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IMPLEMENTATION KICK-OFF. VIEWPOINT SOFTWARE. INTRODUCTION. Perry’s Introduction Project Director Stacy Garton Executive Team Sandy Jason Bill David. WHY CHANGE?. What would you like to see come out of the new system? Service Accounting Operations Preconstruction Human Resources. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




INTRODUCTIONPerrys IntroductionProject DirectorStacy GartonExecutive TeamSandyJasonBillDavid

WHY CHANGE?What would you like to see come out of the new system?ServiceAccountingOperationsPreconstructionHuman ResourcesWHY CHANGE?Our current system contains a linear accounting mindset and does not encompass project management functionality.

The current system has only provided basic regulatory updates over the past 5 years, leaving the system obsolete.

Using the current system, transactions are posted weekly and reports are generated monthly for the project and service staff.THE FUTUREPrepare for bigger projectsExpand future possibilitiesCreate competitive advantageAllow us to enter into new possibilitiesWHY VIEWPOINT?Reduce/eliminate the need for separate spreadsheetsEliminate dependency on too many offline spreadsheetsCompany-wide consistencyRisk ManagementE Light can better mitigate problems on projects by having more current information more easily accessible to allow for the project team to make immediate decisions to avoid profit loss.Integrate project management and implement consistent approachIntegrate service management as part of overall solutionProvide timely feedback to preconstruction based on buyout of materials

WHY VIEWPOINT? ContImprove ProcessesPayroll automationAccounts Payable automationSubcontractor managementBilling AutomationREAL TIME access to information would improve visibility into job costs and field productivity.Improve visibility into field productivity with real time basis Automate time entry and accelerate update to job cost.

ACCOUNTING MODULESACCOUNTS PAYABLEAutomate accounts payable process, implement invoice scanning, and electronic invoice approval.Fully integrated with job cost, general ledger, subcontract ledger, and purchase order modules.


PAYROLLSimplify payroll entries by setting up controls by job or by State to eliminate errors.Incorporate mobile time to increase productivity reporting in the field as well as providing the PMs with daily monitoring of hours.Fully integrated with Job Cost, Cash Management and Human Resources. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLEAccounts Payable Reports

Payroll Reports

HUMAN RESOURCESAn open database structure that provides maximum flexibility in sorting and reporting data, and the integration with the Payroll module keeps data synchronized. Section in HR Module includeHR LEAVEHR ACCIDENTSHR RESOURCE BENEFITSHR SALARY HISTORYHR COMPANY ASSETS ASSIGNED TO EMPLOYEESOPERATIONS MODULESJOB COSTProvides location to track costs/revenue for jobsEnsures costs on job are appropriately invoicedCompares estimated costs to actual costsIdentifies profitable areasProvides enhanced reporting with drill down reports to actual invoices or timesheetsInterfaces with Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Subcontract Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, and Project Management allowing for real time job cost tracking.

PROJECT MANAGEMENTCentralizes documents & emails in one systemFor on-time, profitable jobs these days it is essential to have a powerful project management tool to facilitate all the complex work activities that occur simultaneously. Project Management in Viewpoint is easy-to-use reflects real world construction workflow and processes and is integrated with V6 Accounting.

OPERATIONS MODULES, contSUBCONTRACTBetter management of subcontractor compliance & documents with a notification system to monitor.




Job Cost Reports

Project Management Integration

SERVICE MANAGEMENTWork Order ManagementCreating Work OrdersScheduling TripsCreating Purchase OrdersCustomer BillingAutomate T&M billing, set-up, store customer rates, & work locations for quick access to historical data.Project ManagementDispatch Board

SM Work Order

PRE-CONSTRUCTIONIdentify vendors that meet your needsTrack pertinent vendor information, such as S/W/MBETrack and Qualify all potential vendorsPrequalification Process will be centralized.Setup project detail form Bid Meetings to PlansAutomate process to create a Project in the PM Module once the job is awardedSend and track responses to requests to bids from vendors.CONSTRUCTION IMAGINGField staff will have web access to project documents without requiring a loginPhoto ManagementVersion ControlIntegration with existing file sharesCONSTRUCTION IMAGING

VIEWPOINT KEY MILESTONESPHASE 1 PLANDiscovery, Planning, & Schedule creationSoftware AccessibilityResources AllocatedCoding Structure DecidedPHASE 2 DESIGN & CONFIGUREDesign SystemSetup & Configure Test CompaniesScope Special Projects & ReportsImport Master FilesPHASE 3TRAIN & TESTBuild SecurityTrain Super UsersTest Processes and SetupsComplete Test ScriptsValidate Special Projects & ReportsPHASE 4 DATA PREPReadiness AssessmentTrain End UsersTest ProcessesFinalize & Test Imports/ConversionGo Live PREPEnter Opening BalancesPHASE 5 GO LIVEEnter TransactionsExecute New ProcessesClose Old SystemGenerate Financial StatementsE LIGHTS IMPLEMENTATION PLANFocus groups to review current processesMonthly updates to end users Practice in Test Company Weekly lunch and learnsLearn more about our processesFind nuisancesWe need your participationThe project is only a success with everyones involvement

QUESTIONSWhat kind of processes would you like to see improved and implemented into Viewpoint?

NAME FOR SOFTWAREWe need to come up with a name for the software that has our own E Light twist on it. Here are a few examples that could be possible candidates.E-BoxE-ViewE-ZoneE-Tech