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2. ContentsO IntroductionO ConsequencesO Statistics ( India & Andhra Pradesh )O Gender Bias in EducationO How to Eradicate?O FraternityO Network formationO Network OperationO End ResultsO Results of the Project implemented by TeamTejomayaO The only Possible solution/O Conclusion 3. IntroductionO The National Literacy Mission definesliteracy as acquiring the skills of reading,writing and arithmetic and the ability toapply them to ones day-to-day life.O According to the guidelines laid down by theUN, Illiteracy is defined as The inability toread and write a simple message in anylanguage. 4. ConsequencesO Effective learning and communication in this computer age isdifficult without literacy, so is acquisition and sharing ofknowledge and information. Literacy empowers the citizens ofthe country with weapons of rational thinking, liberty,cohesiveness and mutual understanding.O Literacy is a big force in alienating undemocratic forces andsocial and economic problems like terrorism, communalism etc.O The above two major traits are missing due to the Illiteracyprevailing in our country even after 65 years of Independence. 5. Biased EducationGirls have Equal rights 6. How to Eradicate?O There may be many solutions to a problem but theone with best feasibility of application in real life isthe best choice.O To form a Fraternity ( network with mutualunderstanding ) by gathering non networkedstudents who are enthusiastic to serve the nationand possessing the traits like selflessness,relentless hard work play a key role in this fraternity 7. Competition in presentscenarioO We remain in competition when we are completelyaware of that.O India is lacking in this context.O So, Indians need that awareness.O Means the people even in remote areas and exileplaces would get cutting edge in competition andmeet the needs of Nation.O In this way we are transforming them as usefulresources for the progress of Nation. 8. Project Results 9. O With a series of articles pouring out in the newspapershighlighting the alarming problems pertaining to pedagogy ingeneral and inequities in girl education in specific .O These problems related to inequities in girl literacy and highdrop out rates are predominantly seen in government schools.O Therefore, as part of the Seva project, it was felt imperative towork on educating the poor children and train students incareer guidance apart from raising awareness in the plethora ofoptions available for higher studies.O As part of the Seva project two schools have been identified inthe vicinities of Nachupally and training was undertakenthrough night schools.O In the midst of realizing the broader aims of education the Sevaproject was initiated to leave an indelible mark in the society. 10. O Primarily, the famous quotation by Nelson MandelaEDUCATION IS THE ONLY TOOL WITH YOU TO CHANGETHE WORLD inspired us to take up Education as our Sevaproject.O We decided to take a step ahead in bringing out the intellectsfrom the deprived part of our society, who would be the futurebuilding blocks of our nation.O We have adopted 2 government schools and we followed theScientific method of DIAGNOSTIC TEST, which relies onENTRY LEVEL BEHAVIOUR and END LEVELBEHAVIOUR of the student.O We have listed out all sorts of possibilities and feasible waysso that our Seva would reach the students perfectly.Planning 11. O Some of the innovative ideas that were implemented are:O Teaching English through pictures. (The students from Telugu mediumbackground would be benefited a lot).O Interaction with students in order to bring out the latent talent in them.O Teaching them ethical values with the help of stories and also shortvideos.O Career Guidance to students to make them aware of the opportunitiesavailable to them after School Education and also raise awarenessabout different professions that they are expected to do in there. Thisenabled the students to set an AIM and focus on it unyieldingly.O Collecting regular feedback from the students and also schoolmanagement in order to identify academic areas where they need extraattention and to bridge the gap.O Coaching class V students to face JAWAHAR NAVODAYA Examconducted by the Central Government all over India. 12. O Education is not the filling of a bucket,but the lighting of a fire.O However, whatever said and done, if two hours a week can ensure abright future for an illiterate child, then every citizen must take part inthis campaigning. Right now, this seems the only way we can removethe widespread illiteracy prevalent in India and help pave the way fora progressive Young India. 13. O One of the major problems we face is lack of infrastructure. It isnot easy to create schools for our large and ever growingpopulation.O Today good schools mean expensive schools, mostly privatewhich most lower middle class people cannot afford. That is thefactevery year education gets more and more expensive. It isa vicious cyclethe more the population, the more theunemployment, and the more the unemployment, the moreilliteracy, and the more the illiteracy, the more the population willkeep growing! We need to break this cycle somewhere.O And like they say, nothing is impossible! Ifeach one of us contributes in our own way,we can make a difference. 14. ReferencesO Article from EENADU Karimnagar front page dated : 26 08 2012.O Image Courtesy : Census of India.(all the images used may / may not copyright protected, theyare used only in social sense but not for any sort ofReproduction or printing).O Article in THE HINDU Business Line on Why AP lags inliteracy levelsby Mr.K. KANAGASABAPATHY. 15. AcknowledgementsO We are grateful to all the team members of Team Tejomayafor their selfless, untiring and relentless efforts.O We are thankful toO Dr. K. Madhavi for her timely suggestions in concretizing the paper.O Dr.M. Tirumalachary and Sri Krishna SaiCharan for their supportwhen we interviewed them for opinions. 16. GET WELL SOON