: Pray for me? Addicted? That sounds a little bit too crazy.

    WAITRESS: Yes it does but people have addictions all the time. All sorts. Its not just drugs you

    know. People are addicted to all sorts of things. But the Lord can deliver you.

    BETHANY: So you think I have an addiction to shopping?

    WAITRESS: Well, if you cant help yourself. When you see a neat outfit on sale, can you resist the

    temptation to buy it?

  • 7/29/2019 What Are You Addicted to- Oral Expression


    BROOKE: Temptation? You mean buying clothes is a sin?

    WAITRESS: Well, it can be. It depends on the person. I see them in here all the time like the

    people that are in here right now. Every one of them is addicted to something.

    BROOKE: What?

    WAITRESS: Yeah see those friends over there? One of them is addicted to chocolate and sugar.

    He always has a couple of donuts every morning. I heard him say she eats candy bars all day long.

    The other two also have addictions. He is a compulsive gossip and She pinches pennies.

    BROOKE: Pinches pennies?

    WAITRESS: That means Shes a tight wad. She has to save money all the time She wont spend

    money on stuff and thinks everything is expensive. This man over here is addicted to coffee.

    BROOKE: How can you tell that? This is a coffee shop. Everyone who comes in here has a cup of


    WAITRESS: Yeah, but he is different. He uses it like a drug. It keeps him from having headaches. He

    has to get the caffeine into His system or the headache kicks in. The headache is really the start of

    withdrawals from not having the caffeine in so many hours. I guarantee you that he drinks it all

    day long. Hell be having another one soon. The lady with him is addicted to sleeping pills. She has

    them in her purse and they are the only things that help her sleep.

    BROOKE: Wow! You are in the wrong line of work, sister. That is really something.

    WAITRESS: I just notice this stuff because I know what Jesus delivered me from. I pray for my

    customers especially when I hear them talking and I can see the addictions. I doubt most of them

    even know. AnywayI didnt mean to upset yo