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Welcome to English Class. Introduction. Md : AZIZUL HAQUE SHAH ASST ,TEACHER (English) BELTOLI GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL CHIRIRBANDAR, DINAJPUR. Class:Eight Sub: English first Paper Time:45 Minutes Date:0 6/04/2013. Physical Exercise. LEARNING OUTCOME. Students will be able to : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Welcome to English ClassIntroductionMd: AZIZUL HAQUE SHAHASST ,TEACHER (English)BELTOLI GIRLS HIGH SCHOOLCHIRIRBANDAR, DINAJPURClass:EightSub: English first PaperTime:45 MinutesDate:06/04/2013

Physical ExerciseLEARNING OUTCOME Students will be able to : Read and understand text. tell the meanings and use the following words in contexts: Benefit, regularity , different. Ask and answer questions. Write answers to questions.Learn the use of the modals:need , should.

Good healthBad health


RiceMilkHealthyfood7Individual workMake a list of five healthy food.


Different There are different kinds of physical exercises . BenefitThe benefit of physical exercises are many .profit

11RegularityRegularity should be maintained to do physical Exercises.Action done regularlyDoing a work regularly

Pair work Make sentences With the following words : Benefit, regularity, different . .

PLAYING FOOT BALLWALKING Outdoor physical exercise

Musical chair

yogaINDOOR Physical exercise Group workMake a list of three Indoor and Outdoor physical exercises How do we benefit from physical exercises?EvaluationWhat things are necessary for good health?Why do we need physical exercises?What physical exercise do you do?How can physical exercises keep us fit ?17Grammar ( Modal- Should)We Should see a doctor if we are sick.We should play regularly to Keep us fit.Structure: Sub+modal+verb+ExtentionPurpose: When it suggests that we must do something compulsorily, there should is used.Write more examples following the above structure.

Home work

Write a paragraph about good health

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