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  • 1. ECOTOURISM IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAMTourism is an activity where people travel awayfrom their usual home in purpose of either recreational, leisure or business. Tourismevolves after six decades and eventuallyhelped economic sector growth globally(UNWTO, 2012).

2. Most of the tourist that travel are those whowith purposes of leisure, recreation andholidays with statistics shown 51% in 2011(UNWTO, 2012). In Brunei Darussalam,statistics show that there were 157 tourists in2009, 214 tourists in 2010 and increased to242 tourists in 2011 (UNWTO, 2012). There isslight increase in the number of tourist arrival. 3. Today, Brunei does not only focuson its oil and gas industry, but italso diversifies its economy fromcertain income such as tourism.Ecotourism is tourism in purposeof going to natural environments,usually in a small quantitynumber of tourist 4. . The focus of ecotourism has made alot of changes in the tourism industryand the nature itself. This essay willdiscuss about the importance ofecotourism and the solutions toimprove ecotourism. It is also todiscuss the consequences ofsustaining ecotourism. 5. Ecotourism is very important becauseit plays a role in both the socio-economy and the environment of acountry for instance in Brunei.Economically, even though tourism isnot the main source of income forBrunei, it acts as a catalyst toincrease it. 6. . With that income, Brunei can spend the profit to improve infrastructures and transportations. Other than to gain income, it also helps to strengthen the bond of economic relation of Brunei with other countries as well as provide jobs to local people by applying their skills and at the same time, gain knowledge. 7. recognition for their environmentalwork at a local level as what beensaid by Wayne Talbot (2012).Eventually, they are promoting theircultures and traditions. Anotherimportance is towards theenvironment. Ecotourism is not onlyin purpose to visit the nature, it alsogives the opportunity to see andexperience what nature holds 8. . Notonly that, slowly it educates people and gives knowledge of how important it is to sustain the environment with the fast growing global development. 9. Not only ecotourism benefits thelocal people by welcoming tourists, italso helps to promote ecotourism inBrunei to their country andeventually increase the number ofincoming tourists to Brunei andpromote ecotourism in their owncountry. 10. . It is important becausethe future generation willnot have the sameexperience due to the lossof natural habitats ofanimal, flora and fauna. 11. There are several ways toimprove ecotourism in Brunei.Firstly is through advertisement.It is the most effective way forpromoting something such asecotourism where the generalpublic are aware and are well-informed. 12. With the help oftechnology such as internetcan be access almosteverywhere by everyone, itis easier to advertisethrough social networkssuch as Facebook 13. . Thesecan attract tourists from different parts of the world even from within the country. Secondly is by improving public transportation. This can reduce the land space taken away for purpose of making parking lots. Not only that, the usage of private transport also can be reduced. 14. Thus, less carbon emitted,reduce traffic congestionand road renovations.Thirdly is by making moreconservation. 15. By the term conservation, it meansthat not only conserving therainforest, but also conserving theculture and tradition of certainethnics groups from different area inBrunei. By conserving, local people get thebenefits of having the opportunity ofapplying skills and knowledge. 16. Sustaining ecotourism hasmany consequences. Thereare both positive andnegative impacts ofsustaining ecotourismtowards the naturalenvironment. 17. The positive impacts towardsthe natural environment arethat it may provide newfoundation of animals, plantsand insects that attractsscientists and students toconduct study and research. 18. . Another good impact is that people are aware of the importance of saving the natural environment. An effort has been done where in Tasek Merimbun, Butterfly Garden was officially opened on the 3rd July, 2012 where these can attract more people to visit. This can help the endangered species of insects such as butterflies to undergo rehabilitation process. 19. In theory, ecotourism seemslike one of the best ways topromote tourism into thecountry thus helping toimprove the economy and notdepending too much on ourmain resources that is oil andgas. 20. However, having beautydoes not come withwithout a price. As moretourist come, there mightbe out of control where itcan exceed the limit ofcarrying capacity 21. .Carrying capacity is theoptimum number ofpeople over an area andtechnology can supportthus can prove as negativeeffect. 22. . Othernegative impacts of ecotourism towards the natural environment are that it can destroy the sensitive biodiversity of flora and fauna by altering and changing the environment to suit tourists. 23. It also can disturb the habitatof wildlife as they feelthreatened by the tourists.This eventually makes themmigrate to a new place wherethe animals are exposed todanger. 24. . Feeding wild animals inthe reserves orconservation parks can bedangerous the animals dueto unhealthy food and arenot suitable for animals 25. Even if the tourists are notfeeding them directly, wastesfrom tourists such littering andwastes are unavoidable and wildanimals are prone to gettingthem first before the authoritiesget to clean the mess up. 26. Ecotourism is one way of improving thecountrys economy, social life andenvironment for it present and future.Ecotourism is a niche industry in BruneiDarussalam. The government and itslocals must work together to improveand promote the industry as to outweighits positive effects against the negativeand to ensure that ecotourism issustainable.