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2412 Manual rev 2.0 - Smarthome

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2412 Manual rev 2.0From Smarthome

SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller - Rev 2.0+ (Model: 2412N)TABLE OF CONTENTSHide AllABOUT SMARTLINC What is INSTEON? Key SmartLinc Features What Is Included with SmartLinc SmartLinc Icons SmartLinc-Compatible Phones/PDAs HOW TO INSTALL SMARTLINC Preparing to Install SmartLinc Installing SmartLinc Important Note About INSTEON Networks; Split Single-Phase vs. 3-Phase Installation CONNECTING TO SMARTLINC Log into SmartLinc While at Home (w/ Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connection to Router) Setting Up Your Network for Use While Away From Home Log into SmartLinc While Away from Home JavaScript vs. HTML Versions of SmartLinc SETTING UP SMARTLINC Setting up Your SmartLinc: Time, Day, House Name and Location Linking SmartLinc to an INSTEON Device Unlinking a Controlled INSTEON Device from SmartLinc Controlling a Thermostat from SmartLinc Viewing IP Cameras in SmartLinc Viewing Power Consumption in SmartLinc ROOM / SCENE SETUP Adding/Naming Rooms in SmartLinc Adding/Naming Scenes in SmartLinc TIMERS Adding a Timer to a SmartLinc Scene Removing a Timer from a SmartLinc Scene ADVANCED FEATURES OF SMARTLINC Setting Up a User Name / Password in SmartLinc Restoring Power to SmartLinc Resetting SmartLinc to its Factory Default Settings Using Custom Commands in SmartLinc X10 PROGRAMMING OPTIONS X10 Control Page


2412 Manual rev 2.0 - Smarthome

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ABOUT INSTEON Understanding Why an INSTEON Network Is Reliable Further Enhancing Reliability Using Dual-Band INSTEON Products to Upgrade Your INSTEON Network About INSTEON and X10 TROUBLESHOOTING SmartLinc Troubleshooting / FAQ SmartLinc .bin Files SPECIFICATIONS SmartLinc Specifications Certifications Limited Warranty

What is INSTEON?Since its inception in 2005, INSTEON has become the best-selling wireless home-control networking technology, offering more reliability and flexibility than any other home management system on the market. Developed by Smarthome, INSTEON technology relies on its dual-mesh network to send signals both through the air (RF, or radio frequency) and over the existing electrical wires (power line) in the home. Reliable With every INSTEON device being a repeater (see how this works ( ), the signal gets stronger with every INSTEON device you add to your home, giving you unsurpassed reliability. In addition, each INSTEON message contains error detection, so it is very unlikely that lights will turn on accidentally. Fast Other home automation networks have a noticeable delay when turning on a light or activating an appliance. INSTEON messages get through in less than 0.05 seconds - faster than the human eye can detect, so there are no visible delays. Activate an INSTEON switch and the lights turn on instantly. X10 Ready If you've already started putting together an X10 home control network, most INSTEON products are backward compatible iwth X10 devices to provide a painless upgrade path to an INSTEON network for the ultimate home automation system. Get the reliability and speed you need without scrapping your existing X10 network. Affordable While other home automation systems extend into the thousands of dollars to install and implement, a complete INSTEON system costs a fraction of its competitors. INSTEON can be integrated into any number of products easily and at a very low cost, so it will impact your life a whole lot more than it will impact your wallet. Common Applications: Scene and remote control lighting Security alarm interfaces and sensors Home sensors (e.g., water, humidity, temperature) Access control (e.g., door locks) Heating and cooling (HVAC) control and management Audio-video control Appliance management Energy savings


2412 Manual rev 2.0 - Smarthome

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How INSTEON WorksWhat makes INSTEON the most reliable home automation network is its dual-mesh network. INSTEON devices use both radio frequency signals and the home's existing wiring to talk to each other. Every message is confirmed as it is received, and if any errors are detected, the message is automatically resent. Unlike all other mesh networks, INSTEON's mesh network has every INSTEON device acting as a repeater -- receiving and sending every message to all other devices in the network. So instead of stressing the network by adding more INSTEON devices, you actually strengthen it (see how this works ( ). Other mesh networks use router tables, and only those products involved in routing the signal act as repeaters - resulting in a less reliable network. No central controller or networking setup is required. Once your module is installed, just use a series of button presses or taps to Link your devices together. INSTEON devices can act as a Controller, Responder, or both! Most importantly, INSTEON networks are extremely secure. Each INSTEON device is assigned a unique INSTEON ID, so unless neighbors or would-be hackers have access to your particular device's INSTEON ID, they won't be able to control your home, even if they are using similar products.

Technology Comparison INSTEON: Moderately priced, highly reliable dual-mesh RF & power line technology UPB: Expensive single-band (power line only) technology X10: Inexpensive but lacks the robustness, flexibility and reliability required by home-control applications ZigBee & Z-Wave: Single-band (RF-only) wireless networks that require a network controller

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Key SmartLinc FeaturesCongratulations on purchasing the INSTEON SmartLinc. You can now use any web-enabled device to set up and control your INSTEON devices. You can activate and control your INSTEON system at home, when you are at work, driving in your car, or on vacation halfway across the world. As an added feature, SmartLinc (Rev 2.0 and above) includes IP camera support, giving you the versatility to incorporate watching and controlling your IP-enabled surveillance cameras through your web-enabled interface.


2412 Manual rev 2.0 - Smarthome

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New SmartLinc Features in v2.0+ Real-time INSTEON device status feedback Supports sunrise/sunset timers for enhanced timer functionality Enhanced control of INSTEON-compatible thermostats Support user-definable custom commands for each scene, providing advanced flexibility

Maintained Features from v1.x Converts iPhone or iPod touch into wireless INSTEON touchscreen Compatible with all web-enabled phones, PDAs and PCs IP camera support provides real-time status and integrated surveillance Scenes / devices organized into rooms for intuitive navigation Schedule one On and one Off time daily for every scene or device (up to 240 total) Ethernet jack allows for easy connection to your router Two-year warranty

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