Understanding Your Brand Value For Better Business Results

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<ol><li> 1. Understanding Your Brand For Better Business Results Version 1.0 March 18th, 2014 </li><li> 2. What is a Brand? What words come to mind when you think of the word BRAND? Logo Reputation/History Loyalty Advertising Marketing Identity Slogan Uniqueness </li><li> 3. Definition of a Brand - Summary Your brand is your agent and broker in the exchange of value for engagement Your brand communicates your values when you are not able to be face-to-face Your brand consists of a look &amp; feel that help deliver the impression you want to make MOST IMPORTANTLY A good brand is clear, consistent and professional in how it represents your value </li><li> 4. Our Suite of Services For Developing and Promoting Your Brand </li><li> 5. sevenfold marketing inc. sevenfold can provide the expertise, creativity and strategies you need to showcase your value and connect to your target market. Get agency-quality marketing support tailored to your entrepreneurs budget. Start the process today with a no-obligation free consultation. </li><li> 6. Thank You! For more information, please Visit us at www.sevenfold.ca </li></ol>