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Course in Reformed Doctrine. Chaplain Part of UW Arts Centre’s International Film Rm. 251. 7-8 pm. others, plus 504: one-night membership fee. Tickets are available at the door. Rem Kooistra D. Th. Conrad Grebel College. Festival. $1.50 students/seniors - $2.00 repertory. 4:30 pm. Humanities Theatre. and associated subjects at 7 pm in the Arts The Braziliian film How Tasty Was My CC Bombshelter - SeexMonday Little Frenchman, which deals with canibal-


  • --Friday, November 28-

    The German Club presents the film Fayst at 3:30 pm in ML 349. Free admission. Kaffee und kuchen.

    Fed Flicks - Star Trek starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. 8 pm. AL 116. $1 Feds, $2 others.

    The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Will- iams presented by Bell Theatre Co. in cooperation with the UW Arts Centre. Stars Pcltricia Bentley-Fisher. Tickets $5, stu- dents seniors $3.50 from UW Arts Centre Box Office. 8 pm. Theatre of the Arts.

    CC Bombshelter is open noon - 1 am. Build your own salad and sandwich bar until 6,pm. DJ after 9 pm. -- Fezz plays tunes from the 60s; Feds no cover. Others $1 after 9 pm.

    Friday Prayer. (salatul-Jummaa) Arranged by Muslim Students Association. 1:30-2:30 pm. cc 113.

    Agora Tea House. A time for herbal teas, homebaked munchies and good conver- sation. All are welcome. Sponsored by Waterloo Christian Fellowship. 8-12 pm. CC 110.

    A Christmas Choral Concert featuring the UW Chamber Choir, the University Choir and the K-W Youth Orchestra takes place at 8 pm 11~ the Humanities Theatre.

    An evening concert featuring WLU Opera Excerpts presented by students from courses 298 and 398 will be shown at 8 pm in the Theatre Auditorium. Admission is free and everybody is welcome.

    -Saturday, November 29-

    Craft and Bake Sale, 11 am to 3 pm, at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, 173 Lourdes Street, Waterloo. Money raised will be sent to soup kitchens in Chile. At 1 pm, a videotape about current expression in Chile will be shown.

    Workers Struggles in South Africa, a free public talk by Thozamile Botha, leader of a lengthy 1979 strike against Ford Motor Company, South Africa. 7:30 pm, Undergrad Lounge, Hagey Hall of the Humanities. For Info, phone WPIRG, ext. 2578.

    Fed FIic

  • Naismith results on pages 13 and 24,

    plus centrespread photo feature

    on pages 8 and 9., A look at

    the finer points of fencing

    on page 23, Athlete of the

    week of page 15, and a bunch

    of old guys take on

    the youngsters.

    Michaele Jordana, half woman, half lizard, struts her stuff, Burton Cummings white piano and all that gold, all on page ten. Tom Waits, the K-W Symphony, and Glass Menagerie all found on page 12.

    Friday, November 28, 1980.lmprint 2

    Stephenson calls UWO report useless -IVINDSOR (cup) - A stu?Fi else. She added that future

    increases in funding to the universities will not be massive but will be significant.

    that shows education is rapidly becoming inacces- sible because of rising costs is useless, said Ontario Minister of Col- leges and Universities Bette Stephenson Nov- ember 13. >

    Speaking at the Univer- ? sity of Windsor, Stephen-

    ; son said a report from the University of Western ;,

    f Ontario was an invalid,

    P statistically unsupported,

    : x

    inaccurate, unscientific

    & study. The report contra- diets Stephensons state- ment that student aid helps

    : lower income students. \ One should not look to

    the country club of universities for statistics, she said.

    Stephenson said Ontar- io taxes pay for 85 per cent of university operations while student contribution is only 15 per cent.

    She said the Ontario government distributed $85 million in loans and grants last year. She quoted a federal task force study that shows Ontario students receive the most generous financial assist- ance in the country.

    When questioned by Windsor council president Dave Simmons on how the government could justify funding an average of $4,400 to Ontario students

    , while the other provinces average $5,500, Stephen- son replied that we must

    / make a concerted effort to live within our means.

    s The minister admitted that financial constraints have been placed on the amount of funding avail-

    able fo,r education but that this restriction is not more in Windsor than anywhere


    The funding, will not meet inflation rates as this has not been done for the last two years but it will do its best to ensure that Ontario schools will get their fair . share, she stated.

    ___.__- HALIFAX (duPj----The Dalhousie University Committee Concerned About Violence Against Women has successfully lobbied the university for improvement in campus security.

    Dian Gifford, a commit- tee member, said she is pleased with the changes which have-taken place in campus security since the committee presented its report in August. The committee was formed last March when a rape took place on campus. Another sexual assault was averted in September.

    Gifford said lighting has be.en improved, an extra security officer now makes foot patrols at night, trees have been pruned and two Halifax police are now patrolling the campus by car.

    Imprint to Admit Graduates

    In its first Annual General meeting, Imprint

    Two UW studknts make the rounds of UWs staff McMullen, Q candidate for the Staff Association in the members in the cause of aiding the election of.Marilyn upcoming election. photo by Jacob Arseneault

    -..- ,voted Monday to allow graduate students to 3e- come associate members oT its nonprofi+ Corporation upon payment of a regular Imprint fee.

    The move was made to conform to Federation of Student and Graduate Club policies allowing for associate membership and to permit graduate stu- dents to withdraw their membership should they so desire, since the unamended bylaw pro- vided n,o allowance for this.

    In other business, ratifi- cation was given to a board of directors decision to ask for a 504: increase in fees for the paper, starting in September.

    Camera work, pro- duction, printing, and telephone costs have all increased dramatically in the last few years, stated business manager Sylvia Hannigan 1 at the meeting, adding that in 1978, the student newspaper was receiving a larger fee than that currently charged by Imprint.

    Although the meeting was to a large extent a formality in compliance with the Corporations Act, it was considered by some tobe an historic occasion because it was the first AGM since the papers incorporation.

    Newly elected members

    to- the Roard .of Directors governments Established for HMO-19$1 are Lois Programs Financing Sys- Abraham, Paul Zemokhol tern providing funds for and Mike Ferrabee. health care and education E Y may be reduced part-

    icularly in education.

    New ELP Spencer noted SUNS was sessisn to begin

    told EPF cuts result from the positions held by the provinces in the Canadian constitutional debates, _

    rhe English Language Proficiency (ELP) exam will begin at 7 pm on Thursday, December 4, in the Physical Activities . _.._

    holding that education is a provincial responsibility.

    SUNS chairperson Lor- etta Mullen said the minis ter was asked to at least maintain the q ualitv

    building. According to Walter

    iof education and keep up

    McXutchan of with

    Ken the current pro-

    Ledbetters office, grams. She said the union

    this is session of the ELP will be

    concerned that the -_ ._~_..~_

    open to students who have funding levels are enough

    not written, or who must to continue to ward off

    rewrite the exam. further tuition increases in the province.

    Nova Scotia Ed. A recommendation of the Maritime Provinces Minister Says Higher Education. (MPHEC) Commission last spring Reduce Funding ;i;;;;dhi; ite;ep~;be;nt . HALIFAX (CUP) -_ The Students Union of Nova Government Scotia (SUNS) has been warned by education Allows Tax minister Terrence Dona- hoe that federal funding for education may soon be cut back considerably.

    Sandy Spencer, SUNS public relations officer, said Donahoe made the remarks at a meeting with union representatives November 18.

    He said the federal

    Credits to Stand TORONTO (CUP) - The Ontario Minister of Rev- enue has bowed to student pressure and has rescinded a decision to have visa students repay tax credits granted in 1977 and 1978.

    However, 1979 tax credits must still be repaid

    and the same group that won coni=ession on. the earlier credits, the Ontario Graduate Association (OGA), plans to contest this order in court. ,

    Lorne Maeck, Ontario Minister of Revenue, told the OGA in a letter dated October that because of its complaint, the Ministry has reversed its order to collect these back taxes.

    Tax credits are de- ductions from federal income tax to compensate for Ontario property, rent and sales tax.

    Lin Grist, Graduate Student Union (GSU) fieldworker, found the required procedures pec- uliar. What irritates me about them, is that they managed to find these visa students to notify them of the additional assessment, --- -- but they claim they are unable to notify them that the ruling has been changed.

    our mistake In the story concerning

    the Campus Centre which appeared on page 7 of the November 21 issue, the word stable should refer to the operations of the CC and not to its budget.

    We regret any incon- venience this error may have caused our readers or those involved with the operations of the CC.

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