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1. OPEN BADGES IN HIGHER EDUCATION JOYCE SEITZINGER OCTOBER 2015 2. ACTIVITY: SKETCH YOUR BADGE SHARE W #ICDEUNISA 3. HOW DO OPEN BADGES WORK? 4. Image cc license @BryanMMathers http://bryanmmathers.com/ 5. DIGITAL BADGE DEFINITION Digitalcreden.althatrepresentsskills, interestsandachievementsearnedbyan individualthroughspecicprojects, programmes,coursesorother ac.vi.es.(Mozilla,2013) 6. CODEACADEMY 7. TRIPADVISOR 8. MOZILLAS OPEN BADGES Learningtodayhappenseverywhere.Butit's oJendiculttogetrecogni.onforskillsand achievementsthathappenonlineoroutof school.MozillaOpenBadgeshelpssolvethat problem,makingiteasyforanyorganisa.onto issue,manageanddisplaydigitalbadgesacross theweb. 9. OBI (open badge infrastructure) 10. Image cc license Kyle Bowen 11. YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE BADGE POWERS 12. BADGE ALLIANCE 13. ADOPTED BY IMS 14. HOW DO OPEN BADGES REALLY WORK? 15. EARNER, ISSUER, DISPLAYER, AUDIENCE 16. CREDLY 17. OPEN BADGE PASSPORT By Open Badge Factory 18. BADGES ARE LIKE LEARNING CURRENCY 19. DEPEND ON TRUST Cclicensehttps://www.flickr.com/photos/ orinrobertjohn/ 20. DEPEND ON CRITERIA & EVIDENCE https://www.flickr.com/photos/somegeekintn/ 21. GRANULAR WITH DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS 22. STACKABLE FACE BOOK INSTA GRAM BLOG TWIT TER YOUT UBE SOCIAL NINJA 23. Image cc license @bryanmathers 24. BADGE DESIGN 25. BADGE SYSTEM DESIGN 26. http://carlacasilli.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/badge-pathways-part-1-the-paraquel/ BADGE SYSTEM DESIGN 27. 3 PART BADGE SYSTEM http://carlacasilli.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/a-foundational-badge-system-design/ 28. Content Achievement Capability Poten.al Par.cipa.on Membership Commitment Encouragement Issuer Organiza.onal Team Social / Peer Process Ac.vity Mission Assignment Composite Progress Grade Hierarchical BADGE TAXONOMY https://ibuchem.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/digital-badges- open-badges-taxonomy/ 29. LEAN STARTUP CYCLE FOR BADGE SYSTEMS IDEAS BADGESDATA BUILD MEAS URE LEARN Buildfaster Incrementaldeployment Just-in-8mescalability Developersandbox Simpleprototypes Usabilitytests Op8miseyour badgemarke8ng Measurefaster Haveaclearbadgeowner Real8mealertsonbadgeissues Usabilitytests Dousersurveys/focusgroups A/Btes8ng Learnfaster Useranaly8cs Weeklyreports Badgeownerrepor8ng Image CC license BY-SA Joyce Seitzinger / Academic Tribe 30. CONSIDER BADGE ECOSYSTEM 31. HIGHER EDUCATION BADGE PROJECTS & IDEAS 32. PURDUE UNIVERSITY - PASSPORT 33. https://adventuresinbadging.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/do-looks-matter- discussing-badge-design-with-anu-students/ AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 34. OLDS MOOC 35. DEAKIN DIGITAL 36. OPEN BADGE ACADEMY 37. OPEN BADGE EXCHANGE 38. CHALLENGE: DESIGN OR CONNECT THE LEARNING EXPERIENCES BAD GE Formal Informal 39. CHALLENGE: YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH BADGES COMING IN 40. TAKE A BREATH 41. -JOI ITO I DONT THINK THAT EDUCATION IS ABOUT CENTRALIZED INSTRUCTION ANYMORE; RATHER, IT IS THE PROCESS [OF] ESTABLISHING ONESELF AS A NODE IN A BROAD NETWORK OF DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY. 42. LEARNERS CAN PAINT A MAP OF THEIR LEARNING IN THE NETWORK CclicenseFlickrhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/cmkalina/ 5223696997/ 43. Image cc license @bryanmathers 44. SO TO BADGE OR NOT TO BADGE? 45. THINKING HATS CONVERSATION 46. THINKING HATS CONVERSATION 47. THINKING HATS CONVERSATION 48. THINKING HATS CONVERSATION 49. THINKING HATS CONVERSATION 50. THINKING HATS CONVERSATION 51. THINKING HATS CONVERSATION 52. Joyce Seitzinger @academictribe www.academictribe.co hello@academictribe.co BE A NODE IN OUR NETWORK! 53. YOU GET A BADGE! Toclaim GotoCredly.com Useclaimcode 7B6-1E02-09B Oremail hello@academictribe.co