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Thoughtful campaign organization is essential to success as a paid search marketer. Learn how to set up your campaign right from the start - or reorganize a campaign that needs work - and pay less for clicks while getting a better ad position! Learn exactly how to organize your PPC campaign to save time and deliver a better ROI. Check out Trada Reviews here: http://www.trada.com/trada-reviews/


  • 1.Get Organized!Organize Your PPC Campaign for Success #organizePPC

2. trada.com#organizePPC 3. Anna Sawyer,Marketing Manager andSuper Organized Person@annafsawyer trada.com 4. Why get organized?Follow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 5. Why is campaignorganization important?Organized campaign =better Quality ScoreBetter Quality Score =lower click priceshigher ad positionbetter results 6. If your campaign isdisorganized?Youll lose adposition, pay more,and get fewer clicksYour competitors willbeat you in trafc andpay lessFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyertrada.com 7. Campaign structureFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 8. AccountCampaign CampaignAd group Ad group Ad group Ad groupkeywords keywords keywords keywords & ads& ads& ads& ads 9. E-commerce example 10. Account: ThinkGeek Campaign:Campaign:Apparel ToysAd group:Ad group: Ad group:Ad group:Rock Guitar Shirts Drum Machine Shirts Giant Plush Microbes Gyroscopes keywordskeywords keywordskeywords& ads & ads& ads & ads 11. Ad group architectureFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 12. Ad groups are thefoundation of a successfulsearch marketing campaign. 13. Essential practices for ad group structureLook for themes inkeyword listsReorganize general adgroupsAd text should be relevantto every keywordFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 14. Essential practices for ad group structureUse specic keywordswith specic ad textUse general keywordswith general ad textFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyertrada.com 15. Essential practices for ad group structureKeep ad groups verysmall. 10-20 keywords isstandard.Write multiple ads foreach ad group (wesuggest 4)Follow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyertrada.com 16. How should you organize your ad groups?product themeconcept terminologypoint intail sizebuying cycle 17. How should you organize your ad groups?product themeSnike Air Pegasus Mens Running Shoeconcept terminologySnike Sloop 2 Mens Trail Running Shoe point intail sizebuying cycle 18. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme Snike red running shoes concept terminology Snike red trail runners point in tail size buying cycle 19. How should you organize your ad groups? product theme Shoes for running concept terminology Shoes for trail running point in tail size buying cycle 20. How should you organize your ad groups?product themeRunning shoesJogging shoesShoes for sprintersFootwearconcept terminology Trainers KicksTreadspoint intail sizebuying cycle 21. How should you organize your ad groups? ShortRunning shoes product theme Snike shoesLongconcept terminology Where can I buy running shoes onlinepoint inDiscount Snike runningtail sizebuying cycleshoes on the web 22. How should you organize your ad groups?product themeAwareness Shoes for runningconcept terminologyRunning shoespoint intail sizebuying cycle 23. How should you organize your ad groups?Comparisonproduct themeSnike running shoes priceSnike running shoes concept terminology cheapBest Snike running shoespoint intail sizebuying cycle Best shoes for running10K 24. How should you organize your ad groups?product theme DirectSnike Air Pegasus concept terminology Mens Running Shoe size 10point intail sizebuying cycle 25. Be creative!Ad group: Barefoot is for CavemenModern humans have theSnike Air Pegasus.Barefoot RunningFree Shipping and Returns!tradashoes.com/SnikeFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 26. The truth about mixing match typesFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 27. Match typesbroad match keywordsphrasematchkeywords [exact matchkeywords] 28. Ads could show forBroad match: any of the following: shoes shoes to buy tips for repairing shoes shoes for horsesbowling shoes 29. Ads could show forPhrase match: any of the following:running shoesbuy running shoesrunning shoes for kidsrecycle running shoes 30. Ads will show for the Exact match:following:[running shoes]running shoes 31. Mixing match types:Dont mix keywordsusing all three matchtypes in one ad group.Follow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyertrada.com 32. Think of it like this. Broad match is great for testing the waters. Move whats working into a phrase match ad group. Use [exact match] for keywords that convert - and bid high. 33. Build out your negativekeyword listFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 34. Negative keywordsInclude negativekeywords in yourcampaign to ensurethat your ad wontappear when asearcher types in acertain term. 35. Ad group:Negative keywords:Running shoes- used- reviews- repair 36. Negative keywordsmake an ad group more focused.Use the search queriesreport to brainstormmore negativekeywords. 37. Search Queries Report 38. Reorganize a failing campaignFollow me on Twitter!: @annafsawyer trada.com 39. A complete campaignreorganization can takea failing campaign andrejuvenate it. 40. How do campaigns fail? click pricestoo high not spending budget poor ad position 41. Considerseparating adgroups to createBreak ad groups down even moremore nely by theme,targeted ad copy. and remove poorly-performing keywords. trada.com 42. Constantly rewrite Write new ads forand test ads (4 at your new ad groups - a time).and keep writing them! Ad testing is immensely benecial and gives you great data. trada.com 43. Constantly rewriteand test landingpages. Audit For an impeccably- landing pages for optimized landingSEO, which can bepage, each ad group a good indicatorhas a distinct landingof landing pagepage. quality.trada.com 44. Use the rst page bidChanging yourestimate toolcampaign structure can to help ensureaffect your bid pricing.that yourAlways consult the bidkeywords are estimate tool - but priced to serve remember, its not ads on the rst infallible.page.trada.com 45. Remember that small changes candrastically improve your campaign, anda complete overhaul will save you timeand money in the long run. trada.com 46. TRADA PRESENTSClick Fraud!How it happens,how youre protected,what you can do Thursday, Jan 12 47. Heres where we take twominutes to show you howTrada can help you scale youronline advertising... and it doesnt cost any morethan if you were to run PPC or Facebook ads campaigns yourself. trada.com 48. Trada has thousands of online advertisingexperts who do PPC and Facebook ads for you. 49. Multiple experts workon your campaign at the same time. You get: Diversity of thinkingConstant optimizationMultiple ad networks 50. Turbine: a Trada Client 51. Turbine: a Trada ClientCAMPAIGN STATS:Paid Search Experts: 15Conversion Rate: 20% increaseClick-Through Rate: 40% increaseCost-per-Conversion: 16% reduction 52. Turbine: a Trada ClientThe Trada marketplace quickly made me comfortable enoughto take my hands off the wheel on paid search. Tradas paidsearch experts know our industry lingo and are running on all cylinders, driving highvolumes to our Dungeons &Dragons online gaming service. Chase Huber Director, Advertising 53. Time for questions! @annafsawyer For more information or to schedule a Trada demo, emailsfox@trada.com trada.com 54. InternetAds UpdateLove Tradas content? Anna and frequent conspiratorMatt Hessler release a weekly-ish fast-paced podcast with practical tips for understanding and capitalizing on current trends in online advertising.Search for Trada in the iTunes store and subscribe! Its free! 55. Time for questions! @annafsawyer For more information or to schedule a Trada demo, emailsfox@trada.com trada.com