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  • 1. Kai Kreuzer, Eclipse SmartHome Project Lead

2. INTRANET OF THINGS 3. Solution based on ESH, e.g. orEclipse SmartHomeOSGi ContainerJVMOS 4. BindingsREST APIDiscoveryDomainModelIoT/CloudLoggingDatabasesActionsModulesIconsWidgetsSitemapsTriggersUser InterfacesPersistenceAutomationConnectivityEvents 5. 09 Oct 2014 today 12.2014Eclipse SmartHome0.7.0Eclipse SmartHome0.8.011.2013ProjectCreation01.2014InitialContribution 6. Statistics50k LOC52 Forks17 Contributors> 40.000 hits on Google 7. Mass Market FocusTech%savvy*Users **Average*Users*ConfiguraHue BulbThis is a standard Philips Hue bulb with E27 socketLight IDThe light identifier identifies one certain hue bulb.trueThing&Descrip-ons&Discovery&Services&Setup&Pairing&Flows& 9. Thing&Descrip-ons&Discovery&Services&Setup&Pairing&Flows&UPnPBonjour / mDNSCustom Discovery 10. THANKS!Kai Kreuzer@kaikreuzer@smarthomeProduct names, logos, brands and other trademarks referred to within this presentation are the property of their respective trademark holders.