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  1. 1. Wedding accessories for Indian bride and groom Visit:
  2. 2. Visit: Isn't it obvious that people notice how you are dressed up in a wedding? A nd the bride and groom are of course the centre of attraction! You might n ot be aware of this fact but your guests do observe you from how you look to what you wear. So make sure you look the best. Not only your dress, but people do notice your accessories that you wear. You have to make sure that you match your metals as well. You may not re alize this, but some metals look better with certain dress colors. Accessori es do add a unique touch to your look, but remember, less is more! Even t oo many can be over the top with an already embellished dress. You do be tter know your veils also! Think beyond your earrings as well. Add a waistband. Just because your dress doesn't come with one, doesn't mean it won't look great. So here are a few wedding accessories for Indian bride and groom. Have a look. Wedding accessories for Indian bride and groom
  3. 3. Maang Tika Visit:
  4. 4. Haathphool Visit:
  5. 5. Nathni Visit:
  6. 6. Earrings Visit:
  7. 7. Hair Jhoomar Visit:
  8. 8. Visit: Hair mahapatti
  9. 9. Necklace Visit:
  11. 11. Kalgi Visit:
  12. 12. Sherwani Dupatta Visit:
  13. 13. Sherwani Haar Visit:
  14. 14. Pocket Square Visit:
  15. 15. Groom's jutti Visit:
  16. 16. Cuff Links Visit:
  17. 17. Watch Visit:
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