Writing Strong Topic sentences

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Writing Strong Topic sentences. Why do we need strong topic sentences?. Get attention. Get interest. Make a good first impression. Set up the rest of the writing. Make the rest of the writing easier. No Fingerprinting. What is fingerprinting? In this paper I will tell you. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Writing Strong Topic sentences

Writing Strong Topic sentencesWhy do we need strong topic sentences?Get attention.Get interest.Make a good first impression.Set up the rest of the writing.Make the rest of the writing easier.No FingerprintingWhat is fingerprinting?In this paper I will tell you.This is my paragraph aboutHere is my first idea

No first personI, we, me, my, ourIn my opinion,I thinkI believe

Read the question use the questionWhat are three important benefits of living in Colorado?Three important benefits of living in Colorado areWhy is it important to get a good education?It is important to get a good education becauseOccasion/position statementsComplex sentencesOccasion introduces the reason for writingPosition states what you will prove or explain.

Power (number) statementsThese sentences contain a number word that is the focus of the sentence.It tells your reader that a list of information will follow.

Avoid there is, there are, etc.These weaken your writing.ExamplenoThere are three important steps in baking the perfect cake.yesBaking the perfect cake can be done in three important steps.And, But, and Or statementsThese are compound sentences.Join them with a coordinating conjunction (fanboys)Provide good information.

However statementsThese will be compound sentences.They are joined by however or other conjunctive adverbs that separate the two parts of the sentence.They contain two parts similar to an occasion/position statement.You need a semicolon before the conjunctive adverb and a comma after it

Even though it is a difficult profession, being a doctor would be a rewarding career.

Working in television was an exciting career; however, it was also very demanding.

The United States is a powerful world leader for a number of important reasons.

Television is an exciting career, yet teaching also provides great satisfaction.

Whats wrong?Riding a horse can be a relaxing outing; still; there are a number of safety precautions you must take to make your ride enjoyable.

Write four different topic sentences for the following.You need one of each of those we learned today. Label each..What career are you considering and why?