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  • 2The Landscape, and Why Visual Networks are Great for Luxury Brands

    Your Visual Content Strategy: Whats Working For Luxury Brands and What Isnt

    Establishing, Measuring and Achieving Your Goals on the Visual Web


    1Whats in This Guide

  • 3The Landscape, and Why Visual Networks are Great for Luxury Brands


  • 4Instagram and Pinterest are tailor-made for luxury brands. Both networks are inspirational and aspirational by nature, and this makes them a perfect fit for luxury brands whose products are inherently beautiful and desirable.

    Aston Martins Pinterest strategy includes boards for all of their current line of cars, as well as legacy models such as their legendary DB5, shown here. As a result, their content has high levels of engagement, and more than 180,000 followers

  • 5It should come as no surprise that many premier luxury brands are taking advantage of these platforms to further their success; in fact, a recent study revealed that 93% of them are active on Instagram. This makes sense, as our research indicates that for luxury brands, Instagram is dominant. By way of example, lets compare the Instagram and Pinterest audiences Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry.

    These are three of the top luxury labels on Instagram, but they are illustrative of the broader trend. Another example is luxury automobiles; as we mentioned before, Aston Martin is killing it on Pinterest. They have nearly 200,000 followers, which is far more than they have on Instagram. However, they are the exception that proves the rule. BMW and Audi each have more than a million followers on Instagram, but Pinterest is a much different story. BMW doesnt even have a profile, while Audis two official accounts (one international, one for the U.S.A) combined dont break 2,000 followers. So why there such a discrepancy between Pinterest and Instagram for luxury brands? It comes down to three things: brand behavior, products, and platform specific user behavior.

    Louis Vuitton



    2,754,347 53,951

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    1,911,229 94,090

    Instagram Audience

    Pinterest Audience

  • 6Aimee LauricellaMarketing and PR Manager @Joes Jeans

    People love to have a visual connection with a brand, and Instagram is the best platform for that. It performs better for us because people can relate to all of the images we post, since they always tell a mini story. Plus Instagram is the most mobile friendly social platform, so we are always in the palm of their hands; just look at fashion girls and bloggers hanging out, they are always on their phones. At times, because of the way Pins are delivered in a news feed, its hard to express a message through Pinterest.

  • 7Pinterest is a network based on discovery, and our data shows that people who Pin new products they discover have a high level of purchase intent. People generally browse Pinterest to do something, whether thats finding a new recipe or shopping for their next pair of shoes. This makes Pinterest an extraordinarily powerful ecommerce engine, and luxury brands who do sell products online, such as Burberry, typically perform better on the platform than those who dont. The bottom line is that Pinterest and Instagram both offer rich potential for luxury brands. These visual networks are the

    perfect place for 21st century window shopping, and the perfect place to create aspirational, inspirational and emotional desire in a new generation of consumers.

    Whether your brand is focused on Instagram or Pinterest, its critical that your content is both audience and platform appropriate. If not, it can easily be overlooked or fade into background noise. So lets examine whats working for luxury brands on these networks from a content perspective.

    Burberry has been in business for more than 150 years, and their glossy, stylish imagery is perfect for Pinterest

  • 8Between gorgeous product shots, travel pictures and on the street photos, Joes Jeans ensures their Instagram feed is always luxurious and never boring

  • 9Your Visual Content Strategy: Whats Working For Luxury Brands and What Isnt


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    Aimee LauricellaMarketing and PR Manager @Joes Jeans

    The challenge is showcasing the quality and comfort of our products while telling the full story behind them. You cant feel or try them on, so we have to relay through images why theyre worth every penny, and worth a repin or double tap. Our strategy is to create an aspirational lifestyle in 75% of our Pins and posts, to give our product an environment to be seen in by our followers. We want our followers to relate to our brand and want to be an advocate for the Joes lifestyle, which is why we feature so many fashion influencers wearing our brand.

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    Visual networks, and especially Instagram, are vehicles for forming emotional bonds between you and your audience. Luxury brands especially have a huge leg up in this regard, as their products are designed to connect with peoples passions. But how you show your products is as critical to success as what you show.

    Part of any highend brand is managing the customers experience. Luxury products arent sold or valued simply on their technical quality, theyre sold on exclusivity and their specialness, so brands go to huge lengths to ensure that

    every part of your interaction with their products in their stores is incredible. But that creates the big question of how to replicate that experience online, said Jason Edelman, who has led merchandising and commerce efforts for brands including Restoration Hardware, Frontgate, and WilliamsSonoma. The answer is that it doesnt have to be the same. Online audiences dont expect the same experience as walking into a store, but if you can capture even some of your brands distinct, exclusive feel and culture on Pinterest or Instagram, you can spread that experience around to a much broader audience.

    In the end, luxury brands fulfill wants, not needs. A Omega watch that costs thousands of dollars doesnt really keep any better time than a $15 Casio; but thats not the point. Thats not why you buy these kinds of things. You buy them because you want them, because LOTS of people want them, because theyre beautiful, cool, and desirable. So when youre marketing these products, you have to create that desire, that WANT. Jason Edelman

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    Liselotte KirkelundDigital Marketing Manager @ Vero Moda

    For us, Instagram is a bit more spontaneous and fun, but we still put a lot of thought into every picture. We like to show a bit more of the Vero Moda world, such as photos from around the world, pictures of our staff traveling, shots from fashion shows and a lot of behind the scene content. At the same time, we want to showcase our products, but in a different, unique and appealing way. Which is why we feature so many fashion influencers wearing our brand.

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    On Instagram, we try to build a story around our products and how they fit into the bigger picture of our brand. Even though its great for inspiration and fashion products, we try to keep a mix of 60% product focus and 40% atmosphere pictures that contain behind the scenes shots like food, hairstyles, stylists, models getting ready, and our employees having fun. I think customers love to get a glimpse of the life behind our brand. It gives us a personal touch, and puts on eye-level with the customer. Liselotte Kirkelund, Digital Marketing Manager @Vero Moda

    As a luxury brand, your products are the gold standard that people strive for and desire, and your visual content should reflect this. This means going beyond simply presenting your catalog online; you should invest in visual storytelling that communicates the vision of your brand and showcases an idealized world of elegance, quality, class and style.

    Vero Modas Instagram profile is a great example of luxury visual content done right. The brands highly engaging posts regularly generate thousands of likes, and each post is created with a story in mind to capture the imagination and passion of the brands followers.

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    According to our research, the images that generally create the most engagement for luxury retail brands are pictures of products, as opposed to ambience pictures of models, exotic travel locations etc., and this holds true for both Pinterest and Instagram. This might sound like it runs contrary to conventional thinking, which would dictate that lifestyle photographs would perform better on Instagram, while product shots would perform better on Pinterest.

    The thing is, for luxury brands, product images are lifestyle images, as their Instagram and Pinterest profiles should paint a picture of a life lived for the finer things. As an integral part of that lifestyle, luxury product pictures become destinations unto themselves, and in many cases the best performing images showcase these brands products in beautiful surroundings, rather than as standalone hero shots.

    Guccis top performing content on Pinterest is generally product shots, but they showcase their products in beautiful and creative ways. Piqoras platform can help you track which of your content is performing best on Pinterest and Instagram

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    Burberrys Pinterest content is heavily product focused, but displays these products in creative, distinctive and glamorous environments

    Of course, Instagram and Pinterest are separate and distinct networks, and brands need to specifically adapt their content strategies to maximize success. Burberry, for example, is a leader among luxury brands on both Pinterest and Instagram. Their boards are filled with a rich mix o