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Twenty years ago, the Tresco Times started as a single-sheet newsletter sent out to 300 timesharers. Today it is mailed out as a 12- page colour magazine three times a year to 35,000 readers all around the world - with a further 5,000 copies picked up by visitors to Scilly. The readership is overwhelmingly enthusiastic and averages around four readers per copy.


<ul><li><p></p><p>Bringing the Last Pieceof England to the World</p><p>Our Views Are Clear.Winter 2012 VOLUME 6.5</p><p>THE TRESCO TIMESSTILL FREE AND STILL MAKING SENSE OF SCILLY</p><p>Bringing the Last Pieceof England to the World</p><p>Find us onFacebook</p><p>caFdniF </p><p>koobecnosu </p><p>k </p><p>Follow us onTwitter</p><p> wT</p><p>olloF</p><p> retti</p><p>nosuw</p><p></p><p>The Abbey GardensNewest Residents</p><p>Trescos ColossalHoliday Prize</p><p>Tresco and BryherFood Festival</p><p>Page 12 Page 7 Page 5</p><p>With the closure of the directhelicopter route, Tresco, theIsles of Scilly SteamshipCompany and Bryher BoatServices have removed all thelogistical niggles to leave youwith a smooth and seamlessjourney to wherever you arestaying on Tresco. Read moreinside...</p><p>Plane Sailing To Tresco In 2013</p><p>As part of a brand new ticketing system,Trescos guests will now be able to takeadvantage of a bespoke service that will allowfor an all-in-one ticket which will see them fromtheir departure airport (Exeter, Newquay orLands End) to their cottage door on Tresco.Only tickets booked through the Island Officewill include all island transfers between StMarys airport and Tresco. Prices start at 150for an adult return from Lands End.</p><p>Tresco_Times_Winter2012_Layout 1 22/10/2012 15:56 Page 1</p></li><li><p>Insular Things</p><p>Many belated congratulations to the new Mr &amp;Mrs Watkins! Mark, Sous-chef at the Flying BoatClub and island girl Becky (nee Brint), Reserva-tions Manager, were married in Cape Town onTuesday 24th January 2012. Bride and groomarrived at the beach in a 1947 Rolls Royce. Rebecca was given away by her father, StuartBrint, who many readers will remember asTrescos heliport manager. Present also at thewedding were Beckys mother Fran Brint, daugh-ter of Roger and Ann Oyler and ex Abbey gardener, and aunt Michelle Oyler from theTimeshare Office.Lots of best wishes were received on the dayfrom friends and family on the mainland and inScilly.The honeymoon was spent on safari andat a hotel in the winelands sampling the food andlocal wines.</p><p>From left: Andrew Hulands, Alex Christopher, Jake Newton, Jamie Parkes, HRH Duchess of Cornwall, HRH Prince of Wales the Duke of Cornwall, Connie Lawson, Michelle Oyler, Jack Carter and Kim Hopkins.</p><p>The school have enjoyed a busy summerwith all sorts of activities from a cupcake work-shop with Daisy Cupcake (aka Alison Goddardpictured above) during the food festival, a su-perb fundraising effort with the New Grimsbymoney-trail which garnered an amazing 450 tobuy garden furniture for the school garden anda first aid tutorial from our very own Co-respon-der extraordinaire, Richard Hobbs. </p><p>Royal Jubilations!The Isles of Scilly were treated toa Royal visitation by the Duke and</p><p>Duchess of Cornwall.Their focus was on the islands of St Marysand Bryher, which allowed for a contingentof Trescos gig rowers to make the arduousvoyage over to our neighbours fair shores.The Duke and Duchess first stop on Bryherwas at the newly-refurbished Sussex gig</p><p>shed, now home to Tresco and Bryhers pre-mium racing gig, the Alfie Jenkins. Here theyhad the opportunity not just to appreciate allthe new information boards but also to meetsome of our heroic rowers.The occasion was noted for the variety ofchoice footwear on display, in particular JakeNewtons yellow wellies. The Press mademuch of the fact that the Duchess preferredto dispense with shoes altogether, a fashiontip she clearly picked up from Michelle Oyler. </p><p>Other well-knownvisitors to Trescothis summer in-cluded AlexJames, bassist ofBritpop super-group Blur andc e l e b r a t e dcheesemake r,who, with his fam-ily, spent a weekon the island inthe early summer. Demonstrat ingthat his talents go</p><p>beyond musicianship and dairy products, Alexpenned a delightful article in the Independentabout their holiday and was fulsome in hispraise of Tresco and the islands in general. Ifyou missed it the first time, the piece is availableon our website, (What thePapers Say), along with other recent articlesfrom the Financial Times and the Times.</p><p>ITVs charming culinary father and soncombo, Dick and James Strawbridge, TheHungry Sailors, also paid us a visit duringthe Food Festival as part of three hour longprogrammes about the Isles of Scilly, whichthey were filming for their next series. Dueout in Spring 2013, viewers can look for-ward to them making sandwiches for thecricket team, repairing a wall for the farmand helping dig up sweet potatoes in theAbbey Gardens. </p><p>There may have been a little bit of rain in the air but Trescos JubileeBeacon was anything but a damp squib. Despite the poor weather, acrowd of over a hundred islanders and visitors gathered up at Dial</p><p>Rocks on Monday 4th June to watch as Robert Dorrien Smith lit the 20foot beacon. Amid cheers, hurrahs and rousing calls of God save theQueen!, flames quickly took hold, lighting up the hillside and providingsome welcome warmth. Plenty of champagne was on offer to all pres-ent, courtesy of the Dorrien Smiths. Credit must also go to theWoodlands team who had carefully constructed the magnificentbeacon, making sure that it burnt beautifully in honour of HerMajesty the Queen.Celebrations were not limited to the Jubilee Beacon - Sun-day 3rd June saw a fancy dress procession led by MillyDriscoll-Johnson parade from New Grimsby to the Com-munity Centre at Old Grimsby. Here locals and visitorsgathered for a special Jubilee picnic, which was verymuch enjoyed by all, though the brisk north-westerlydid its best to cool proceedings.</p><p>Page 2 Tresco Times</p><p>Tresco_Times_Winter2012_Layout 1 22/10/2012 15:56 Page 2</p></li><li><p>Page 3 Tresco Times</p><p>Return from Lands EndAdult - 150 Child - 118</p><p>Flight time - fifteen minutes. .............</p><p>Return from NewquayAdult - 190 Child - 150Flight time - thirty minutes.</p><p>.............</p><p>Return from ExeterAdult - 240 Child - 190Flight time - one hour.</p><p>I would like to update everyone on the proposed travelarrangements after 1st November 2012. Whilst we haveexplored many alternative helicopter options, I am certainthat there is no financially viable rotary solution availablein the short term.Given this situation, we have therefore devised a seamlessservice for Tresco Estate guests, following extensivediscussions with the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company /Skybus. This new system will allow us to continue to deliver thefirst-class experience that our visitors have come to expect, aswell providing a saving on travel costs.The Steamship Company has committed considerableinvestment to expand and improve their capabilities, not leasta new terminal building at Lands End, new Twin Otter aircraftand a major refurbishment of the Scillonian III. In addition, theIsles of Scilly Council has applied for ERDF funding to carry outsignificant improvements to St Marys airport, runways andterminal building, as well as electronic landing systems whichwill greatly improve access in adverse weather conditions.These works should be complete by early 2014.We will all miss the luxury of Europes only scheduled helicopterpassenger service. For the past 30 years, we have been lookedafter so well by all the helicopter staff, both in Penzance andScilly. They have provided a dedicated and friendly service: wewish them all the very best in the future. I would also like tothank so many of our visitors for their support, loyalty andunselfish regard for the issues facing our island communityduring this transitional period. I have complete confidence thatthe new system will serve us extremely well.The Isles of Scilly are the only remote part of the UnitedKingdom that receives no revenue support for the cost of travel.This remains the core issue confronting the islands and theircommunities. We are addressing this at the highest ministeriallevel, drawing attention to the obvious comparator of theScottish islands.Many Tresco guests have asked what they can do to help. Ithink that one answer would be for everyone who minds aboutScilly and the viability of its community to write to their MP,expressing their concern at the inequality of this treatment.yours sincerelyRobert Dorrien Smith</p><p>An open letter from Robert Dorrien Smith to the readers of the Tresco Times.</p><p>Travelling to Tresco with Skybus Exeter</p><p>Newquay</p><p>Lands EndIsles ofScilly</p><p>The ticket price includes all transfers within Scilly,such as taxi-bus to the quay and boating to Tresco.At every stage of their journey on the islands, guestswill be assisted by Tresco Estate staff or contractors. This car to cottage ticket is only availablewhen booked through The Island Office. </p><p>Seamless To Tresco: choose the car to cottage ticketto take you from three mainland airports all the way to</p><p>your holiday accommodation, including all islandtransfers, when booked through the Island Office.</p><p>For more information or to bookplease call us on 01720 422849 </p><p>or visit</p><p>Tresco_Times_Winter2012_Layout 1 22/10/2012 15:56 Page 3</p></li><li><p>Page 4 Tresco Times </p><p>Tresco &amp; Bryher CricketClub concentrate on the taking part.Tresco &amp; Bryher Cricket Club have not had themost outstanding of seasons in terms of victories(it took us until August to win our first match) butit has certainly been a very enjoyable summer.The general air of bonhomie was on display re-cently in two inter-Tresco games. This week sawTrescos Old Gentlemens XI play the Young Gen-tlemens XI. The contest was the idea of gardenerDavid Hamilton, whose two sons, Hamish andLuke, are key members of the Tresco &amp; Bryher XI.To qualify for the Old Gentlemen, players had tobe over the age of 40 and possess at least onefully-functioning limb. Some of Trescos finestcame out of retirement to grace the field, mostnotably wicket-keeping legend, Bill Pritchard. Infact, 5 members of the OGs could just aboutremember winning the Island TriangleTournament together 20 years previously!The Old Gentlemen batted first, with an excellentperformance from opener Steve Parkes, battlingcameos from Dean Whillis and Neil Barbary anda splendid 38 not out from skipper DavidHamilton. The OGs total after 20 overs was 126for 5. Some fine boundaries were struck by theOG but the loudest cheers were for the oddoccasions when their batsmen actually managedto complete two runs off a single ball. The stand-out bowler for the Young Gentlemen was LukeHamilton who took three wickets for 14 runs. Lukealso took the catch of the season to dismiss DeanWhillis.The Young Gentlemen started steadily in reply butbegan to rack up some serious runs once JonTaylor came to the crease. He scored a quick-fire30 before being bowled by Dean Whillis first ball,much to the delight of the Timeshare Manager.After Jons dismissal, the YG began to strugglewith the run rate, not least due to some finebowling from Dean, who ended the match with 4wickets for 5 runs from his 4 overs. The otherhighlight was a father/son tussle which ended with</p><p>Parkes Snr clean bowling Parkes Jr. The YGs lastbatsman was bowled out in the final over, with theteams total at 88. We all then repaired to the New Inn for thepresentation of the cup and the awards for Menof the Match. The OGs Man of the Match wasDean Whillis and for the YGs it was LukeHamilton.Everybody agreed that the match should becomean annual fixture, more drinks were ordered andthings got a bit blurry. Despite the beer, it was avery memorable occasionnot least because theTimeshare Manager wont stop reminding us allthat he was OG Man of the Match.A week or two earlier saw the annual Islanders vs.Timesharers match. The Timesharers batted firstand scored 94, the result of a superb innings byopener Hugo Sells who scored 44 before beingbowled by Simon Sandison. A good openingpartnership for the Islanders and another quick-fire blast from John Taylor saw them make thetotal in the 18th over. Once again we all retired tothe New Inn for beer, the awarding of the WilsonTrophy and general merriment.</p><p>After Trescos cricketing generation game, the teams warmed down in the clubhouse.</p><p>From left: Ali and Paul Wilson hand over theWilson Cup to T&amp;B skipper Jon Taylor after theannual Timeshare vs Islanders cricket match,first instituted by Paul Wilson.</p><p>Tresco Triathlon 2012</p><p>The Editor was delighted to have the opportunityto catch up with one of Trescos most dedicatedvisitors. Mrs Hurle-Hobbs who first visited Trescowith her husband the year that the Island Hotelopened in 1962, making the trip from Petersfieldin their own boat . Mr Hurle-Hobbs had knownTom Dorrien Smith in the Royal Navy during thewar. Mrs Hurle-Hobbs has visited nearly everyyear since and was one of this islands firsttimesharers. She fondly recalled friendships withthe Hamiltons and the Hodgsons, as well asholidays in the Island Hotel. It was like a bighouse party with mystery barbecues and tea atKing Charles Castle. I always enjoyedentertaining guests at the cottage but I alwaysliked a week in the hotel afterwards to recover! Tresco looks forward to your return, Mrs Hurle-Hobbs!</p><p>Probably the islands most romantic gesturethis year was delivered with aplomb byGiles Ashford. Giles, who has been visitingTresco since the age of four, travelled all theway from Perth Australia where he currentlylives, to propose to his girlfriend LauraPhillips in Tresco Abbey Gardens on July5th. Giles and Laura announced theirengagement that evening in the Flying BoatClub. The couple plan to return to marry onthe Scilly next year.Many congratulations to you both!</p><p>A third of a mile swim, a twelve mile cycle andthen a three mile run was the challenge offeredby the Tresco Triathlon this year. Amongst thethirty eight competitiors there was only room forone winner...step forward our very own Graham The Bike Clegg, who stormed home in thesplendid time of 1hr 12mins 45secs. Grahamseemed typically underwhelmed by his victory,especially as in his very first triathlon he beat intosecond place hardened triathlete, Mark Worledge. Scilly had first with the ladies as well with RuthNicholls of St Marys.The events organiser Pete Marshall (picturedabove presenting Graham with his trophy) and allthe volunteer stewards deserve considerablepraise for the success of the event. Anyoneinspired to enter in 2013 should contact Pete fordetails -</p><p>Isles of Scilly Parking Co Ltd.Telephone bookings 01736 332727Mobile 07724 879 482ONLINE BOOKING and payment service at:</p><p>Secure Parking in Penzance for Visitors and Residents.</p><p>Closest possible parking to the Scillonianlo Closest os se es Cl C C </p><p>Isles f of y Scilly PP</p><p>st t </p><p>arking Co S c ci ll y PPa a rk ki n ng g C C o o LtddI Is sl e es s o of S Ltd</p><p>t t possible parking g to o e the ss sib po os bl kin rking arking e he ng n cillonianScS aniaScillonian</p><p>0VVUUE</p><p>ni</p><p>BOOE*OOE</p><p>ill</p><p>P</p><p>lo</p><p>P</p><p>on</p><p>S"</p><p>t </p><p>"UUU</p><p>to </p><p>F</p><p>t </p><p>O</p><p>th </p><p>OEFF</p><p>e </p><p>E</p><p>p </p><p>tt</p><p>pa </p><p>4FDV "SS EBSPPEE*EEEEFUUFFVDF44</p><p>ble p p t </p><p>F 0 UEd E 0d</p><p>n</p><p>EPPPPS</p><p>nn</p><p>EPPS</p><p> DDPPQDDBBOPPUUUIFSS DTCCFFTUTUTTTUU PBBO COECCJJHHHHHHFFT BTU55IF DTFIICEEO...</p></li></ul>