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from #ShibuyaUX at 26/04/2011.


  • 1. User Centered Agile (Ability)#ShibuyaUX 26/04/2011Kazumichi Sakata (@sprmari0)Information Architect at Rakuten Inc.

2. (Agile) 3. ScrumXP2001()Scrum, XP, Lean/Kanban via 4. QualitySpeedModification 5. POINT 1Incorporate users request at any time 6. POINT 2Shorter cycle to release a program that really works 7. (Waterfall) 8. UCDStrategy Information ArchitectureDesign CheckSiteUser & BusinessObjectiveScenario Content Requirement /Functional Specifications Information SEODesignWireframe Interaction(Interface) DesignUsabilityVisual Design AnalysisTestUsabilityTest 9. UCD/BU(Stakeholder)SiteContent Requirement /BusinessObjectiveFunctional Specifications/DU (PRO/ENG) /CWD SiteContent Requirement /Business (DIR/DES)ObjectiveFunctional SpecificationsUser & Information WireframeInteraction Scenario Design (Interface)Design/BU /DU/CWD PRJ(Stakeholder)(PRO/ENG) (DIR/DES) 10. There was no validation because requirement has been alreadydecidedPDCACannot make PDCA in action without any hypothesis 11. Persona is dead 12. Want to introduce user-centered design concepts at upperstream of the project 13. Want to define suitable and consistent requirements in user /concept driven process 14. (Contact) 15. DU had interest toward users requirement definition due to introduction of Agiledevelopment process. This was a chance to bring DU and us(CWD) together. 16. (Approach) 17. APIAssume definition of API requirements are included as wellCWD will hold all the costs of project 18. (Action) 19. UCA/BU(Stakeholder)/DU (PRO/ENG)SiteContent Requirement /BusinessObjectiveFunctional Specifications /CWD (DIR/DES)User & Information Wireframe Interaction Scenario Design (Interface) Design/BU /CWD/DU(Stakeholder) (DIR/DES)(PRO/ENG) PRJ 20. TaskOutput 21. (BPUF) 22. BPUF(Big Picture Up Front) Setting up goal image by BPUFPlanning concepts and strategies 23. (Story) 24. Draw user scenarios by storyboard 25. Breaking down service usage scenarios into stories to definefunctional requirements 26. (Iteration) 27. Breaking down scenario into iterationsUser tests by iterations 28. Scenario 1User-Centered DesignUsabilityUIUsability Wireframe () Test DesignTest() ( )(UI)()Agile Development Impltn(API)()Scenario 2User-Centered DesignUsability UIWireframe()TestDesign() ( ) (UI)Agile Development Impltn(API)() 29. (Overview) 30. Positive / (Full participation / Common Language)(Schedule has shorten)User Centered DesignUser Centered Agile? Agile UCD? 31. Negative (Opacity of cost) (Depends on ability and resources) 32. Integration of SatisfactionProject MethodologyUser Experiencewith the MethodWaterfall 2.52.9Agile 3.13.7Clearly, Agile is considerably better than the old Waterfall method.Good riddance to that one. However, the professionals in our new studystill felt that Iterative Design was marginally better than Agile; theresstill work to be done to make Agile projects more user-driven.In better news, the latest data provides some evidence that weremoving beyond "them and us" overall, developers were more bullishthan UX people on a couple of key UX opinion metrics.via


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