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    Victor Kiernan

    Languages and conquerors *

    Wandering the vast areas and long small, scattered communities in the creation of

    human languages

    proved to be extremely talented. In the early days is probably one of the main activity

    can keep your thoughts

    Casting new words and new ways of fiction as any other practical question of


    energy consumed. I would even venture to say that only freed up enough energy


    create, when we have so many people gathered in a particular place - such as the Nile

    Valley - not to

    They needed to create other languages. Spoken by thousands of people in many

    different languages has disappeared, or -

    As to forests - is dying. SK Chatterjinek appeared half a century ago to what greatly



    - The easternmost Indo-European or Aryan - ancient language at the expense of

    neighboring languages .


    Quarter of a century has

    apparent that about twenty, mostly southern Siberian Turkish dialect is in retreat in


    the spread .


    Strangely enough, all the historians have generally little attention has been paid to the

    people they researched speech

    testing, despite the fact that the fate of human language was the most powerful shaper of

    war and conquest. If two

    factor due to violence are intimately connected, to some extent will always interact. The


    many areas depends on whether control is done from the outside - due to a tax recovery

    - or invade

    the purpose of colonization. In the latter case invading or displacing the old language,

    such as Ireland, the English,

    or vacate the place, as in the case of the French Normandy Vikings receiving, or after a

    very long exposure

    nyelvv new blend. The latter, at least in historical eras, it was rare; by far the most

    cases the

    Norman Conquest as a result of the English language. Much less clear in the language

    neopun example, which the Carthaginian

    result of mixing a Semitic language of the indigenous population of North Africa very

    quickly, even before the Roman conquest

    transformed. Typically, however, in the "official purposes and in religious rites is still

    adhered to the old

    forms " .


    The leteleplssel, colonization opposite process occurs when a nation or a part of a

  • conquering force displaces the place, and anywhere else installed. This was used by the

    Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the New World of

    Incas, who recalcitrant villagers systematically evacuated, place and other immense


    corners have been manageable, see below .


    This facilitated the assimilation and all your official

    spread Quechua language, which would hardly have spread to such an extent in the

    realm of very brief existence

    away. The Mongol rulers of the city occupied their capitals had her body moved from

    the craftsmen, architects,

    artists who bizonyulhattak useful there. However, the Central Asian cities such as

    Samarkand, the

    risk of looting and carnage sight many refugees to India by the Muslim invaders had


    Delhi Sultanate founded fastened. The Roman enlistment different provinces scattered

    soldiers who shared

    Pidgin language as a form of Latin used. In the 18th century, Asian and European

    armies and armies of the camp attendants always

    They were cosmopolitan in nature. A successful military - such as Timur Lenk -

    avalanche while driving

    increased. Fortune, there were a mass of almost everywhere.

    Countless people were dragged through the Roman Empire, the Muslim world and

    especially in the 16th and 19th

    century between the Atlantic Ocean to dispose of them as slaves. Angola as a

    Portuguese colony was mainly

    been valuable because it was a source of labor in Brazil. The language of such effects

    even in extreme cases, even

    were only one-way. The Spanish language is changed after crossing the ocean .


    Towards the end of the colonial age

    According to the rumor, "the Carolina Urine was spoken of as the Negroes. This seems

    to be the origin of southern accents ";

    a similar phenomenon was also observed in Jamaica .


    The enslavement of course, much stronger effects tasztottakat value. Throughout

    history, many ethnic groups

    digestion of up and broke apart countless individuals, cultures and hanyatlottak

    nyelveikkel down together.

    Human eternal destiny of this instability can be sustained in the absence of human

    mental balance is

    inferred. The colonial relations - such as the French in Algeria - the colloquial Arabic

    and the low level

    resulted in a mixture of French spoken confused, which will certainly be held liable for

    some of the opinion that the

    sszezavarsrt consciousness operating patterns. Thinking is easy to lose orientation

    in all parts of the Colonist

    points, and primitive, almost infantile nature easily amaze the outside observer .


    Women are good reasons to qualify colonise has, or at least a large part of the history

  • belonged to the lower strata of society: it is very likely that they formed the first

    working class. Usually the

    deported them as part of spoils of war; even if it is not reached such a fate, even the men

    of physical strength -

    disguised by the superior wisdom of philosophers and preachers - were victims.


    kizratsuk was probably influenced by the men lived in public life, although they

    usually left few records

    maintained. The Athenian women were a couple in their own words; These part -

    presumably - a former folk group inherited

    while another part might have been developed to keep hidden meanings before his ears.

    The Zulus polygamy

    lived on society, a community-based conquests under which men and cattle from the

    taking of

    virtue. A big ranch is certainly different dialects exist, which result in women's speech

    not only a new version of mixed represented. "The King krljban sometimes difficult

    to understand the king's wives" -

    Page 2

    we read .


    Africa and elsewhere

    - For example, in New Guinea - the farm was often an economic unit and is the resting

    place of the owner; in from here and there

    collected wives had to find ways to coordinate their tasks.

    If two people are in contact due to violence, language trsadalomszerkezetk outcome,

    especially in the authoritarian

    position in the group, as well as marriage and family patterns determined. The result of

    the mutual

    complete separation - such as India, towards the end of