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Places and People. Theatre Arts. Stage Terminology. Stage – the area of the theatre where the performance takes place Backstage – the stage area that is hidden from the audience; usually contains set pieces and crew Wings – the backstage areas to the sides of the stage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Places and People

Theatre ArtsPlaces and PeopleStage TerminologyStage the area of the theatre where the performance takes placeBackstage the stage area that is hidden from the audience; usually contains set pieces and crewWings the backstage areas to the sides of the stageApron the area of the stage directly downstage from the proscenium arch; generally in front of or on top of the orchestra pitHouse - the part of the theatre where the audience sitsProscenium TheatreThe proscenium arch forms a portal which divides the stage from the audienceThe audience directly faces the stageThe stage is usually elevated

Burnsville Performing Arts CenterThrust StageStage protrudes out into the audienceAudience is located on three sides of the thrust stageSometimes includes a proscenium arch

North Central College

University of North Carolina - GreensboroTheatre In The RoundAKA Arena TheatreThe stage is surrounded on all sides by the audienceActors enter/exit through passages called vomitoriums or voms

University of North Carolina - GreensboroBlack Box TheatreA typically small and very versatile performance spaceSeating can be arranged in any configuration

University of South Florida

The Christman CompanyStage DirectionsThe directions used by the actors to help them navigate the stageStage directions are always referenced from the point-of-view of the performers

Musical Theater KidsMore Theatre TermsProscenium Arch the portal that divides the stage from the audienceOrchestra Pit a lowered room in front of the stage where the orchestra sits and playsControl Booth the room at the back of the house where the stage manager, lighting, and sound technicians operateVomitorium an entrance either under or between the audience sections where the actors or audience members enter & exitThe Fly SystemThe system of ropes, pulleys, and counterweights designed to raise and lower scenery, soft goods, people, lighting, and sound equipment on and off stage.

Theater Bielefeld SchnurbodenTheatre LoreTraditionally, it is bad luck to whistle in a theatre. Could pirates be to blame?

Wellsort of

Theatre LoreTheatrical fly systems were originally created in the style of ship rigging. Naturally, out-of-work sailors who were familiar with ropes and rigging were the best people to hire to operate the theatrical fly systems.Theatre PersonnelProducer the financier of theatrical productionsDirector responsible for casting the play; has on overall artistic vision of the playStage Manager runs rehearsals and performances; oversees performers and stage crewProduction Manager oversees designers and builders of the productionCompany Manager handles all business transactions of the productionDesigners bring the directors artistic vision to life with lighting, sound, scenery, costumes, props, etc.Performers actors and musicians who enact the script of the playTheatre Hierarchy


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