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  • Tropical Rainforest Vacation Your life-long dream!
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  • Toucan Tours
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  • Tropical Rainforest Location
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  • Features of Tropical Rainforest 4 Layers of Rainforest: Emergent Layer- trees that are wide apart and range from 100-200 ft tall Canopy Layer - The many leaves of the canopy attracts more sunlight for photosynthesis which provides fruits, seeds, flowers, and leaves which supports a wide number of different animal life Understory - The huge broad leaves in the understory captures the light making it humid and dark which habitats a large amount of insect life. Forest Floor - Decomposition occurs on the forest floor and is home to thousands of plants and animals Soil - very low in nutrients
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  • Climate Average of 64F all year round Yearly rainfall between 70-80 in.
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  • Seasonal Information Each different rainforest location has a different "dry season" and a "rainy season". There are periods of time when the rainfall is more than other times. Your prime time to visit the rainforest is right after the "rainy season". At this time the foliage is more beautiful than ever and there will be more time to take in the awesome scenery.
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  • Unique Features Home to tribal cultures that have survived successfully in the forests for thousands of years 25% of the medicines come from TR- as well as potential medical plants Provides 40% of the oxygen on Earth One of the oldest biomes, around since dinosaurs Bird poop grows into new plants! Home to many cooking spices such as vanilla, allspice, and black pepper
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  • Plants of the Rainforest Home to over of the worlds plant species Provide shelter for animals as well as oxygen Plants that need a warm, humid environment Competition at ground level for light and food has led evolution to create plants that survive on the branches of other plants Some plants use air as to gather nourishment, which is possible due to the high humidity of the rainforests
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  • Orchids Most abundant and varied of flowering plant families Over 20,000 known species Some grow on the ground, but most are epiphytes, which grow non-parasitically on trees r strategists
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  • Animals of the Rainforest Home to over of the worlds animals Consist of insects, worms, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals Different animals live in different levels, such as birds live in the canopy, and larger animals live on the forest floor Many animals are endangered or have become extinct due to mass amounts of deforestation More herbivores than carnivores Insects are the most common
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  • Sloths Extremely slow moving animals that can be found in the canopies of the rainforests in Central and South America that consist of 2 species Need little food and can stay in one tree for up to 30 years Nocturnal, sleep upside down in a ball K strategists
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  • Tourist Activities Sightseeing: See some of the 250 different species of mammals, 2000 species of fish, and 1000 different birds! Amazon River Adventure: Go for a canoe ride down a small river and see the scenery of a lifetime! If you still have the energy for more afterwards, check out our website and see many other options!
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  • Environmental Issue Deforestation o Decreasing biodiversity and habitat o Decreasing quality of life for animals o More CO2 -Increasingly developed (less nature) -Reduced water cycling
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