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  • 1. My favorite paintings and art at the Metropolitan Museumof Art.
    KarinaArriola Ms. A. Rodriguez
    Spring 2011
    High School of World Cultures

2. The Bowl
Culture: china
Period: five dynasties period (907960)
Medium: ceramic , stoneware with carved and incised design under celadon glaze (yueware)
Why I chose this interestingart wasbecausein those times this bowl was a place where chinice people eat before in the 10 century, it was why was really interesting for me and learn about this culture.
3. The Crucifixion

  • Artist: Master of the Codex of Saint George

4. Date: ca. 134045Culture: Italian

  • Medium: Tempera and gold leaf on wood panelDimensions Overall

I chose this art because it was how God sacrifice for ourself in the cross.
5. Garden at Sainte- Adresse
Artist: Caude
Date: 1867Medium: Oil on canvas
Classification: PaintingsCredit Line Purchase, special contributions and funds given or bequeathed by friends of the Museum.
I chose this painting because it was the Garden where people enjoy to see the boats.
6. Turned Armchair
Culture: American
Medium: Ash
Classification: Furniture
I chose this piece of art because I found it interesting how was the chair of the Americans in 1640.
7.Sphinx of Amenhotep III, possibly from a Model of a Temple
Date: ca. 13901352 B.C.
Medium: Faience, remains of an Egyptian alabaster tenonDimensionsl.
Culture: Egyptian
I chose this art because I found it interesting for the reason that it shown me that before there were people that their body were part human a part animal like it show in this art.
8. Margaretha van Haexbergen
Date: ca. 1666-67
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artist: Gerardter Borch, Dutch
I chose this piece of art because I found it interesting for the reason of how the women dress before.
9. Qurs Manuscript
Date: late 13thearly 14th century.
Medium: Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on parchment
I chose this piece of art because I found it interesting how people write in those time form the right to the left.
10. Shoes
Date: 16901700
Culture: French
Medium: silk, leatherI chose this piece of art because I like how was the shoes of the people of 1690, it were like Chinese people.
11.The Bryant Vase
Designed by James Horton Whitehouse
Date: 187576
Culture: American
Medium: Silver
I chose this art because before this beautiful piece of art was a vase of the American people.
12.Ring with a Scarab
Date: ca. 1070712 B.C.
Medium: Silver, Egyptian alabaster, gold
I found this piece of art interesting because before the ring was like rock and it was too big.