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Scott Yacko and Jonathan Kressaty's presentation on PPC Keyword & Campaign strategies using Google Adwords at WordCamp Phoenix 2012.


  • 1.DRIVING CONVERSIONS WITH PAID SEARCHScott Yacko & Jonathan Kressaty WordCamp Phoenix 20121

2. WHAT IS PPC ADVERTISING?_ PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click_ PPC is an online advertising model where advertisers pay onlywhen an ad is clicked2 3. WHY USE PPC?_ Instant rst page placement_ You only advertise to people who are looking for what you haveright now_ You only pay when they respond - when they click through toyour site_ Pricing is determined by an ongoing, real-time auction based ontrue market values3 4. MAJOR PPC NETWORKSGoogle Microsoft Facebook Adwords AdCenter4 5. WHAT IS GOOGLE ADWORDS?_ Adwords is a platform Includes:that allows advertisers_ Tesco _ Ask.com _ AOLto display ads in search _ BT _ Virgin NetSearchresults or web content _ NTL WorldPartnersGoogleon a CPC or CPM basisPropertiesContent_ Adwords is for PublishersIncludes:_ Google_ GoogleAdvertisers, Adsense is Includes:_ New YorkProduct Search_ GmailTimes Online_ YouTubefor Publishers_ NTL_ Daily Mail_ Virgin5 6. GOOGLE AD NETWORKS SearchDisplay Video AdsNetworkNetworkDisplay Ad Search Ad(Image Ad)Video Ad (YouTube) 6 7. ANATOMY OF A SEARCH RESULTS PAGESearch Query Paid Search Results OrganicSearch Results(Ranking determined by relevance) 7 8. SEARCH CAMPAIGNSTRUCTUREGeographic TargetingLanguage Targeting Campaign } Daily BudgetDevice TargetingDay Partitioning Ad GroupAd GroupAd GroupText AdsText AdsKeywordsKeywords } 3 Critical Components of an Adwords CampaignKW Bids KW Bids 8 9. CAMPAIGN SETUP 9 10. CREATING AN AD GROUPCreate Ads Enter Keywords 10 11. GREAT AD GROUPS STARTWITH KEYWORDS_ Identify your ideal prospect_ Do thorough keyword research_ Look at your competition_ Use proper match types_ Use negative keywords_ Keep ad groups tightly targeted11 12. GETTING STARTEDWITH KEYWORDS_ Think of your ideal prospect (very specic)_ Ex: My ideal prospect is someone who has a large collection ofCDs, recently purchased an MP3 player, and wants someoneelse to convert the CDs to MP3 for them._ Write down a list of 10 keywords such that you believe one inthree people searching for each term would be your idealprospect12 13. BUILDING A KEYWORD LISTGoogle Adwords > Reporting & Tools > Keyword Tool Relative Search CompetitionVolume 13 14. BUILDING A KEYWORD LISTGoogle Adwords > Reporting & Tools > Keyword Tool14 15. BUILDING A KEYWORD LISTGoogle Adwords > Reporting & Tools > Trafc EstimatorEnterKeywords Enter a Max CPC and budgetSet Geo &Language Targeting Estimated Daily Cost15 16. KEYWORDMATCHING OPTIONSMatch Type: Shows For Queries: BROAD MATCHRed Shoes, Red, Shoes, Ex. Red ShoesGreen Shoes, Red Rocks PHRASE MATCH Red Shoes, Nike Red Shoes, Ex. Red ShoesBuy Red Shoes EXACT MATCHRed Shoes Ex. [Red Shoes]Use Phrase and Exact Match to Improve CTR & ROI 16 17. USING NEGATIVE KEYWORDS Negative Matches: software, burner17 18. NEGATIVE MATCH KEYWORDSAd Group > Keywords > See Search Terms Negative Matches:hardware, vortexbox18 19. KEYWORD LISTBUILDING STRATEGY_ Start with a small list of 10-20 keywords that t your ideal prospect_ Use only Phrase and [Exact] match_ Monitor your actual search terms_ Add -Negative keywords where appropriate_ Add additional [Exact] match keywords where appropriate_ Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...19 20. KEEP AD GROUPSTIGHTLY TARGETED WHY? 20 21. GOOGLE QUALITY SCORELanding PageQuality Score (X/10)Ad +CTR Text Keyword21 22. SEARCH AD RANKAd Rank = Quality Score x Bid1 425367822 23. SEARCH AD RANKAd Rank = Quality Score x Bid ADVERTISER AADVERTISER B ADVERTISER C Bid = $0.75 Bid = $0.50Bid = $1.00 QS = 7QS = 10QS = 4 AR = 0.75 x 7 AR = 0.50 x 10 AR = 1.00 x 4 AR = 5.25 AR = 5.00AR = 4.00 POSITION #1POSITION #2POSITION #323 24. HOW MUCH WILL I PAY?Ranking Score of Position BelowActual Cost = + $0.01 Quality Score of Your AdADVERTISER AADVERTISER BADVERTISER CBid = $0.75 Bid = $0.50 Bid = $1.00QS = 7QS = 10 QS = 4AR = 0.75 x 7 AR = 0.50 x 10AR = 1.00 x 4AR = 5.25 AR = 5.00 AR = 4.00POSITION #1 POSITION #2 POSITION #3 (5.00/7)+0.01 (4.00/10-)+0.01 (2.50/4-)+0.01CPC = 0.72CPC = 0.41 CPC = 0.6424 25. HOW DO I ACHIEVE A HIGH QS?_ Keep Ad Groups Small and Targeted_ Write Targeted Ads_ Landing Page Relevance25 26. WHAT IF ADVERTISER ARAISES ITS QS TO 10?BASELINE OPTIMIZEDBid = $0.75Bid = $0.75QS = 7 QS = 10AR = 0.75 x 7AR = 0.75 x 10AR = 5.25AR = 7.50 VS.POSITION #1POSITION #1A 29.2% (5.00/7)+0.01(5.00/10)+0.01 Reductionin Cost!CPC = 0.72CPC = 0.51 26 27. WRITING TARGETED ADS_ Include keywords in the ad text_ Include a differentiator_ Include a call to action (if appropriate)_ Choose the right landing page27 28. USE YOUR KEYWORDSIN YOUR ADS Search Terms arebolded in adsInclude adifferentiator28 29. CHOOSE THE RIGHTLANDING PAGE_ Home Page or Deep Linking?_ As a general rule, the fewest clicks to achieve a conversion is best.29 30. EXAMPLESearch Term: Hedge Trimmer 30 31. EXAMPLESearch Term: Hedge Trimmer 31 32. KEYWORD BIDDING STRATEGY_ Know what a visitor to your site is worth_ Calculate your break-even_ Set a target ROI for your advertising32 33. WHAT IS A VISITOR WORTH?_ Average Sale Revenue = $150_ My Costs (Materials, Labor, Shipping) = $100_ Average Margin = $50 per sale_ Website Conversion Rate = 2%_ Each visitor is worth $50 x 0.02 = $1.00 (This is your break-even) 33 34. CALCULATING YOUR MAX CPC_ Each visitor is worth $50 x 0.02 = $1.00_ I want to make 30% ROI on my advertising $_ My Max CPC should be $1 x (100% - 30%)_ Max Bid = $0.70TIP: Bid $0.02 above round numbers (Max Bid = $0.72) 34 35. CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATIONIMPRESSIONSAdd Keywords to get more impressionsCTR Optimize your ads to get more clicksCLICKS _ Improve Quality Score(Site Visits)_ Split Test Ad Copy _ Adjust Keyword Bids _ Utilize Position PrefsCROptimize your landing page to get more conversions _ Split Test Landing Page Copy _ Improve Call to Action _ Experiment with Deep LinkingCONVERSIONS_ Look at Bounce Rates _ Look at Cart Abandonment (Sales/Leads)35 36. QUESTIONS? Scott Yacko - scott@vuurr.com - @scottmyackoJonathan Kressaty - jonathan@vuurr.com - @kressaty 36