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  • What youll learn in the next 400,000ms (~6min):

    -Camera Settings

    -How to find the North Star

    -How to compose and photograph:

    Star Trails (think Starry Night)

    Milky Way

  • Need this to get started!Cheap TripodAny DSLRInterval Timer Trigger (optional)

  • Star TrailsRecipeSet camera mode => Manual

    Quality => JPEG or RAW

    Set camera lens => MF Manual Focus \ VR Off

    White Balance => Auto

    ISO => 800-4000

    Aperture => ~f/1.8 - f/4.0

    Shutter => Bulb

    Set Interval Timer => 30 seconds for N times

    FOCUS (to infinity)Use LiveView function to focus on the brightest object (Planet or bright star) to get your camera focused

  • North Star == Polaris

  • START => Activate the timer trigger, camera starts

    Create a movie file out of still images in video-editing software Open media as Image-Sequence, playback at @24fps or 30fpsStar Trail Photograph

    Single Frame

  • Stack them in Photoshop using the muchStars.atn action-script file, just point it at your folder of images

  • L I G H T P O L L U T I O N x__X

  • Dealing with light pollutionLight Pollution Filter - filters out the wavelength of light emitted by sodium halide lamps (yellow city lights)Go on a camping trip :)


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