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Twenty years ago, the Tresco Times started as a single-sheet newsletter sent out to 300 timesharers. Today it is mailed out as a 12- page colour magazine three times a year to 35,000 readers all around the world - with a further 5,000 copies picked up by visitors to Scilly. The readership is overwhelmingly enthusiastic and averages around four readers per copy.






    They travelled through 14 countries,crossed mountain ranges and deserts,slept in wilderness and swamp, pushedthemselves to physical and mentallimits - but The Islanders successfullycompleted the Scilly Mission & MongolRally! (Finishing 76th out of 400 teams)Driving from Goodwood (UK) to UlaanBaatar (Mongolia) was the challenge, butin a small family car with an engine nobigger than 1.2 litres. You may have seen

    their choice of vehicle, Pete the CitroenSaxo, parked outside Tresco Stores forthe months running up to the event. Much to the surprise of everyone, thatsmall French car survived a journey thatdestroyed so many of the vehicles takingpart, reaching the finish line with only afew niggles (the front shock absorbershad broken and the driver had the luxuryof only 1st and 4th gears).


    SCILLY MISSION...29 days 17 hours and14 minutes, 9000 milesand 15,000 for theCystic Fibrosis Trust

    As the exciting Sea Garden Cottages re-development programme begins, the Tresco Times isdelighted to announce that, from mid-April 2011, the Island Hotel will open its doors once again toTrescos visitors. In order to minimise disruption for those staying at Old Grimsby, Tresco Estate hasmade the decision to spread the programme of works at Raven Porth over the next two winters. As aresult, the heart of the Island Hotel, with its terrace bar and celebrated restaurant, will be open to guestsin 2011.A total of thirty-one bedrooms will be available from April to September, including the Main, Garden andCottage Wings, as well as the Golden Ball and Men-a-vaur suites. As part of the ongoing transformationof the hotel, five new cottage suites increase the choices offered to guests further.By the time the Island Hotel opens in 2011, the first stage of the Sea Garden Cottages development willbe complete. The old Flower Wing, along with the Rocks and Castles rooms, will have been fullyconverted into seven luxurious timeshare properties.Timeshare owners will, of course, be able to take advantage of the fine dining available at the IslandHotel, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Changes may be afoot, but the hotels standards will remain as highas always.For further information call the Island Hotels manager, Wayne Shaw (01720) 422883

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    Trescos Will Ash, James Druce andNick Mackey return from their greatadventure and share with the TrescoTimes some of the ups and downs ofthis amazing trip:We undertook this challenge as a fundraising event; the three of us have beenstrong supporters of the Cystic FibrosisTrust, and been involved with the runningof the Tresco Marathon for many years.In its absence this year, we saw theMongol Rally as a worthy replacement -something very new, very unusual, andvery challenging.

    Travelling through Europe was arelatively easy affair, gifted with thequality of roads weve come to expectfrom the UK. Most of the continent was aliteral blur, unfortunately not having thetime to stop and admire the hundreds oftowns and cities we passed through.Things started to get interesting once wereached Romania, however, as the roadconditions deteriorated from perfecttarmac to a veritable obstacle course oftarmac peaks and pot holes.

    Our challenge was almost cut short in theUkraine, after hitting a small pothole,which resulted in a 3 day wait for parts,whilst being looked after by a local whowanting nothing more than to assist in hishome country. As it turns out, we

    managed fix the car using asledgehammer and angle grinder, but tomeet a stranger whod take so much timeout of his life and ask for nothing in returnwas so endearing.

    As we left Europe, borders becameinteresting. At each one, the guardswould take pleasure in strip-searchingour poor car for contraband - neverfinding anything, but instead making up


    Ukranian hospitality and kindness (along with asledgehammer) saved the day.

    The three of us agree, the Mongol Rallyhas been the hardest thing weve everdone, both physically and mentally.Weve driven for 36 hours straight, wevegone a week without a shower, toiletfacilities consisted of the great outdoors(and a spade), weve endured our owncompany for a week without hearinganother word of English, and wevecamped next to roads in the pouring rain.But comparing this to the sense ofachievement in crossing the finish line,the realisation that wed traversed suchan enormous distance against all odds,the friends wed made along the way andcultures wed visited, and the hugeamount of money wed raised; it all addsup to being a life-changing experience.

    This challenge would have been nothingbut a pipe dream without the hugesupport of so many people involved; TheDorrien-Smith family and Tresco Estatefor becoming our main sponsors, ourfriends and families for the constantsupport and sponsorship, the numerouscompanies that advertised on the car, JoAsh and her constant drive andenthusiasm behind the scenes, andeveryone who visited the website andfollowed us as we progressed. It was onlywith the support of everyone wemanaged to finish, and are on target toraise an incredible 15,000 for the CysticFibrosis Trust. From the three of us, wethank you all for all the amazing support.

    Our website,,contains our day by day blogs free toread, along with a comprehensive list ofour thanks to all involved.

    We convoyed with other teams forthousands of miles, each sharing in thehighs and lows as we witnessedspectacular scenery and almost alienlandscapes (albeit ones that take pleasurein destroying small cars). Arriving at theMongolian border was an ecstatic affair,our target country and within reachingdistance of the capital city althoughbeing impounded at the border for 52hours with paperwork issues did make uswonder whether wed ever make it!

    The final push through Mongolia wasthrough a land untouched 800 miles oftravelling without roads, simply using wornpaths carved into the Gobi Desert andmountain tracks for 4 days. The sight oftarmac as we approached the capital citywas a welcome one, providing theequivalent of a long smooth red carpet aswe drove the last few hours into the capitalcity towards a jubilant finish line.

    strange taxes in the attempt to extortmoney from us (Too big light bulbs taxand Spare wheel tax are just twoexamples!). We experienced corruption forthousands of miles, eager policemenpulling us over every hour with bogusclaims and bogus fines. All of this,however, added to the experience of beingthe hardest, yet most rewarding thing wedever done.

    We travelled across Russia, witnessingfirst hand the forest fires that dominatedinternational news as they spread out ofcontrol through the vast expanses of land.The car never complained as we drove forup to 36 hours at a time in ridiculous heat,soaring to 45C at one point (a world awayfrom the temperate UK conditions were sovery used to).

    Every country we entered, huge culturaldifferences could be found, separated bythe invisible political border lines crossing Russia into Kazakhstan, forexample, made the transition from aseemingly rather hostile nation of people tosome of the friendliest wed ever met.Local Kazakhs went out of their way toassist us where needed, crowds formed insmall villages as we went through greetedby a plethora of waves and smiles.

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    TRESCO FETENo summer on Scilly would be completewithout island fetes and Trescos tookplace on a blessedly dry August after-noon. Face-painted children andbeer/Pimms-drinking adults swarmedacross the cricket pitch to the sound ofexcellent local bands. From welly-wang-ing to cream teas, there was somethingfor everybody (some found the music notto their taste see below). The fete was or-ganised by the gig cluband all proceeds went tothe renovation fund forthe Men-a-vaur, whichwas brought over fromNew Grimsby for theday. Over 5000 wasraised so a big thankyou to everybody in-volved and all thosewho attended.

    Charity events andfund-raising are is-land obsessions and this summer hasseen frenetic activity involving the MongolRally and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Atriathlon (see p.10), raft races,bands atthe New Inn...mention must be made ofthe Brothers Lawson (Andrew andRobin) who undertook the 3 Peaks Chal-lenge to raise money for the ProstateCancer Trust. They were successful intheir gruelling 24 hour attempt to scaleBen Nevis, Snowdonia and Scafell Pike.However, they were fortunate to make itto the start line as their driver dropped outat the last minute. Step up Geoff Taylor,a regular visitor to Tresco for many years.Geoff, or the Stig as he was known by theteam, volunteered to chauffeur the Law-sons from peak to peak. Geoff, an ex-TVR racing driver, proved invaluable and

    drove them swiftly and safely throughoutthe challenge. The Brothers Lawson com-pleted the 3 Peaks Challenge in a fantas-tic 21hr 25 min. Their team raised over7000 for Prostate Cancer, of which5450 was raised over the bar at the NewInn. WELL DONE!

    On the sporting front, the Tresco and Bry-her Cricket Club enjoyed mixed successat this years Triangle Competition, whichwas hosted on Tresco. Playing St Martinsfirst, T&BCC were given something of apasting by one St Martins batsmen fromwhich they never really recovered.Against St Agnes, however, the team ral-lied and triumphed. This same pattern of1 victory, 1 loss was to be repeated byboth St Agnes and St Martins, so for thefirst time in many years the competitionwas a three-way tie.

    Robin and Andrew L