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<p>M o r e n o V a l l e y C o l l e g e W r i t i n g a n d R e a d i n g C e n t e r D i r e c t e d L e a r n i n g A c t i v i t y W r i t i n g T o p i c S e n t e n c e s</p> <p>Resources http://www.arts.uottaw a.ca/writcent/hypergra mmar/partopic.html WRC Confirmation</p> <p>1. Using the link to the left, read the article on writing and analyzing topic sentences. 2. Answer the following questions: A. What is the difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement?</p> <p>B. What is a claim?</p> <p>Date Comments:</p> <p>3. Look at the following example of a thesis statement and topic sentences. These examples come from the CAHSEE On Target workbooks: Thesis: Topic sentence 1: Smoking should be made illegal Smoking should be illegal because cigarettes are just as dangerous to a persons health as many illegal drugs. Smoking should also be illegal because many companies are getting rich selling cigarettes to people. Finally, smoking should be illegal because cigarettes are expensive.</p> <p>Topic sentence 2:</p> <p>Topic sentence 3:</p> <p>Instructor on Duty Print</p> <p>Instructor on Duty Signature</p> <p>Notice how each of the topic sentences works in two directions. Each topic sentence refers to the thesis through the use of key words (smoking, illegal) and advances the argument presented in the thesis. Each topic sentence also defines what each paragraph will cover. So, you know that paragraph one will present only information about how cigarettes are as dangerous as illegal drugs; no other topic can be covered in that paragraph.</p> <p>Student Signature</p> <p>Revised by Nathaniel Broguiere (Tutor)</p> <p>4. Following are four subjects. Using the space below, create a thesis statement and, for each thesis statement, create three topic sentences following the model above. Subject 1: school uniforms Subject 2: death penalty Subject 3: the California high school exit exam (CAHSEE) Subject 4: recycling</p> <p>Revised by Nathaniel Broguiere (Tutor)</p>