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How I updated my blog format to a less cluttered look that is enjoyable to write for and, I hope, easy to read.

Updating My BlogWe all have a circle of knowledge, and on the circumference is our exposure to ignorance.

Updating My BlogI started my first blog in 2008, just to learn how it works. After about two years of blogging under a pseudonym, I felt brave enough to move up to WordPress and use my real name.

Updating My BlogWith a BA in English, its the words that appeal to me. Format is just a frame, and I didnt give it much thought. Found a WordPress template I liked and went with it, even the default illustration.

Updating My BlogThat worked for a while. In 2013 I upgraded to my own URL, CircleOfIgnorance.com, for a small fee. But life got in the way and I didnt do much writing.

Updating My BlogThen in November 2014 I started writing again. Looking through my archived computer files I discovered some drafts, outlines and ideas that hadnt come to fruition.

Updating My BlogAnd I started writing and editing again.

Updating My BlogI also fell in love with Medium, posted a couple of things there, and realized my own blog didnt look nearly as nice as Mediums clean, minimalist layout.

Updating My BlogI knew what I wanted: something with the clean look of Medium, uncluttered but still having some of the bells and whistles (sidebar and widgets) of my WordPress blog.

Updating My BlogThere were two things I needed to do:Find a new WordPress theme with the look I wanted.Create my own logo/banner for Circle of Ignorance.

Updating My BlogDoes that help you visualize my circle of knowledge with ignorance outside the circumference??The logo for Circle of Ignorance was roughed out on paper: a half-circle emerging from the left of the screen with Circle inside; and the words of Ignorance outside the circle.

Updating My BlogI roughed out the design using Google Draw one evening.Blue is my favorite color, but I wanted something that didnt look too much like Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. Maybe a little toward the teal/turquoise/cyan side?

Updating My BlogThe dark blue circle is made by a circle overlapping a rectangle.I made the borders the same color as the fill, so there is no visible border in the finished design.It didnt take much tweaking to find Syncopate as a font. Its uncommon but not weird; and while it would be difficult to read in long narrative, it looks good as a title.

Updating My BlogWhat took longest was ofI tried it in contrasting colors, sideways & all sorts of ways.After a lot of bad-looking attempts, I made the font smaller, turned it into a superscript and drew a short white line underneath the word.of

Updating My BlogAdding my name was almost an after-thought.Its rather inconspicuous in the bottom right corner, smaller and in a light fontBut its there if anyone wants to know who the author of this blog is.

Updating My BlogThen I looked at themes available on WordPress.It had to be almost as minimalist as Medium, but with a sidebar for links I wanted to include, like the monthly archive and top posts.SidebarsSidebars are useful for showing archive links, comments, recent or popular posts, links to Twitter or RSS feeds, calendar widgets, author photos, or text.

Updating My BlogBecause Id already drawn a banner, I prefered a theme in blue (or something compatible) that had space for a banner.I wanted the default text a bit larger than my old blog format.And it should work on tablets and smartphones without much effort by me.

Updating My BlogIts called The Plane theme.(Thats Plane, not plain.)

Updating My BlogWhats Left to Do

Updating My BlogBecause the newer themes use infinite scroll, long posts can make it difficult to go back more than a few posts.(Good thing I kept that sidebar with links to the archive!)

Updating My BlogIve shortened existing posts using a Continue reading link. That seems to make the site load faster and requires less scrolling to go back.

Updating My BlogMy About & Featured Posts pages need updating.(For some weird reason my LinkedIn button vanished, though the link is still there if you hover over the space.)

Updating My BlogI would love to know what readers think.Tweet me at @Karen5Lund or contact me on the blog.

Updating My BlogWe all have a circle of knowledge, and on the circumference is our exposure to ignorance.www.CircleOfIgnorance.com