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  • March 2015

    Fiscal Year 2014 Funding

    In 2014 Congress appropriated $12 million in discretionary and $250 million in mandatory funding through the 2014 Farm Bill for the Watershed Rehabilitation Program. This level of funding signifies the importance and critical role of watershed structures in flood management, water supply, erosion control, agricultural productivity, recreation and wildlife habitat. This funding supports and strengthens communities by rehabilitating aging infrastructure, jobs creation and commerce, and protecting homes and families.

    In response to this funding level project sponsors from 35 states submitted funding requests for rehabilitation of 790 dams totaling more than $868.8 million. This level of funding requests demonstrates the urgent need for dam rehabilitation assistance throughout the country. As in past years, the funding requests far exceeded available funding. This funding may only be used for rehabilitation of aging dams constructed with assistance of the USDA Watershed Programs.

    Funding provided in 2014 will result in 128 dams being rehabilitated in 26 states. Funds will be used for planning, design and construction. In addition, $10.3 million dollars were utilized to complete assessments of 491 dams. The dams were selected for funding based on recent assessments that evaluated the condition of the dams and the potential risks to life and property if dam failure occurred.

    For Additional Information Kevin Farmer

    National Watershed Rehabilitation Program Coordinator Natural Resources Conservation Service

    Washington DC 2025 Email: kevin.farmer@wdc.usda.gov

    Watershed Rehabilitation Status March 2015 Report


  • March 2015

    Rehabilitation Summary by State


    No. of


    In Planning

    *Plan Implem.

    Dam Rehab.


    No. of Dam Assessments

    Funded in 2014

    AL 1 1 14

    AR 7 1 5 1 39

    AZ 9 8 1 4

    CO 3 3 9

    CT 1 1 24

    GA 10 3 7 61

    IA 4 4

    ID 1

    IN 1 1 17

    KS 8 5 1 2

    KY 4 3 1

    LA 5

    MA 6 1 4 1 15

    MD 5

    ME 3

    MN 12

    MO 2 2

    MS 21 1 3 17 18

    ND 1 1 9

    NE 14 1 4 9 59

    NH 1 1 18

    NJ 3

    NM 8 2 3 3

    NV 1 1

    NY 7 6 1 7

    OH 9 1 8 2

    OK 52 3 15 34 22

    OR 2 2 2

    PA 9 5 3 1 10

    SC 2

    TN 4 1 1 2 46

    TX 33 10 9 14 12

    UT 19 18 1 9

    VA 16 6 1 9

    VT 4

    WI 11 11

    WV 7 5 1 1 59

    WY 1 1

    Totals 272 81 61 130 491

    States 30 24 16 21 29

  • March 2015

    Rehabilitation Status by Dam

    State Dam Name County Status

    AL Choccolocco Creek 11 Calhoun Completed

    AR Big Creek- Craighead 6 Craighead Implem.

    AR Muddy Fork Illinois River *1 Washington Planning

    AR Muddy Fork Illinois River 3; 4 Washington Implem.

    AR Poteau River 5 Scott Completed

    AR Poteau River 8 Scott Implem.

    AR West Fork Point Remove Ck.7 Conway Implem.

    AZ Apache Junction - *Powerline Pinal Implem.

    AZ Buckeye *1 Maricopa Implem.

    AZ Florence *1 Pinal Implem.

    AZ Fredonia *1 Coconino Implem.

    AZ Magma *1 Pinal Implem .

    AZ White Tanks 3 Maricopa Completed

    AZ White Tanks *4 Maricopa Implem.

    AZ Williams/Chandler -*Vineyard Rd. Pinal Implem.

    AZ Williams/Chandler -*Rittenhouse Pinal Implem.

    CO Boxelder Creek *B2; *B3 Larimer Planning

    CO Franktown Parker *B1 Douglas Planning

    CT Norwalk *2 CT21 Fairfield Planning

    GA Little River *25 Fulton Planning

    GA Little Sandy and Trail Creek 1 Madison Completed

    GA Marbury Creek 22 Barrow Completed

    GA Palemetto Creek *1 Harris Planning

    GA Sallacoa Creek *77 Gordron Planning

    GA Sandy Creek 15 Jackson Completed

    GA South River 4 Madison Completed

    GA Yellow River 14; 15; 17 Gwinnett Completed

    IA Glen Ellen 2-2; 3-1; 3-2 Woodbury Completed

    IA Indian Creek 2 Pottawattomie Completed

    IN Middle Fork 1 Perry Completed

    KS Little Walnut Hickory *19 Butler Planning

    KS Muddy Creek *4_6 Butler Planning

    KS N. Sector Upper Walnut *6; *21 Butler Planning

    KS Rock Creek *2 Butler Planning

    KS Spring Creek (Reno) R1 Sedgwick Implem.

    KS Switzler Creek 7 Osage Completed

    KS Wakarusa Lower 24 Douglas Completed

    KY East Fork Clarks River *32 Marshall Planning

    KY Plum Creek 18 Spencer Completed

    KY Red Lick Creek 1: *12 Madison Planning

    MA Su-As-Co *303; *304; *310; *311 Worchester Implem.

    MA Su-As-Co *309 Middlesex Planning

    MA Su-As-Co Nichols Dam 301 Worchester Completed

    MS Big Sandy Creek *Y-32-9A Carrrol Planning

    MS Black Creek 21 Holmes Completed

    MS Chicopa/Black 53 ; 54 ; 55 Holmes Completed

    MS Chiwapa 3 ; 29 Pontotoc Completed

    MS Chiwapa *65 Pontotoc Implem.

    MS Hubbard-Murphree 72; 73; 74 Tallahatchie Completed

    MS Persimmon 2; 3; 5; 7; 30 Calhoun Completed

    MS Richland Creek *2A; *3 Rankin Implem.

    MS Second Creek 6A; 12 Adams Completed

    MS Shammack Creek 2 Kemper Completed

    MO Lost Creek B-2 Newton Completed

    MO Williams Creek 2 Clay Completed

    ND Tongue River M-4 Pembina Implem.

    NE Indian Creek *15-A Gage Implem.

    NE Mud Creek 2-A Gage Implem.

    NE Oak-Mid. Ck.Trib.-Salt Ck.* 82B Seward Planning

    NE Papillion Ck. S-27; S-31; S-32 Sarpy Completed

    NE Papillion Creek W-3 Washington Completed

    NE Turtle Creek 2 Sarpy Completed

    NE Upper Big Nemaha *25-C Gage Implem.

    NE Upper Salt *3-A Gage Implem.

    NE Upper Salt 10-A; 35-A; 19-B Lancaster Completed

    NE Wilson Creek 8-H Otoe Completed

    NH So Br Baker Dam *8 Grafton Planning

    NM Hackberry Draw 1 Eddy Completed

    State Dam Name County Status

    NM Hackberry Draw *2 Eddy Implem.

    NM Hatch Valley Arroyos 6 Dona Ana Implem.

    NM Sandia Mt Tribs. 1 Sandoval Completed

    NM Santa Cruz River *1 Rio Arriba Planning

    NM Santa Cruz River 3A Rio Arriba Completed

    NM U. Gila Valley Arroyos 6 Grant Implem.

    NV Peavine Mountain W. Wash *78 Washoe Planning

    NY Conewango Creek *13 Cattaraugus Planning

    NY Ischua Creek *2 Cattaraugus Planning

    NY L. Choconut *2A; *2B; 2C; 2E Broome Planning

    NY Little Choconut 2 Broome Implem.

    OH Chippewa 3-A; 8-D Medina Completed

    OH Margaret Creek 2 Athens Completed

    OH Rush Creek 7-C Fairfield Completed

    OH Upper Hocking 8-D; R23 Fairfield Completed

    OH Upper Hocking *9 Fairfield Planning

    OH W. Fork Duck Creek 6; 7 Noble Completed

    OK Barnitz Creek *5; *11 Dewey Implem.

    OK Barnitz Creek 1; 14 Dewey Completed

    OK Big Wewoka Creek 29 Seminole Completed

    OK Caney-Coon Creek 2 Coal Completed

    OK Cavalry Creek 6 Washita Completed

    OK Cobb Creek 1 Caddo Completed

    OK Cobb Creek 2 Washita Completed

    OK Cottonwood Creek 15 Kingfisher Completed

    OK Cottonwood Creek 16 Canadian Implem.

    OK Cottonwood Creek 17 Canadian Completed OK Cottonwood Creek *54 Logan Implem.

    OK Double Creek 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6 Washington Completed OK Fourche Maline Creek *7M Latimer Implem.

    OK Fort Cobb Laterals 10 Caddo Completed

    OK Mill Creek 18 Johnston Completed

    OK Quapaw Creek *15 Lincoln Implem. OK Rock Creek *2 Latimer Planning

    OK Rock Creek *15; *16 Murray Implem. OK Sallisaw Ck.15;16; 18M; 20; 26 Adair Completed

    OK Sallisaw Ck. 28; 29M; 32;*33; 34 Sequoyah Implem.

    OK Sallisaw Creek 30 Adair Implem.

    OK Sandstone Creek 12; 16A; 17A Roger Mills Completed

    OK Sergeant Major Creek 1; 2 Roger Mills Completed

    OK Sugar Creek L-43; L-44 Caddo Completed

    OK Turkey Creek 9 Washita Completed

    OK Upper Black Bear Creek *62 Noble Implem.

    OK U. Clear Boggy Ck. 33; 34; 35; 36 Pontotoc Completed

    OK Upper Clear Boggy Creek *26 Pontotoc Planning

    OK Upper Elk Creek 23D Beckham Planning

    OR Copper Creek *OR-R496 Douglas Planning

    OR Plat 1 *OR-R475 Douglas Planning

    PA Brandywine Creek *433, *436F Chester Implem.

    PA Conneatvile *112 Crawford Implem.

    PA Greene-Drehir- *Kintzk Ck. Pike Planning

    PA Marsh Creek *PA-602 Tioga Planning

    PA Mill Creek *PA-454 Tioga Planning

    PA Mill Run *PA-460 Crawford Planning

    PA Neshaminy *PA-620 Crawford Planning

    PA North Fork Cowanesque 406 Potter Completed

    TN Marys and Dand Creek 7; 8 Shelby Completed

    TN Marys and Dand Creek *9 Shelby Implem.

    TN Pine Creek *4 Scott Planning

    TX Calaveras Creek 6 Bexar Completed

    TX Calaveras Creek *10 Bexar Implem.

    TX Cedar Creek Trinity River *87A Kaufman Planning

    TX Chambers Creek Trinity River *11 Ellis Planning

    TX East Fork Above Lavon 1A ; 2B; 3C; 3D; 3E; 5A; 17 Collin Completed

    TX E. Fork Above Lavon *2A; *4 Collin Implem.

    TX Lower Brushy Creek *20 Williamson Planning

  • March 2015

    State Dam Name County Status

    TX Lower Plum Creek 28 Caldwell Planning

    TX Lower Running Water Draw *4 Hale Planning

    TX Martinez Creek 4; 5; 6A Bexar Completed

    TX Martinez Creek *1; *2; *3 Bexar Implem.

    TX Mountain Creek *10 Ellis Implem.

    TX Nolan Creek 15 Bell Completed TX Olmitos & Garcias Creeks *7 Starr Implem.

    TX Plum Creek 5 Hays Completed

    TX Plum Creek *6 Hays Implem.

    TX Plum Creek *10; *12 Hays Planning

    TX Plum Creek *21 Caldwell Planning

    TX Upper Brushy Creek 13A Williamson Completed TX Upper Brushy Creek *32 Williamson Planning

    TX Williams Creek *3 Gillespie Planning

    UT American Fork Dry CK.-*Tribble Utah Planning

    UT American Fork Dry CK. -*Silver Utah Implem.

    UT American Fork Battle Creek Utah Planning

    UT American Fork-Dr CK. - Dry Utah Planning

    UT Ferron Creek - *Millsite Ferron Planning

    UT Glenwood-Mill -*Glenwood Sevier Planning

    UT Santaquin Creek - *Santaquin Utah Planning

    UT *Sandy Hollow Sevier Planning

    UT Warner Draw *Frog Hollow Washington Planning

    UT Warner Draw -*Stucki Washington Planning

    UT Warner Draw- *Warner Draw Washington Planning

    UT American Fork Grove Creek Utah Planning

    State Dam Name County Status

    UT Warner Draw -Ivins 1;2;3;4;5;6 Washington Planning

    UT Warner Draw Gypsum Wash Washington Planning

    VA Cherrystone Creek *1; *2A Pittsylvania Planning

    VA Johns Creek *1 Craig Planning

    VA Marrowbone Creek 1 Henry Completed

    VA Mountain Run *11 Culpepper Planning

    VA Mountain Run *50 Culpepper Planning

    VA Pohick Creek 2; 3; 4;8 Fairfax Completed

    VA South River 10A; 23; 25; 26 Augusta Completed

    VA Upper North River *10 Augusta Implem.

    VA Upper North River *77 Augusta Planning

    WV New Creek 14 Grant Completed

    WV New Creek *17 Mineral Planning

    WV Upper Deckers Creek *1 Preston Implem.

    WV Wheeling Creek 25 Marshall Planning

    WV Brush Creek* 9; 14; *15 Mercer Planning

    WI Alma Mill 2; 3; 5 Buffalo Completed

    WI Bad Axe 24 Vernon Completed

    WI Glen Hills 2 St. Croix Completed

    WI Mill Creek 10 Richland Completed

    WI Otter Creek 9 Iowa Completed

    WI Plain Honey Creek 3 Sauk Completed WI Plum Creek 19 Pierce Completed

    WI Twin Parks 10 Iowa Completed

    WI W. Fork Kickapoo - Klinkner 1 Vernon Completed

    WY Dull Knife *1 Johnson Planning

    * Funded with CCC funds authorized in the 2014 Farm Bill There are multiple dams in some lines. These dams are in the same watershed, same county and have the same status: Example: Brush Creek 9; 14; 15.


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