virtual reality (vr) & augmented reality (ar) - key experiential marketing stats for 2016

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  • Key marketing stats for 2016

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are revolutionising the marketing game. Weve pulled together the most impressive stats around these immersive technologies to help give you the full picture.

  • of 16-24 year olds are interested in using VR headsets

    of consumers aged 16 to 24are interested in experiencing VR

    Source: Mintel, Europe 16 Consumer Trends 2016 & Marketing Week

  • of UK consumers agree that VR devices have the potential to change our lives for the better

    66%Source: Virtual Reality Brand Power Index

  • of the Forbes Worlds Most Valuable Brands have used VR or AR in an activation with customers or employees, or are invested in developing the technology

    75%Source: Virtual Reality Brand Power Index

  • of UK shoppers are interested in using virtual reality technology to experience products or services

    Source: Westfield

  • of UK shoppers want virtual assistance to see how products will look in the home


    Source: Westfield

  • The virtual reality market could be worth

    by 2020

    $30 billionSource:

  • VR headsets could be sold by 2025

    500 million


  • 171 millionpeople could be using VR hardware

    and software worldwide by 2018


  • Googles Cardboard app has been downloaded over


  • people have used Samsungs Gear VR for the past month

    1 million


  • people could be paying for VR hardware and content by 2018

    28 million


  • people subscribe to the YouTube 360 channel

    Nearly 1.3 millionSource:

  • 55% of men express a strong interest in experiencing VR, compared to 40% of women

    Source: Marketing Week

  • 68%of consumers would like to try an in-store VR experience before making a purchase

    Source: Marketing Week

  • 59% of men say they have a good understanding of what VR is, compared to 46% of women

    Source: Marketing Week

  • 37% want to be at a sporting event

    52% want to experience music events

    41% want to experience theatre

    56% want to travel somewhere

    35% want to watch news / documentaries

    45% want fantasy experiences

    41% want to be inside a movie

    41% want to watch a movie

    Experiences people want when using VR

    Source: Marketing Week

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