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Unit 1 People and places. buy ing. buy v. 买 call v.    打电话 drive v.    开车 enjoy v.   享受 ,喜欢 lie v.    躺下 shop v.   逛商店;购物 take v.   获得;拿;抓 take photos ( pictures )   拍照 tell v.  讲、告诉 wait v.     等 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Unit 1 People and places

  • buy v. call v.drive v.enjoy v. lie v.shop v.take v. take photos (pictures) tell v.wait v.for prep. wait forbuyingcallingdrivingenjoyinglyingshoppingtakingtellingwaiting(+ Ving)

  • postcard n.the Great Wall really adv.()a good timehave a good (great) time a lot =very much lots of =a lot of anyway adv.

  • Look! They are running . Listen! Someone is singing in the next room.3. The Greens are watching a football match now. am/ is / are +inglook, listen, now, at the moment, at this moment.

  • go study see have live take get run swim lie going studying seeinghaving livingtaking getting running swimming1 + ing2ee ing3 ing4lying

  • buycallenjoyplaystandtalktellwaitwalk


    havedriveliketakewriterunshopsitliehavingdrivinglikingtakingwritingrunningshoppingsittinglyingRead these words.

  • He is playingbasketball.What is he doing?

  • He is talking.What is he doing?

  • She is singing.She is dancing.What is she doing?

  • They are playing football.playplayingWhat are they doing?

  • The girl is drinking juice.What is she doing?

  • He is eating.eateatingWhat is he doing?

  • waitwaitingHe is waiting for a bus.What is he doing?

  • They are talking.talktalkingWhat are they doing?

  • callcalling Hes calling.What is he doing?

  • The boy is driving a car.drive drivingWhat is he doing?

  • He is taking photos.take takingWhat is he doing?

  • She is lying on the grass.lielying

  • They are buying some food.buybuyingThey are shopping.shopshopping

  • Listen and answer Where is Betty?

    What is Tony doing?

    What is Wang Hui doing?

    What is Lingling doing?

    5. What is Daming doing?She is standing on the Great Wall of China. He is eating an ice cream.He is taking lots of pictures.She is buying some presents and postcards.He is eating lunch and lying in the sun.

  • Match the people with the actions, and say what people are doing.Betty a. Hes lying in the sun.Lingling b. Shes talking to her mother.3.Daming c. Theyre enjoying the school trip.4. Tony d. Shes shopping for presents.5. Lingling and Betty e. Hes eating an ice cream.6. Wang Hui f. Theyre writing postcards.7. The children g. Hes taking photos.

  • Activity 4 Work in pairs. Betty ____________________ . Linging ___________________ . Daming ____________________. Tony ______________________. Lingling and Betty _________________. Wang Hui ___________________. The children ______________ _____________.is talking to her motheris shopping for presentsis lying in the sunis eating an ice cream are writing postcards taking photos are enjoying theschool trip

  • Homework:Read the words and the dialogue frequently. Try to act out the dialogue.2. Bring your favourite photo and talk about it next time.