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Zacs Awesome Presentation

Zacs Awesome PresentationOf Awesomeness

Who Am IZachary LongSPS MemberWedding Photographer

Who Am I

Who Am I?No Formal TrainingHard WorkMore Hard WorkMore More Hard WorkWho Am I?Time-LapseEmbedded VideoAgendaAstrophotographyCamera SettingsEquipmentTime Lapse ConsiderationsCaptureComposition + MovementFocusing at InfinitySwitch Camera to Live ViewFor Canon: Make Sure Still Image selected under Movie Mode Custom SettingsFind a Bright Star10x Zoom on LCD screenSwitch lens to Manual Focus & Camera Exposure to ManualCaptureIntervalometer (Check Camera Model)Amazon/eBay $20-$30

Capture600 Rule = 600/Focal Length, 600/24mm = 25 seconds

CaptureTime-Lapse PlanningDoes it move?Every image is a single frameFinal movie at 30 fps?15 second intervals X 30 fps X Desired Clip Length30 x 5 = 150 photos15 x 30 x 5 = 2,250 seconds or 37.5 minutesCaptureCamera SettingsRAW vs JPEGProcessing Time ConsiderationsLightroom or Aperture for Batch ProcessingRAW SizesSmall RAW is usually still greater than 1920x1080 (HD)Full RAW = Higher Quality when Downsampled from 4k resolution to1080p HDCaptureEquipment ConsiderationsSpare BatteriesBattery GripSufficient Memory Card SpaceFull RAW + 32 GB card = approx. 1,000 photos

CaptureIntervalometer Settings Only 2Number of ShotsSet to 00 or IntervalSet to 2-3 seconds longer than your actual exposure15 second exposure = Interval of 17 secondsAllows for camera to process the fileCaptureWaiting

CaptureFind Your Sequences

OrganizingFind Your Sequences

ProcessingBoosting Blacks, Contrast, Noise Reduction, etc.Once your find a recipe for a single photo, copy these settings to every photo in the sequence.Importance of shooting Manual for consistent fixesEven if you are under- or over-exposed, as long as every photo has the same problem, its an easy fix.Dont Batch Process Spot RemovalMoving objects, algorithm could change over multiple framesProcessing

20 seconds at f/2.8 ISO2500, 16mm on 5D Mark IIBeforeAfterProcessing

ProcessingOnce editing is complete, export as JPEGs to a new folderKeep each sequence in a separate folderAstro Angle 1 and Astro Angle 2MotionEditing SoftwareAdobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Quicktime ProPersonal preference is Premiere ProMotionPremiere Pro WorkflowOutput? Web 30 fpsNew SequenceDigital SLR1080p @ 30 fps

MotionImport JPEG as Numbered Stills

MotionAdd to timeline

MotionResize for Viewing ScreenFile size of 5616x3744 down to 1920x1080

MotionEffect ControlsMotionScale

MotionPhotos are taller than widescreenDrag image to get the composition you want in the video

MotionRearrange Clips on TimelineTransitionsRender Previews

MotionPlayback SpeedRight-Click Speed/Duration50% - 75%

MotionExport Video Using Premieres PresetsVimeo HD or YouTube HDSharingUpload & EnjoyVimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, etc.

Thank Youhttp://www.FengLongPhoto.com/

Thank Youhttp://www.ZacharyLong.com/


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