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Methods for Writing Topic sentences. Step Up to Writing 8 th GRADE Author: Unknown / Adapted by: Mrs. Guerra. #1 Power (Number Statements). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Methods for Writing Topic sentencesStep Up to Writing8th GRADE

    Author: Unknown / Adapted by: Mrs. Guerra

  • #1 Power (Number Statements)A Power (Number) statement is a sentence that contains a number word. The number word is the focus of the sentence. It tells your reader that a list of information will follow.

  • Helpful number words:a couple ofa number ofnumeroussomevariousa myriadmanyfourseveraltwo

  • Examples

    Three cities have serious pollution problems.In winter I enjoy watching several high school sports.I enjoy four kinds of music.The parade was wonderful; two exciting things happened.

  • Avoiding There areWhen writing power statements, there are, these are, or here are can become a trap. Instead try starting with who, what, where, or when.

  • Topic = FriendsWho: Tamara and Eva are my two best friends.What: The word friendship means two things.Where: At school I have several good friends.When: Last summer my best friend Sam traveled to three unusual places.

    Topic = School LunchesWhat: Pizza is the most popular item at lunch for two reasons.Where: At Woodland Elementary, students have many choices at lunchtime.

  • Topic=Immigration researchScotland has a special place in my heart for several reasons.Russia is interesting for three reasons.Korea is a wonderful country for a myriad of reasons.Italy is a very special country for three reasons.Norway is a unique country for numerous reasons.Several features of Scotland have peeked my interest.

  • #2 Occasion/Position StatementsAn Occasion/Position statement is usually a complex sentence.The Occasion:Is the first part of the topic sentenceIntroduces your reason for writingIs the dependent clauseCan be any event, problem, idea, solution, or circumstance that gives you a reason to write.

  • Occasion/Position Statement Beginnings

    AfterAs soon asEven thoughSo thatWheneverAlthoughBecauseIfThoughWhereAsBeforeIn order thatUnlessWherever

    As ifEvenIn order toUntilWhetherAs long asEven ifSinceWhen While

  • The Position:

    Is the second part of the topic sentenceStates what you plan to prove or explain in your paragraphIs the independent clause in the complex sentence.

  • Even though bike helmets are sometimes unfashionable and uncomfortable, all cyclists should wear them.If students use chemicals to do science experiments, it is important that they learn the proper way to dispose of them.When I want to relax, I listen to the music of George Gershwin.Although baseball cards are just pieces of cardboard with pictures on them, some of them are worth a lot of money.

  • Coming to America ExamplesAlthough Japan is located on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, many Japanese people have crossed it to become American citizens.Although I have never seen Italy, my ancestors were Italian. Unless pictures of my grandparents were shown, you would never know that I am actually French.Since I have never seen Poland, I am fascinated by the pictures.Since Italian food is my favorite food to eat, I am excited to learn more about Italy from which my ancestors came.

  • Creating an Introductory ParagraphBegin with a thesis statement or topic sentence:

    Although Charles Lindbergh was sometimes called Lucky Lindy, no one would dare refer to his 1927 flight across the Atlantic as a feat of luck.

  • Introductory Paragraph contOnce you have a topic sentence add a plan:

    Although Charles Lindbergh was sometimes called Lucky Lindy, no one would dare refer to his 1927 flight across the Atlantic as a feat of luck.

    His successful flight was clearly due to extensive planning, talent as a pilot, and raw courage.

  • Introductory Paragraph formula

    Topic sentence + Plan = Introduction

  • Introductory Paragraphs examplesThere are many things I like to do in the summer. Two are my favorite.

    There are three people in the world for me to admire. In this paper I have listed the people I admire and why I admire them.

    Although I have taken many wonderful vacations, my trip with my two best friends to New York City is one Ill always remember. This was a fantastic trip because of the sights we saw, the people we met, and the laughs we shared.

  • Introductory Paragraph PracticeAfter I read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, I recommended the book to my friends. This book was great because ____________ and ____________.

  • #3 However StatementsCreate a compound sentence using however in the middle of the sentence. Place a semi-colon (;) before the word however and a comma (,) after the word however.Usually the first part will be the occasion (reason for writing); the second part will state the position (what you plan or explain).

  • ExamplesThe new rules for the school cafeteria seemed unfair to the students; however, the rules have made the cafeteria a better place to eat.My father is very strict; however, he has good reasons for all of his rulesAnts are very small creatures and may seem insignificant; however, scientists around the world study these insects.

  • Other conjunctive adverbs to try------------------as a result in fact meanwhileotherwise consequently insteadtherefore still nextfurthermore nevertheless likewise

  • ExamplesThe new Little League coaches were not happy with the old practice schedule; instead, they presented a plan that gave each team equal access to the practice fieldThe teacher was upset the number of late assignments; consequently, late assignments received a ten percent reduction on the score.

  • #4 And, But, and Or Statements Use a compound sentence with one of the following conjunctions:but, or, yet,for, and, nor, so

    Remember to use a comma before the conjunction.

  • ExamplesSome people find it difficult to program a DVD Player, but most will succeed if the just remember to follow these guidelines.Reptiles are all alike because they have backbones, breathe with lungs, and have scales, yet reptiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes.Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, spent two years hiding from the Nazis during World War II, and her bravery and courage is retold in the book Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

  • ExampleBirthday parties are full fun activities and they are time for many surprises.Friends and family arrive with gifts yet birthday parties need delicious delectable treats.

  • #5 The List StatementsA common method for writing a topic sentence is to list the categories that you will talk about in your paper.

    There are several types of lists you can use.

  • List of words:

    All college students need money, encouragement, friends, and courage.The corner store offers the best in candy selection, prices and service.When I set out to buy a new car, I looked for a vehicle that was reliable, safe, and economical.

  • List of phrases:

    My grandparents prefer to vacation in Mexico, in the Pacific Northwest, and in the tropics.The Mattsons love their new home but are having trouble with the dishwasher mounting and the front sidewalk.

  • List of dependent (cant stand on their own) clauses:

    When I received my kitten, when I graduated with a masters degree, and when I got married, I realized life is worth living.

  • List of independent (can stand alone) clauses:

    High school graduates can attend community college, they can enroll in state universities, or they can study at private schools throughout the United States.

  • NOTE About List StatementsDo not mix words, phrases or clauses. If you start with a phrase, all parts of the list should be phrases. If you start with a noun, all parts of the list should be nouns. This is known as keeping the list parallel.

  • #6 Get Their AttentionA Declarative Statement uses a strong verb (action word).ExamplesChildren will love the new flavored cerealsAunt Susans foolproof holiday recipes saved me and impressed my family.Fourth grade test scores at Woodland Elementary soared.



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