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Welcome to English Class!. Mrs. Westmorelands Classroom Expectations. 1 . Be in seat ready to work with needed materials by the time the tardy bell rings. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to English Class!

Welcome to English Class!1Mrs. Westmorelands Classroom Expectations1. Be in seat ready to work with needed materials by the time the tardy bell rings.2. Attempt to the best of your ability to do the work required in class (this means deliberately refusing to do assignments or sleeping is not allowed.)3. Ask me for permission to speak or be acknowledged by me before blurting out comments/opinions/answers in class AND refrain from talking when I am teaching my class. 4. Treat others (your teachers, classmates, and all school personnel) with respect and courtesy at all times. Rude behavior and comments will not be tolerated!5. Refrain from distracting behaviors in class. Asking others for supplies, making loud noises, talking without permission, note writing, and all attention-seeking behaviors fall in this category.6. Food and drink are not allowed in class unless I give permission. 7. School rules prohibit chewing gum.8. No cheating is allowed.STUDENTS SHOULD KEEP THESE EXPECTATIONS/RULES IN THEIR NOTEBOOKS AT ALL TIMES. REMINDERS ARE POSTED IN ROOM.ConsequencesGeneral Classroom Discipline PlanNot all rule infractions merit the same punishment. Teacher discretion will be used to determine the degree of punishment.Step One: Verbal Warning for the first time student misbehaves. This will be done at the end of class, when all other students are out in the hall socializing. Step Two: Documented Warning given after class during other students social time. (Student must get this slip signed- it will document the disruptive behavior.)Step Three: Parent conference (either by phone or in person)Step Four: Office referralAgain, teacher discretion applies because situations vary. Any major infraction (fighting, threats, extreme disrespect to teacher, etc.) of classroom rules will result in an immediate trip to the office. Please note: You have been learning acceptable behavior for many years. I do not intend to spend my class time teaching you how to behave. We will spend our class time learning something new!

Classroom ProceduresEntering the classroom- Calmly walk to your assigned seat, get out your materials, get organized for the day, and begin working.Finding assignments- Your bell ringer activity will be on the front board. Each day you will do a vocabulary activity at the beginning of class. How to head a paper and the days schedule will be written on the side board.Homework- You will have homework in this class. When assignments are due, please have them out and ready to check after the bell ringer activity that day. Beginning the lesson- After the bell ringer activity and homework check, we will begin the days lesson. Transitions should take no more than one minute. We will cover grammar on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and literature/writing on Thursdays and Fridays. Make sure to bring appropriate materials each day.What to do when the lesson is finished- When you finish your daily assignment, look to the side board for what to do next.Getting the teachers attention- To get my attention, simply raise your hand. Do not call out my name or come to my desk. Also, do not interrupt while I am speaking or teaching. Wait until I am finished, then ask your question. If you dont think you will remember your question, write it down! At the end of class- The bell does not dismiss this class; I do. When the bell rings, stay in your seat until I dismiss you. Then calmly leave the room. Also, announcements do not signal that class is over. You do not pack up until I tell you to.Leaving the classroom after the bell rings- You will spend your privilege cards to leave my classplease try to take care of anything you need before the beginning of class. If you have an emergency during class, raise your hand to get my attention and leave three privilege cards on your desk. I will come by to get them from your desk and give you permission to leave. Going to the office- If you need to miss class to go to the office for any reason, you must ask me first. Classroom needs- If you need to sharpen your pencil, get a tissue, etc., do not interrupt while I am teaching. Take care of these things before class begins or wait until I finish. If you need to blow your nose, or if you sneeze or cough, do get up immediately and tend to that problem. Be sure to use hand sanitizer afterward!Tardiness- If you are tardy at the beginning of the day, go to the office for a late pass, come in quietly, and get to work immediately. All other periods, come in quietly, get to work, and plan to stay after class for your consequence. Class discussion- Everyone will participate in class discussion. I will randomly call your name from a stack of cards to answer questions.Desk area- Keep the area around your desk clean and orderly. No backpacks are allowed in the room, so keep all the books you arent using either in or underneath your desk. Purses must be removed from your person and placed under your chair. If you find stuff in your desk every day, let me know; I will find the offending student. If you dont tell me at the first of class, Ill think the mess belongs to you!Coming to attention- I will call class to attention one time. I will not yell. If you are not paying attention, you will stay after class for your consequence..Absences- When you are absent, check the school website www.sjhs.scottsboroschools.net and go to my teacher page for your assignments. When you come back to school, check with me for missed work. You are responsible for finding out what you missed and getting it done. You will take scheduled quizzes on the day they are given (even if you have been absent the day before.) If you have been absent prior to the quiz, you need to check with a peer or check the website for notes so that you are up-to-date. In extreme circumstances, I will allow a make-up quiz.Binder- I suggest that you keep a three-ring binder for this class only. You should have four sections: vocabulary, grammar, literature, and writing. I also want you to have a pencil pouch with supplies for this class in your notebook. Come ready to work!

Turning in papers- We will pass papers up each row when I call for them. The first person should pass up a paper, the second person should pass up two papers, etc until all papers are in. Do not turn anything in while I am teaching.Returning student work- I will return work as promptly as possible during the bell ringer activity.Finishing early- When you finish your work, you may check out a book from the class library or work on another activity. Visitors- When a visitor walks into the classroom (teacher, student, parent, etc.) continue to work quietly. Do not yell out or wave.Class leaders- Each week I will choose two leaders from each class The leaders will pass out materials, run errands, and clean tables at lunch (fourth period only.)When I am out of the classroom- If is must leave the room, continue working quietly. Needed materials- Each day you will need to bring your notebook, paper, pen, pencil, and the textbook for that day. Forgotten materials will result staying after class for your consequence. You may buy materials at the beginning of class with privilege cards. Food, drinks, gum- Not allowed. If you are caught with these items, you will stay after class for your consequence. Cell phones- Not allowed. If I see you with a cell phone, or if one goes off in class, I will take it to the office. You will receive ISD, and your parent will have to pick up your phone from office. You will also have to stay after class to handle your consequence.Classroom library- You can check out a book from the class library whenever you finish with your work. You will write your name on the card in the book. You can keep the book for one week. If you lose or damage one of my books, you must pay $5 to replace it.School library- We will go to the school library as a class every-other Wednesday. Please check out two books each time we go so that you will always have reading material for reading time in the morning. While in the library, you will sit in an assigned seat.Privilege CardsWhen I see students using exemplary behavior, I like to reward it. Learn these rules and follow them, and you will find yourselves earning privilege cards. You will use your privilege cards to leave class to use the restroom, to go back to lockers, to buy supplies, and for any other privilege you would like to have. You will have other opportunities to earn privilege cards, too: when you get papers signed, when you answer homework correctly, when you complete assignments that I give just so you can earn cards. When you receive a card, immediately write your name on that card in ink. You may not give your cards to anyone else. It is a good idea to write on the back why you got the card. You must have your cards with you in class every day. If you dont have cards, then dont ask for privileges. In case of a bathroom emergency, I will let you go to the bathroom without cards, but I will write down your name and put you on a list of students who cannot use Privilege Cards for bonus points at the end of the semester. If you want that privilege, you must play along all semester. To get off the list costs ten privilege cards for each time your name appears. To leave class after the bell rings costs three privilege cards.

To buy a pencil, pen, or some paper costs two privilege cards. A sheet protector costs one card.

All other transactions will be worked out between us. It is a good idea to earn some privilege cards so that you have them handy when you need something. Remember to keep your privilege cards with you in class at all times.

Lunch Class ProceduresYou will line up by rows to go to lunch. No talking will be allowed in the hallway. No running, jumping, or yelling outside. Leaders will a