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Astrophotography Project. You need:. One long exposure city scape One long exposure of sky / constellations One image of an astronomical object seen through a telescope. Camera Basics: Exposure time. Camera Basics: ISO / gain. Camera Basics: Focus. Be prepared!. Get there early - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Astrophotography Project

Astrophotography ProjectYou need:One long exposure city scapeOne long exposure of sky / constellationsOne image of an astronomical object seen through a telescopeCamera Basics: Exposure time

Camera Basics: ISO / gain

Camera Basics: Focus

Be prepared!Get there earlyKnow what time the sun setsKnow what constellations, planets, and other astronomical objects will be visibleKnow WHEN is the best time to image themKnow WHERE theyll be on the skyPlanning observations

Practice Practice Practice!It is easiest to practice with your cityscape.Pick a nice spot away from trees with a clear view of the cityPlay with taking different exposure lengths, then with ISO, then with focusFind the best way to keep your camera stable Effects of exposure time

Effects of ISO (good!)

Effects: Oversaturation

Effects of ISO (bad!)

Now you can begin! Tips:Once youve found the right combination, take minimum 5 pictures of each type. You can always delete them afterFor the long exposures, keep your camera stable by holding or propping it up against something solidThese will go up in a gallery. Try to find the most unique and awesome astronomical object possible. To do that, look through as many telescopes as possible, and ask people to explain to you what youre looking at


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