verplanck period room, metropolitan museum of art

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Verplanck Period Room, Metropolitan Museum of Art Slide 2 Verplanck Room, Metropolitan Museum, 1767 Slide 3 Corner Cupboard With Export Porcelain, Verplanck Room, made in Coldenham, NY, 1767 Slide 4 Hearth Jar, Verplanck Room, Chinese, 1750-1790 Slide 5 Desk and Bookcase, Verplanck Room, made in England, 1700-1720 Slide 6 Desk and Bookcase, open Slide 7 Card Table, Verplanck Room, made in New York, NY, 1760-1790 Slide 8 Wentworth Period Room (1700) and Wentworth-Gardner House (1760) Slide 9 Wenworth Period Room, c 1700 (period room in Metropolitan Museum) Slide 10 Wentworth-Gardner, parlor c. 1700, period room in Metropolitan Musuem) Slide 11 Wentworth-Gardner House, Portsmouth, NH, 1760 Slide 12 Wentworth-Gardner, frontispiece (door) Slide 13 Stairhall c. 1760 Slide 14 Wentworth-Gardner, Doorway to Parlor, 1760 Slide 15 Wentworth-Gardner, Parlor and fireplace, 1760 Slide 16 Wentworth-Gardner, Upper stairhall, 1760 Slide 17 Paul Revere Silver Pieces Slide 18 Paul Revere, Sugar Urn Slide 19 Paul Revere, Tea Pot with Stand Slide 20 Paul Revere, Coffee Pot


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