versionone gartner ppm presentation 2014: journey to value - the ppm/agile integration

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Lee Cunningham, director, enterprise agile enablement for VersionOne, shared insight into “The Journey to Value – The PPM/Agile Integration” at the Gartner PPM & IT Summit. Lee works with organizations around the globe, providing guidance in the development of business agility through enterprise alignment.


  • 1. Journey to Value - The PPM/Agile Integration Lee Cunningham Director, Enterprise Agile Enablement, VersionOne June 2, 2014

2. 2014 VersionOne 2 About the speaker Lee Cunningham PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, SPC Director, Enterprise Agile Enablement Some traditional hats along the way: Software Engineer, Development Manager, QA Manager, Release Manager, Project/Program Manager 3. 2014 VersionOne 3 AGILE MADE EASIER VersionOne Snapshot All-in-one agile project management platform for software organizations of any size. 11 years 1,000+ Customers 35+ Fortune 100 Customers 50,000 Teams 4. 2014 VersionOne 4 Enterprise Agile ALM Platform 5. 2014 VersionOne 5 Organizations practicing agile in 2013 Up from 83% in 2012 and 80% in 2011 Agile Adoption is Rapidly Expanding From the VersionOne State of Agile 8th annual report. All rights reserved 2014. 6. 2014 VersionOne 6 If you haven't already, a priority for 2014 is to start your agile transition. Rethink how you need to deliver software and begin making the necessary adjustments to your application development and delivery practices. Gartner, [2013] Waterfall vs. Agile Success Rates 7. 2014 VersionOne 7 Lean & Agile Values & Principles Permeate the Business Culture Now 8. 2014 VersionOne 8 Adoption of Agile Agile Programs & Projects 9. 2014 VersionOne 9 The Journey Begins ALL said they wanted PPM integration. MOST couldnt really articulate what they wanted. 10. 2014 VersionOne 10 Whats More Important? I am responsible for selecting, managing and optimizing project resource investments. I am responsible for delivering high quality working software. PPM AGILE TEAMS 11. 2014 VersionOne 11 PPM Accounting: Where are we spending our time? Resource planning Strategic investment decisions Agile Delivery Teams Tracking time slows me down, and doing it twice is annoying Resource pool vs. cross- functional teams Deliver value frequently and work collaboratively with customers Some of the Challenges 12. 2014 VersionOne 12 Our PPM Integration Journey Prior to 2011 openAPI DIY option to map data from PPM solutions Trial & Error to learn what assets to map between systems Requires internal development effort 2011 2012 2013 2014 13. 2014 VersionOne 13 Our PPM Integration Journey 2012 Pervasive Data Integrator Technology Partner Solution Timesheets the top problem needing resolution Fitting PPM and Agile together required more than just technical building blocks Still requires technical DIY work 2011 2012 2013 2014 14. 2014 VersionOne 14 Our PPM Integration Journey 2013 Digital Celerity VersionOne develops partnership with Digital Celerity for better integration Digital Celerity brought PPM expertise and advised VersionOne on best options Improved timesheet approach with two options 3rd Party option for multiple PPMs 2011 2012 2013 2014 15. 2014 VersionOne 15 2014: Continuing with Relevant and Valuable PPM and Agile Integration 16. 2014 VersionOne 16 Please stop by booth #212 for more information. 17. 2014 VersionOne 17 Thanks!


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