unit4 business collaborator: het nieuwe samenwerken aan projecten!

Download UNIT4 Business Collaborator: het nieuwe samenwerken aan projecten!

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Het Nieuwe Werken vraagt om middelen die uw organisatie en processen faciliteren en die een goede samenwerking borgen. Samenwerken aan projecten met collega’s, klanten en leveranciers is essentieel. Wie werkte aan welke file en wie maakte op welk moment die bepalende aanpassing? Wat is de nieuwste versie van een projectresultaat? De juiste online tooling is onmisbaar. In deze presentatie introduceren wij UNIT4 Business Collaboration, de nieuwe SaaS oplossing voor effciënt online samenwerken aan projecten. Dat is Samenwerken Vooruitgedacht.


  • 1. UNIT4 BC Document management and projectcollaboration in the cloud Andrew Bowles (Head of Sales)

2. Title Date 3. WHAT DOES BC REPLACE/COMPETE WITH? Shared Drives and FTP Sites Uncontrolled nested folder structures Files overwritten instead of held under proper version control Documents emailed as attachments, with minimal audit trail Multiple silos of information, with no single source of truth Pan-Sector EDRMS Over engineered and overly prescriptive for project collaboration purposes Difficult to open up and make accessible to external third parties SharePoint Portals Requires significant development effort to reproduce features that are available off the shelf in BC Requires a costly extension licence if external collaboration is required Requires external parties to be running the same flavour of Windows to gain maximum benefit Niche Extranet Providers and Integrated ERP Collaboration Modules Title Date 4. 560,000 documents added in the last month23,500,000 documents 1,600,000 project emails5,500,000 documents added in the last year Statistics 36TB files190,000,000 events1,100,000 workflows10,500 companies 120,000 active users 5. Title Date 6. Title Date 7. Title Date 8. Summary Store, Find & Share Documents & Information Provides a Single Version of Truth, Eliminating Silos of Information Share Knowledge Across Teams Anytime & Anywhere Access Enforce Workflow Processes & Standardise Procedures Safe & Secure Access Control Reduces Circulation of Uncontrolled File Versions Reduces Costly Mistakes and Re-working Shortens Review and Approval Cycles Improved Project Activity Visibility & Control Ensures Traceability & Accountability 9. Fully managed Software as a Service with all of the safe guards you wouldexpect for your dataThe Cloud 10. Hosting Infrastructure ProtectedOffsite back Guaranteed up Fullymanaged SaaS Disaster Back up recovery 11. CONTACT DETAILSandrew.bowles@unit4.com+44 (0)7880 783 300+44 (0)118 902 8500